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  1. LOL let's hide this thread because this smacks us all in the face with the politicization of this so-called pandemic to hurt Trump's re-election but hasn't so we must hide the thread because we all know Orange man bad lalalala ... the real pandemic is the TDS that has gripped the world. More people have died from the 2019-2020 seasonal flu in the last six months than COVD-19. We don't hear of those deaths.
  2. Well Iraq's behind is a little lighter today because their borrowing came back and took off a chunk of their plump derriere. they won't be sitting for awhile after that meal. Now, Iraq can't go swimming for at least an hour.
  3. I would just settle if they just paid me 1.16: 1 and then they can ask the bungholes in Europe whatever they will give Iraq. They can even lay down when they do it.
  4. LOL that picture in the OP's thread. In other news, looks like a good way to get a GCR.
  5. Don't panic. Keep calm. Should have been stated earlier than Thursday as a shot was fired in a Wallie word parking lot in what is considered one of the safest cities around these parts. Lines at Kroger and other grocery stores were out of the stores. Telling people to keep calm is a voice of reason in this full blown psychosis affecting those with TDS.
  6. No Trump is not releasing 50B USD. He is declaring a state of Emergency that will allow the use of up to 50 billion USD. This is not the same as releasing that amount. The DHS can cap that amount to something else than 50 billion USD. A state of emergency is not a carte blanche check like the bill Pehosi ramrodded through with stuff like the US taxpayer paying for her Christmas ornaments. You thought Pehosi got a bill strictly for the COVD-19 passed? Ha! That bill was so filled with pork that over half went to something other than the COVD-19 crisis. Trump had no choice to free up the money to
  7. Watch something other than the Clinton/Communist News Network or as Trump says on all channels, CNN is Fake News. Try OAN for starters.
  8. Haven't you heard? They do that already. They go to Gary's gun shows to get all of the guns into Chicago. Here's the latest blame on Indiana. Chicago Mayor Blames Indiana For Her City’s Gang Problem Posted at 5:30 pm on July 19, 2019 by Cam Edwards Share on Facebook (7K)Share on Twitter Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she’s going to start treating violence as a public health crisis in Chicago, claiming that will help the city “dig down into the root
  9. Rights are always taken never freely given.
  10. Demonrats always denigrate Regan who had the beginning stages of dementia in his waning years as POTUS. An ailment that affected many but really was not well known at the time. Now we want to elect an individual who couldn't get the date right and has no idea where he is half the time? Yep keep up the hypocrisy. Oh the old white man the demoncrats are championing as the next POTUS really shows us the true nature of the diversified field the demonrats finally decided on. Party of diversity, more like Party of Hypocrisy.
  11. Yeah we should praise this guy FLASHBACK: Biden Called Trump’s Chinese Coronavirus Travel Ban ‘Xenophobia’
  12. Someone is jealous of a 40+ woman looking hotter than their wife twerking and jumping around the stage doing a performance she was asked to do.
  13. FLASHBACK: Biden Called Trump’s Chinese Coronavirus Travel Ban ‘Xenophobia’ While Democrats in March attack President Donald Trump for not doing enough to end the coronavirus epidemic, the same Democrats were bashing the president’s decision to ban travel from China in January. In January, President Trump banned all foreign nationals who were in China during the time of the coronavirus outbreak from entering the United States. Many pundits and health experts have since credited this decision with helping to slow the coronavirus pandemic on American shores. However, at the ti
  14. 0bummer recently bought an 8 million dollar home on Martha's Vineyard. He wasn't funneling money to a non profit. He was funneling money to the non profit to hold for when he and Michael Moochelle left office.
  15. The exodus continues in 2020: CEO Departures Begin 2020 at Record Pace Paul Ausick February 13, 2020 8:25 am Last Updated: February 13, 2020 8:27 am The number of U.S. chief executive officers who lost or left their jobs in January set a monthly record of 219, more than any other month since outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas began tracking the data in 2002. The previous record was 172 departures in October of last year. The January total was 39.5% higher year over year, and the month-over-month
  16. Why have more than 1,300 CEOs left their post in the past year? “Boards have been too compliant and they’re finally recognizing it’s their job to be vigilant about chief executive misbehavior,” said one advocate for corporate governance. Mint Images / Getty Images/Mint Images RF Nov. 6, 2019, 7:57 AM EST By Claire Atkinson Chief executives are leaving in record numbers this year, with more than 1,332 stepping asid
  17. Basra Light Crude (AKA Iraq Light Crude) is currently selling for 43.25 while Brent Crude is selling for 32.75. On Mar 9 2020 Basra crude sold for 32.68 (the lowest price in quite awhile) while on the same date Brent Crude sold for 34.68. Just not seeing what this article is complaining about. If anything Basra Light is selling for more than Brent Crude on Mar 15.
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