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  1. Morning TBomb : ) I we can just add it to the long list of things that finally happen and never 'trigger' anything... *sigh* Tired of this ride...
  2. Morning Carrello! Do you know if the banks are still selling at 1180 like the CBI asked them to? I haven't seen anything about it in a little bit. Thanks!!
  3. Bump... What happen to parliament today?? "Parliament rapporteur: next Saturday will vote on the law of service and military retirement"
  4. Omg! I'm headed to spend the night at Wells Fargo so ill be first in line in the morning!!! I knew our day was near!!!! Never been so excited!!!
  5. That's cause mine looks like it just takes a bunch of words and throws them all together making zero sense!! Lol!!! Thanks social!
  6. I ran it through my Adobe Pro and it doesnt have the option to recognize Arabic. When you save it to word it just saves the image of it not individual characters. Plugged it into this site and got this...doesnt help much... used google to translate Ehln Aierqa dengue plating for disabled me for كلفي Characterized the evidence as fast as commercial transactions and keep abreast of developments especially in the field of banking operations in And areas of public use of modern means of payment, in particular, as it appeared alternatives Mendddh the circulation of paper
  7. Of course he will be out if the country on the day Parliament is hosting the security ministers!
  8. I'd like to think that's a typo of the 1166...If they are not going to float or remove the zeros then the only other thing they talk about is 1000:1. 1116 just seems too weird.
  9. I think he is alive this week...not sure what's on his schedule for next week...he may be dead again. hopefully, they get it organized before he dies again.
  10. I think it's time you guys quit measuring and go try to find a spread for your dong...
  11. Morning Buti : ) No doubt there is a pattern here...unreal! I haven't seen a whirlwind of news like there was when Shabs was booted so I'm still hoping it's just crap...sure doesn't sound good tho and definitely fits Maliki's MO...
  12. Well at least they have identified the problem...that's half the battle...
  13. "There is no truth to conclude an agreement between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi to take the last presidency substitute for Jalal Talabani," Of course there is no truth to this...he already promised his support to Barzani for Talibani's position in exchange for Barzani's support of his 3rd term a couple weeks ago! Lol! Boy does he know how to work it or what!!
  14. Then stop killing everyone! Disband your hit squads and suicide bombers and prison escapers!!
  15. Lol! Guess the apple didn't fall far from that tree eh?
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