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  1. or they wanted them funded enough so that it would be a justification for ground troop intervention... isis could have been stopped the day it formed.. thats not the plan though
  2. I agree with you but for Jack Lew to announce a new treasury bill it would mean that Jack Lew actually is willing to stand up to central banks around the world... I don't really see that happening. not saying it can't but it's gonna take more than an average politicians to stand up to the debt based fiat monetary system we have today. The IMF and the BIS do not want this to happen. the U.S., in order to do this would have to cut ties with these organizations in order for this to happen. this scenario is inevitable at some point (hopefully soon) but with the current status quo in Washington and the republicans and democrats being completely sold out,,,, our only chance is to get a president like Jackson or Madison willing to make this radical and dangerous choice to take back the sovereignty of our countries monetary system. just MHO but what is about to happen, noone at the IMF or BIS wants this to happen. it means a loss of control of our contry or any country that tries to do this.
  3. the only way to fix anything is to go back to a Greenback like Lincoln did and our founders did before him. not based on Gold or Debt but strictly regulated by congress as to the amount in circulation. no more inflation or deflation and a deterrent from the rich from collecting all the Gold or debt based money. I used to think a backed currency on gold or silver was a good idea until I did my history. especially now we see how the price of gold is manipulated by the central banks around the world. they could destroy the US in a few years and leave us penniless. gold standard only lasted for a little while because the US owned 70% of the worlds gold -even then within 30 years it was all taken from us.
  4. the only religion that has expressed a vision to create a theocracy in the United States is Mormonism... not offense to Mormons.. but look it up.. yes there are some crazy people in all religions, but they take the cake when it comes to creating a theocracy. no theocracy is possible when following the constitution, and most Christians choose to follow the constitution and not eradicate it. sorry stud,, u crazyyy.
  5. Thank for the help in bringing it over !!! It's nice to actually read an English version of what Iraq has been trying to relay when it comes to their potential
  6. Sorry I'm on the phone if someone could post this. Great news Relatively good I should say By Andrew Critchlow 1:32PM GMT 28 Jan 2014 161 Comments Iraq is poised to flood the oil market by tripling its capacity to pump crude by 2020 and is collaborating with Iran on strategy in a move that will challenge Saudi Arabia's grip on the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries. "We feel the world needs to be assured of fuel for economic growth," Hussain al-Shahristani, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy in Iraq told oil industry delegates attending a Chatham House Middle East energy conference. Al Shahristani said on Tuesday that Iraq plans to boost its capacity to produce oil to 9m barrels a day (bpd) by the end of the decade as Baghdad rushes to bolster its economy, which is still shattered by war and internal conflict. Iraq was producing 3m bpd in December, according to the International Energy Agency. Iraq's intention to challenge Saudi Arabia's status as the "swing producer" in the OPEC cartel could see a dramatic fall in oil prices if Baghdad decides to break the group's quotas and sell more of its crude on the open market. "It's very difficult to predict actual world (oil) demand by 2020 because the world economy is unpredictable," said Mr al-Shahristani. There it is Bel !
  7. May mean nothing... Cbi site is completely down. At least for me Nm it's up"" just taking lllooootts of time to load. Sry about that
  8. Good q. As long as Iraq still uses the dollar for oil I don't think the fed will care. The amount of usd used in Iraq is meaningless to them. That's just my thought.
  9. lol yah i was just reading though and noticed that. I knew i wasn't that smart
  10. Wow maggie, thank you very much! be blessed!
  11. honestly that is what I have trying to get across this whole time. lol. sorry i have been on my phone this whole time,, and it can get so annoying to keep your thoughts flowing. in conclusion "they are in a unique position to make drastic changes if their house is in order. " now to why they haven't done anything even though they could and should....i guess that's why were all here. I really don't get why people bash you... yah I guess you can be a little harsh, but others are just as harsh to you. I would never recommend this investment to someone trying to retire safely, but i'm only 25 and I could care less if I lose a few grand, I will never make even %250 in any mutual fund or recommended investment in 30 years, so this for me, whether its pans out like i want it to or not, is a great speculation. If you want to make real profit, you have to be able to research on your own and take risks. It's just how it works.
