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  1. Cause 3.9G is not quite as fast as 4G...they actually wrote the press release last week but it took till today to finally upload...
  2. I know...they had said read and vote the same day on a 4 day waiting period?? I've never ever heard that before. Agreed about's just going to continue down imo so they need to set it and then deal with it quit going back and forth. No one knows what it's going to do. Like you said pass it RV and MOVE ON! : )
  3. "will adjourn the meeting after that to several days, because the law requires to four days between reading and vote. " Hmmm...sure is a lot coming together on the 11th...
  4. Morning Buti : ) Thank you! Hope you have a great day!
  5. Not sure but 'they' sure seem to have a say about everything in my life! 'They' are kinda annoying! : )
  6. Not everyday a terrorist calls for a war on himself...interesting...
  7. Why 'reaffirm' that you're going to pay when you are setup to pay it out till 2015?? That doesn't add up...unless you are planning on paying it off in full early...hmmm
  8. 14-15 or 19th??? Hmmm Iraq's leaders meet on 14 - 15 of this month to sign a document the social ladder 12/09/2013 12:00 AM Continue with the political movement that called for al - Maliki BAGHDAD - Alaa al - Tai - Shaima Rashid Convenes leaders and the leaders of Iraq's political 14-15 of this month, at a meeting called by the Presidency of the Republic to sign a document the social ladder unexpected presence of nearly 350 personal from the various components of the country, amid assurances shown by all the political blocs to attend and participate actively , in order to reach agreements
  9. I agree feels like they were told something would happen and they were expecting it. Not that they just assumed it would happen. It feels like they are now upset and want answers as to why nothing has happened yet. The way the articles are written and from so many different people and groups it's like they fully expected it to have already happened. Like they were told it would happen and not that they just dreamed up the idea that it should.
  10. I think you're right on Zig. This is at least the 3rd big deal the Kurds have done on their own since that big meeting between Maliki and Barzani in Erbil and still no objection by Maliki. He used to flip his lid before the day was out. Very interesting to say the least...this speaks volumes IMO. While they may not have HCL passed and officially voted on they definitely have a functioning agreement in place and working.
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