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  1. Because most of the world wants cheap throw-away products in the current give-me-now culture. We can see evidence all around us. Long gone are the days in which a product would last almost forever. For example when was the last time someone ever fixed a vacuum cleaner due to an electrical problem. Nah, they just put it out on the curb and bought another off a Amazon for a two day delivery or went down to their Walmart-like store and picked up another. One reason it was cheaper to buy new than repair old. The China-dependency in America is basically our own making. We chose to elect politicians
  2. Adding up the total numbers does not give your favorite candidate the numbers you cite. Why? Because more than likely Bernie, should he lose the primaries and not become a part of the Biden campaign, will have voters, mainly younger voters, not vote in the general election. Even still not knowing that all parties, demonrat, repube, libtards atc, go through a primary even if one of the other party has an incumbent in office. This is Civics 101 and it should be common knowledge for any red-blooded American but then again if that person moved away from the USA for whatever reason and are holed up
  3. First, you have never needed an employer to "provide" healthcare for you. Do your research. Healthcare insurance companies have always offered an option to get healthcare if your circumstances were otherwise. So whining that your job didn't provide healthcare for you is an excuse and a lame one at that. Sure you can "purchase" healthcare under the 0bummer ACA but don't confuse Medicare with health insurance because it is not. That is where the most low end individuals and families got pushed to. That or medicaid and they called it being covered under healthcare. I deal with bartenders waitress
  4. And yet there is an idol of Jesus on a Cross over most Catholic Churches altars (shrines). Oops. There is a statue/idol of the Holy Mother, Mary with Baby Jesus in most Catholic churches. Oops.
  5. Iran also believes it is okay to sell the meat of the goat they did the horizontal mambo with in the next village.
  6. I disagree with Mr. Unlikely's post that an immediate RV is the answer to Iraq's woes. And I am going to take a hit for saying this. Iraq is listed as 179 out of 190 countries as doing ease of business in the country. This has a lot more to do with the RV than most realize. Why? It is long term and short term foreign investment that will pressure Iraq to RV more than its dependency on oil but oil is a part of it. No one wants to invest in a country that sits near the bottom of the barrel to do business in. Reconstruction is investment sure, but if doing business in Iraq is near the bottom of t
  7. Total and utter bullcrap. Americans don't have health care coverage. What they have are high out of pocket expenses disguised as healthcare coverage. When copays and deductibles are so high that the average family cannot afford the deductible because Obamacare has made them pay for things they do not need, for example males required to have birth control access to females, then that is not healthcare that is bullcrap disguised as healthcare or in other terms Socialist healthcare. It is cheaper to pay the stupid tax to not have healthcare coverage than it was to get healthcare coverage. Obummer
  8. You forgot: 2016, 2017. 2018, 2019, 2020- Orange man bad and will start nuclear war which will kill us all! And to the OP, the GOI is coming back JIT to go away for 2020 Ramadan which begins April 23rd this year!
  9. Nope Pehosi held it up in the House because of this: Coronavirus bill overloaded with Pehosi's 'Christmas-tree ornaments,' says Republican who voted against it By Victor Garcia | Fox News close House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's add-ons were the reason why a Colorado Republican voted against the $8.3 billion coronavirus bill that President Trump signed into law earlier in the day, the lawmaker said Friday night. "The president asked for $2.5 bil
  10. Your government, you know the one that gives Holiday Inn Express a run for their money on the word "Holiday".
  11. Held up does not mean it would not get passed as much as your wansty fantasy world would like.
  12. Hitlary contributed to her own loss, although Comey was like eating an ice cream coney with frosting on top. In other words, you can give all the excuses you want, Hitlary was out of the public eye which led to the downfall of her campaign. Maybe she should have worn more moomoo dresses to hide her colostomy bag, like Michael Moooochelle did to her nether parts.
  13. Well apparently only 1/1024th indian turned the whole spigot down to not even the rate of a drip of hope for Pocafauxtes.
  14. The murderess can be seen flopping around in a pantsuit around her cankles and being pushed into a black window tinted van van all due to heat exhaustion. A lone male can be seen picking up a shoe that is allegedly belonging to the murderess.
  15. Don't forget to pencil in Hitlary depo! (deposition)
  16. Only problem is Judge "mad puppy cuz orange man did not give me SCOTUS position" Napoleon Bonaparte says that the statue of limitations has run out on the Hitlary and only thing she can be charged for now is perjury. And by the way she can't plead the fifth!
  17. Well lets see which is worse... the killing of innocent American lives that could have been saved due to a bill being held up by the Speaker of the House.... Nancy Pehosi or the left's fantasy of Trump's "quid pro quo"? You decide. If you ain't seen or heard this, you need a serious media check because this is not just on FOX News anymore, Nancy Pelosi withheld #coronavirus bill so DCCC could run ads AGAINST GOP candidates
  18. DIRTY little secret –> Nancy Pelosi withheld #coronavirus bill so DCCC could run ads AGAINST GOP candidates (watch) Posted at 3:00 pm on March 3, 2020 by Sam J. Share on Facebook(1K)Share on Twitter It takes a serious low-life to play politics with something like the coronavirus, especially when people are scared to leave their homes and the market takes a beating because of it. Sadly, Nancy Pelosi is just that sort of low-life. And they pretend like Trump is the bad guy here. Watch.
  19. And NOWWWW for a station timeout for the Worlds Dirtiest song (NSFW) because I know you are all thinking like this: =
  20. Whitney Houston's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is said to be one of the best, if not the best. Even by those who dislike her work. This is why it was posted not because of anything else. However, if you would like to discuss her death we can in another thread where you will get a much different opinion than based on her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.
  21. On this day, March 3 … 1931: “The Star-Spangled Banner” becomes the national anthem of the United States as President Herbert Hoover signs a congressional resolution.
  22. Pictures or it didn't happen before investment! A simple PoC would work too.
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