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  1. Love all the posts here. I was lucky enough to see him mid 90s...excellent of course
  2. Wow dinarrock....go big or go home...good for you! I hope something goes down this week! Or should I say "goes UP"
  3. Bought 18 more today....lets go!!!!!
  4. I sure hope this hits soon....I have 15,000 in taxes due by April 18th!
  5. Keylime you are the eternal Optimistic. We wait
  6. Hey PP, I would be happy with 10,000 also....but Dinarrock is probably right.
  7. Bought more...once it starts to moon I bet they stop the price at 10,000.00 a share. Just my gut feeling.
  8. That's what we are counting on!
  9. Well 18.22 at close. Its totally obvious on the manipulation.
  10. Its close to the bewitching 1/2 hour....3:30. Im getting excited, I hope I'm not let down, lol
  11. Will be buying more AMC on Friday at close...should be an interesting end to the day.
  12. I hope betting on it. I know, just wait.
  13. Well down to $18.00 now....WTF!
  15. I like each their own....he is not for everyone. I trust him more than some of these others...
  16. Jack it up...I like the sound of that!!! Is it "Lou" that says the true price right now is 12,000 or was it 1,200? Anybody know?
  17. Boy, we r getting kicked in the butt today. I'm still holding but this is scary s***
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