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  1. You get rid of one Clinton another takes there place, Waters I hope is on the way out , now if we can rid our selves of McCain, Pelosi, Ryan.and a 100 more, but you just keep voting them in. This yr I will vote only if I have never heard there name before That way I know none of the same old no good Sh*&6 gets back in.
  2. compare Iran and Turkey, to Iraq, who is worth more, Iraq is a Rich Nation with Oil, natural Gas, Gold, and will be Great again Soon
  3. is this not the man that had a stroke a few min after his meeting with Maliki and stayed out of Iraq till maliki was no longer PM ? Boy has this been some time, cant believe we have been around that long, a lot has happened in the past 9 yrs I have been in this. seen a lot of people come and go. Southwest Florida Guy , I miss him , and few others .
  4. and how is this news. wrong section, try the I'm an ass section in file 13 jump in its calling your name
  5. Getting close to election time, must say and do anything , even kill, Clinton 101
  6. your right we had no say in , how,what,or color we where born , and we all have a right to be proud of who we are.
  7. Maybe it because Obama pay isis with your hard earned Tax $, U S weapons. and help from Iran ,, so give thanks where it is due, THANK YOU OBAMA !!
  8. you forgot Thanks, You rock one day I hope to buy you a drink, be safe my friend
  9. My wife is good at that,she has been telling me where to get off for 43 yrs
  10. 2 trillion Dinar , and got 6 months. where do I sign up ? That's a cake walk , I been Doing 9yrs and got shitz
  11. one must be patient and NOT Rush into things, Iraq you have that Mastered , Postpone,take a vacation, long weekend in a few days, SOON Good Job Boys
  12. If a Guru said it, It's got to be True..I like all of you are wanting off this ride and ride off into the sun set and finely enjoy Life.
  13. Talk is Cheep . Lets see some action. like your 18 on prom night, not 90 in a nursing home
  14. Just another reason to take a day off, wish we had Half the holidays they have, but out congress does nothing any way.
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