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  1. I'm a bit confused by your question but I'm assuming what your asking about or ideally would like to do is take profits from your DInar and roll them into another investment vehicle ie gold and not pay any taxes on your dinar because your putting it into another investment. I'm no acocuntant or tax expert but uncle sam always wants his cut, I would be quite surprised if you could make profits from an investment and not pay taxes by reinvesting it. The guidelines seem to be pretty clear that any currency gain over $200 will be taxed. The one way I could see this being possible is if you have a Roth IRA and you purchased the DInar with your IRA, you potentially could then reinvest that money into gold and pay the taxwes when you take the money down the road. I'm not sure this is even possible but this is the one scenario under which I can see it MAYBE being a possibility. That said one thing that will always be true is taxes will never go down they will always go up. With that in mind you'd probably be better off paying taxes at todays tax rates than tax rates 10 or 20 years down the road which will without a doubt be higher.
  2. Glad to hear you sold it. I wouldn't take it personally, I don't think anyone thought you were a scammer, its just a few people on here have been burned buying and selling Dinar so people are understandably cautious, especially when someone has low post count. People do need to be cautious however doingaperson toperson sale should be pretty safe or Paypal as long as you send money for a purchase and not to a friend or as a service as you don't get the Paypal protection that way.
  3. Apple going through the roof. I'm tempted to buy in at 115 or there abouts but scared its going togo back down to like 105, at the same time could very easily go up to like 150. I think Ford is another good stock, new F150 getting good reviews and thats their best seller. Not only is it better on gas and that eco boost getting rave reviews but helps even more gas prices are low right now. Sprint has been a turd for years but I've always bought sprint if for nothing else GoGo wirless alot of people arereally hype about but it does nothing it sits at 15 or 16 shoots up to 18 and then crashes back down. they do have by far the biggest marketshare of wifi on planes which I think is a good play for the future. lets see what else, had my eye on LL lumber liquidators FB facebook and a few others.
  4. I think there's a number of dealers based out of Vegas, not sure if all allow you to go to their offices but worth checking. DinarTrade Exchange of America, looks like they just opened anew office there in in Vegas, I believe SecondRotationCollectibles is as well. Maybe worth cehcking to see if they will let you pay cash in person.I'm assuming xchange of america is a walkin currency exchange type location so probably not even need tomake an appointment. Las Vegas, NV **NEWEST LOCATION** Las Vegas, NV3900 Paradise Rd., Suite 212 Las Vegas, NV 89169 Phone: (888) 796-2962
  5. Xchange of America / DinarTrade seems to have about 5 or 6 offices already open and seems to say they will continue expanding. Here's a list of all their locations... Xchange Locations Stuart, Florida Corporate Headquarters819 S Federal Hwy. Suite 100 Stuart, Florida 34994 Phone: (888) 796-2962 Las Vegas, NV **NEWEST LOCATION** Las Vegas, NV3900 Paradise Rd., Suite 212 Las Vegas, NV 89169 Phone: (888) 796-2962 Bloomington, MN Mall Of America218 East Broadway Bloomington, MN 55425 Culver City, CA Los Angeles, CA6000 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City, CA 90230 San Marcos, CA Oceanside, CA635 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd. Suite # 4 San Marcos, CA 92069 San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA3288 21st Street San Francisco, CA 94110 Nashville, TN Nashville, TN4104 Hillsboro Pike Ste. 2 Nashville, TN 37215 Ft. Myers, FL Ft. Myers, FL17595 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 205 Ft. Myers, FL 33908 Phone: (888) 796-2962 Shawnee, KS Shawnee, KS10704 Shawnee Mission Parkway Shawnee, KS 66203
  6. Just an FYI for anyone who does buy Dinar on eBay, if you look around in december there's often coupons and promo codes for free shipping or like 5% or 10% off. There's better coupons but typically are only for specific vendors or products, anyhowthere are some good coupons in there. I'm not currently inthemarket for dinar but was going to use a 5% off coupon I found to try to get a new xbox for a nephew for xmas.
  7. Your kind of lowballing yourself at $650, you could easily get over $700 from pretty much any dealer I think most paying about $780 for uncirculated right now maybe a little less for circulated. Sterling, DealOrBuy, XChangeofAmerica, as well as others will probably give you over $700 and are pretty reliable. I've bought off this forum succesffully a time or two but even on here people have been scammed by other members. If you got with a reputable dealer you should be able to get a safe transaction and an extra $50 or $80 for your Million.
