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  1. A lot of people tragically think that they can take their 10, 20, 30 million dinars into a bank and say … “Here. Exchange this. Wow, how many people have that much dinar? i'd say very few.
  2. Unfortunately you are correct. If they increase the value first which they aren't going to announce in advance, then we will be fine. Possible they are using these articles as smoke. Fact is, cause of poor translation no one know's what they mean exactly when they say delete the zeros. ask 100 people, 50 people will say delete 3 zeros from exchange rate and 50 people will say it mean delete zeros off notes. all we can do is wait and see and hope the best.
  3. Good point. Ya who really knows what they mean and are doing? Clearly they want to confuse us.
  4. Actually $50 note is roughly .05 cents usd. These are just rough numbers but fairly close. $5000 note is about $5 usd $500 is about .50 cents usd $50 is about .05 cents usd $500 note
  5. Well this makes way more sense because guess what the number is when you do the math? Yes that's right pretty damn close to the current nominal rate. Which is .00088 and now drop those zeros and we are looking at the opening rate. lol
  6. oh never mind. DinarThug already posted it here:
  7. Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi on rebuilding Iraq after ISIS another link with same video. Abadi quotes 5 billion dinars which is about 450 million dollars. Was his mistaken or did he just say .09 cents for the iraqi dinar? 40 sec mark.
  8. Must be mostly business men/women for a worthless currency. How many tourists are traveling there? I'd say not many...imo.
  9. I forgot to add one more thing. IMO this is more relating to people coming and going in Iraq and not the import/export of goods and services.
  10. Sorry I am blind, but where on the site does it say or reference dealers? I only see "All travellers". You're telling dealers physically go to Iraq to get their dinar? I think so, pretty they get it shipped to them.!import-regulations
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