  12. Having an internationally traded currency or not does not affect a countries ability to RD, but the implications that having an international currency bring do affect a currencies ability to fluctuate in value. A redenomination with a convertible currency or a non convertible currency is acceptable because no banks or people are losing out. That is my point. A revalue with a convertible currency does have losers and winners. BA's within banks would lose or gain big and the monetary systems that are intertwined with said currency would go wild. That's why I am implying that if any country was to RV, Iraq, solely due to the fact that their currency is not affecting other currencies world wide, is in a good position to do that. If china or India revalued their currency instead of an RD, for no reason, the world would react by slamming the currency on the forex back to the levels it should have been at. But if chinas currency was solely held within country and they used the USD for foreign trade, they could whatever they wanted to do with the yen they theoretically could if the US recognizes it as viable. Now I do agree that if the dinar becomes unpegged From the dollar then they have a good chance that their currency will experience gains. Any large scale gains , however, I think would have to occur before they become convertible because I cannot recall any currency that rose on the forex drastically without banks stepping in and stopping it. Like I said, the banks around the world , once a currency is international, have a large say in whether a currency rises or falls. Regardless of their actually value. Kuwait unpegged from the dollar and had gains, but nohing like the 250% gains the CBI claims to be able to withstand
  13. I apologize, I have been too busy lately that even when I do write anything it tends to only make sense in my head now my thoughts are just purely speculative, but I have been trading on the forex going on a few years. Any time a country or their central bank has tried to mess with their currency (mostly to devalue it) their have been repercussions. Take for instance japan when they kept shorting their own currency in contrast to others to keep the value low and increase their trade surpluses, many big players came in and took them for all they were worth. (now that is not the only reason for japans woes, but it did play a large role) I bring this up to say, that anyone who thinks that the dinar can be internationally trade able and then RV needs to rethink what they are actually saying. not saying it is impossible, but it doesn't really make sense. Their would be some many people that would lose everything, especially banks who solicit trade between countries with bankers acceptances(BA's). Banks are the ones who actually take on most of the risk involved with cross commerce trade, not businesses. So when the forex has a currency that devalues or revalues at drastic rates, banks step in and stable them out. If you watch the forex market orders you can watch it happen on a daily basis. If Iraq does go convertible with their currency, an RD is a way more probable scenario. I preface my thoughts with that because i feel like Iraq is in a situation the risk of banks losing a lot of money if they did revalue is drastically diminished due to the fact that all foreign trade is done through the USD. so hypothetically if they did revalue their currency the only dramatic effects you would see take place are within country commerce.(until they went convertible) I am not too savvy on Iraq banking, but I would imagine that BA's only take place in USD, and they might not even be necessary in Iraq's situation, unless businesses are hedging against the USD they are using. So Iraq's monetary issues are very different from most countries because they are very isolated in their monetary reform policy (except for speculators). Now I know their are a pegged currency, but the peg does move, as we have seen over the last 10 years. (obviously not the movement we are longing for of course). So i guess my conclusion would be that Iraq is able to do what they want with their currency as long as they are able to prove to the U.S. and others they have control of their inflation and money supply. The U.S. and other will not allow Iraq to mess up their with monetary policy.... they are already doing it well enough with their fiscal and social policies. With all the instability Iraq is surrounded with, if they fell into a period of hyperinflation and devaluation, it will just add to the middle eastern problems. so in my opinion, Iraq being able to revalue their currency, the last major issue out their is money supply. Now I don't really want to argue about hard currency supply within Iraq, because it has been argued way to much. I will agree with you keep, that their is no "proven sign" whatsoever that Iraq has diminished the dinar in circulation, in fact just the opposite, so for me that is where speculation kicks in. Also Iraq has continually said they were attempting to begin the steps of Re Denomination. hypothetically if they have diminished the supply of dinar within country they would be able to peg a new value to the currency based on reserves etc. etc. with the amount in circulation. heck they have increased the value over they last 10 years, with the circulation increase, of course they are able to do this with rising GDP and wealth(not much of it of course), but they have none the less. If the really have been secretly reducing the supply of dinar within country, it seems like and RV of the dinar is definitely possible. Sorry if this isn't very clear, i am multitasking right now. I would like to get your thoughts on this. I might be missing something and If I am, feel free to let me know.
  14. Hey Keep, Obviously the scenario that you keep talking about is what has been done in the past to other currencies, and if we take a rationale approach to the IQD, it has more probability than a revaluation. I will preface what I'm going to say with the fact that I do believe the IQD will RV or unpegg and begin trading on the Forex increasing the value. but the issue I have with an RD scenario, is that I have to question why have they not done this yet? My next problem with this is that most RD's occur when their is severe hyperinflation and the money supply is spiraling out of control. (doesnt seem to be the case here) Next is that most RD's occur when a countries currency is already traded globally and a revalue is absolutely impossible. I dont have time to write alot, Really busy at the moment. I would like to get your thoughts on this though.
  15. Quite actually, I was only on the eastern side, ancient Ephesus and Istanbul. It was the first predominantly Muslim country i had been to which was very different for me. I was not expecting that. Just an extremely different culture. I wish I had traveled to the southwestern part, considering everything that has been going on the last few years.
  16. I agree with what your saying... Although I think people feel the effects of inflation when the FED is pumping and the stock market booming... the little people that is.. not the NYSE. anyways what your saying makes sense... even if they are removing alot of dinar, their is still so little use for it and faith in it that "deflating the currency by removing it from circulation" will not work. Deflation in our situation does seem null and void. That would then lead me to believe that they would have to make a drastic change to the currency. Whether and RV/LOP/ or unpegging it from the dollar and letting it go international. so if they really are removing dinar from the street it would seem it would not be to curve inflation but to actually make a drastic change to the currency... just my thoughts
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