  8. You make a good point whether its Dinar or precious metals I'd always prefer to hold it myself than get a certificate that "may" hold it for me. My bigger concern would not be a dealer stealing my money but I wonder if dealers have enough dinar for all their options or of they oversell vs what they have. If they sell 50 billion options and only have 100 million dinar in inventory which customers get their dinar and which don't?
  9. Second Rotation Collectibles has some low prices I think $899 probably lowest out there, havn't used them but heard a number of people on this site say they had good experiences. Sterling is probably the biggest and definately a Trusted name. BuyIraqiDinarHere takes debit cards which makes things easier and good prices. I've also got some good specials from dealorbuy in the past but unless you get a email coupon they kind of high priced, they run some of the best specials when they do though. Ebay is always a good place to buy as well, even if you don't have an ebay account they let you pay as a guest iwth a card I believe. There's some pretty good pricing on there because of the competition. If you go that route though make sure you go with someone who has high feedback and looks a bit more professional as with individuals selling I've had people wait 5 days to ship my package saying they only got to the post office on a certain day a week, some do a poor job of packing them etc so make sure to go with someone who has good feedback.
  10. Yeah good point. I don't think there's any laws or regulations prohibiting the banks from doing so. HOnestly I think its some people abusing it that ruin it for the rest of us. Same thing happens with coins. I used to be into buying boxes of half dollars and sorting for silver coins. Generally teh banks didn't have a problme wtih it, I would only go to banks I had accounts at and would try to spread the coins around to different branches or use them instead of sorting and dumping all them back on the bank I got them at. Well of course same situation a few bad apples ruined it for everyone. The banks were getting so sick of customers setting up accounts just to buy and dump coins that they for a while started charging customers fees to order coins and later stopped it altogether. I think same thing happens with the DInar. Someone reports on a site such and such bank is selling it. People go to inquire and are told only account holders so they open an account they are never going to use and just use the bank to order DInar. It costs banks a couple hundred bucks per brinsk delivery just to get foreign money in for someoen who's not keeping money there or using their services and they get annoyed. Thats just my take on it but who knows. Great minds think alike lol. I was going to but wound up going to a differnet teller and he was already pulling away once I got to the parking lot. I'm really not in the market to buy any but if the price is right probably would have.
  11. I thoguht I saw someone say it was up to 1198 as opposed to 1166. I think any movement is good since it was sitting at 1166 for months if not years. I just checked CBI site and says 1166 however I thought I saw globalcurrencyreset report it was up to almost 1200.
  12. Over the past year or two I have gotten a call or two from people who say they want to buy my DInar. Different scenarios and situations but it's always something involving a group or trust or chinese group. OFtentimes telling me they will pay $8 per Dinar. I know there's a lot of scams out there where people request you send them your Dinar, often its to Reno or other places with the promise of big payouts. I've had a few friends and colleages who have gotten similar calls. NOw before you tell me its a scam believe me I know that, I would never let my Dinar out of my site, however what I'm curious about is how are people getting our phone numbers and how do they know we have Dinar, thats the part I find wierd? I may have posted on this forum or others that I'm looking to sell my dinar but don't think I've ever posted my cell number. The last guy who called me recently I was tempted to hangup immediatley but decided just to play along for a minute. I was like look this sounds well and good but why would you pay me $8 for my dinar when you can go buy Dinar from a dealer at about a grand per million? He said they are trying to get tehir hands on as much Dinar as possible quickly, blah blah blah. His response was basically why do you care this is a lot of money. I basically just responded it sounds too good to be true, it doesn't make sense why would anyone pay more than they have to for something. I quickly tired of the situation and just hungup but thought it was wierd and also couldn't figure out who this was or how they got my number.
