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  1. PMs don’t get elected the way a President in the US does. Wikipedia explains it like this - The Council of Representatives elected the president of the Republic and his deputies, including the president of the Council of Ministers. The Presidency Council then shall name a prime minister unanimously. According to this, the Presidency Council must agree on a candidate for the post within two weeks. If it fails to do so, then the responsibility of naming the prime minister reverts to the National Assembly. In that event, the Council of Representatives must confirm the nomination by an absolute majority. If the prime minister is unable to nominate his Council of Ministers within one month, the Presidency Council shall name another prime minister.
  2. Well dang! You really know how to paint a vivid picture 😆👍🏻 👨‍🎨
  3. 😆 and why exactly, would people try to get used to using paper currency worth 17¢ ??? Just how many of those 250 dinar notes would you need to buy a tank of gas, or your weekly groceries? These gurus are delusional.
  4. This fact has been my anchor all these years, and what keeps me positive and optimistic about this investment. I completely agree with all you said @Wiljor, especially about not feeding abandoned. This site is a great community and there are so many knowledgeable people that contribute valuable info. It’s a great group to hang with while we wait…. 🕰
  5. One flaw in his theory is, once the dinar is internationally accepted again, demand for it will drive the price up quickly.
  6. Silly me, of course you’re right! 😜
  7. October 17 is a Sunday. Any CBI holidays connected with that weekend..?
  8. I really can’t decipher what this article is saying, but I love everybody’s enthusiasm and I’m jumping on the bandwagon!
  9. Exactly! It’s like he has an ulterior motive for pushing this! 🤔
  10. 😆 no such luck I’m afraid! I have only 2 kids and I’m still married to their father and living happily ever after (especially once the dinars RV 🤪💰)
  11. Nope, not Betty. My family of Sutton’s were originally from Michigan. No relatives in Texas or Oklahoma. Ah well, it’s a fairly common name 😁
  12. I thought it was odd that they have the date written month/day/year rather than their usual day/month/year. Also, “their Law No. 94 of the year 20034” …? I’m going to guess they meant 2034? Anyway, I’ll be watching October 17!
  13. Great post! I like your optimism! P.S. I don’t know if Sutton is your actual name, but it was my maiden name. Maybe we’re distantly related 😁 🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. Pathetic and, I would guess, deliberate. That’s the only explanation.
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