  13. Okay, so I have a bank story. Before you all tune out nothing crazy about numbers on the screens or anything like that and really nothign definitive but did find it refreshing. Was inline at a BMO bank the other day, bank of montreal I think its called formerly harris bank. I don't have an account there but had gotten a check issued by their bank so was cashing it. The gentelment in front of me was tryin to sell them various foreign currencies from vacations along with some Iraqi Dinar mixed in. The tell took pretty much evertyhing but the Dinar and some money from like norway or something like that. I overheard him asking about why they didn't take the Dinar. She said they only dealt with a handful of currencies and typically no thte more rare or exotic ones as there isn't as much demand. She did however say in branch meetings tellers were all voicing to management a large number of customer requests and questions and basically kind of left it as a possibility it may be something they would deal with in the future. I think its not a decision they can make at a branch level from what she was saing corporate or something would need to give the okay to make that a currency they can buy in or request. NOthing concrete or groundbreaking with this story but in the past anytime I heard Dinar mentioned in a bank it was dealt with with a stern no and kind of a dont bother us with that crap attitude so this was a little better.
  14. Has it ever been confirmed from a legit source the Treasury holds DInar or is that gurus who say it? I'm not disputing that they do hold DInar just wasn't sure if that was guru talk or a fact.
  15. I've been starting to read the globalcurencyreset guy, if I'm not mistaken he's also on Dongtalk as a mod now. ANyhow, the guy has interesting podcasts, youtube channels and a website. He recently posted that the dinar has increaesed from like 1166 to 1196 or something along those lines. Not a huge move but I think any movement is positive as its been sitting steady at 1166 for months if not years.
  16. I don't think the rate has anything to do with whether banks will deal with the DInar. Fifth Third, Chase, Wells Fargo were all dealing with the DInar years ago when Iraq was still in sanctions, while the rate was even lower than it is today, when it wasn't traded on FOrex. There's no law stopping the banks from dealing with Dinar, its a choice they make not to do so. Why? I don't know but many banks no lonoger deal with foreign currency period. I recently called a few banks to get some foreign money for a vacation for my parents and most banks couldn't even get Euros and the few that could wanted me to order a week or more in advance so its not just Dinar banks aren't really dealing with FX period. I think it should also be noted that think about this. If all the message boards, dinar blogs, etc tomorrow said Chase bank is now selling Dinar you'd have hoards of people running to open up bank accounts with Chase just to be able to buy the Dinar. Most of these customers would not keep money in the bank, use atm cards or any of that they would basically open up an account just to use the bank for Dinar. Add to that it most likely wouldn't be a one time purchase it would be people on a weekly basis wanting to pickup a little dinar with each paycheck. Banks want customers they can make money on, not customers that cost them money in brinks delivry fees of foreign currency, tying up tellers answering dinar questions, etc. As for cashouts, I keep hearing about 800 numbers. Here's a question I have. To have 800 numbers you have to have call centers. To have call centers you have to have trained workers. I've worked in call centers, its normally a week or two training period on customer service, computer systems, etc. IF a week prior to an RV you have a whole call center full of employees being paid $11 an hour for a miserable job what ddo you think is going to happen? THey will quit and go buy dinar nad live on a beach the rest of their lives, they will also probably tell their friends and family to do the same so I dont think you could have 800 numbers without letting the cat out of the bag with an rv.
  17. I don't really know too much about this so take this with a grain of salt but isn't a de la rue machine made by the same company that makes the dinar de la rue? Not sure if this machine can authenticate other currencies as well or only the dinar? Banks already have counting machines with countefeit catching features on it on the back counter, they often run large deposits through them. I'm assuming a machine like that cannot verify dinar. I also wonder if banks will buydelarue machines for all their branches if they are only good for authenticating a single currency. Maybe someone else can comment on exactly how the machines work as that will probably determine if banks will spend the money to buy them. I recall hearing they are a few thousand dollars per machine so not cheap by any means.
  18. Yeah I know that tape your talking about, I think that GlobalCurrencyReset guy has it posted on his youtube channel kinda funny he puts tony on a loop saying it over and over and over lol. That was an interesting tape where tony seems to slipup and say he works for Sterling. THis is actually a more recent one. It's since been taken down from youtube but from the description whoever posted it claims that its someone named Frank from sterling talking with soemone else who's voice is disuised and he's talking about their relationship with Tony and how they pay him a flat fee. It was just a brief 2 minute video tough so you really didn't get much context or even know who was talking to who. Apparently they were going to release a full 26 minute tape but no longer are planning on doing so, so not really sure what that was all about or what the story was.
  19. What do you mean by taxed twice? I don't see how you have been taxed once as you don't pay tax when buying/exchanging currency so you've paid no taxes on the Dinar your currently holding. Tax rates on investments vary depending on whether you held that investment for longer than a year or shorter than a year. I'll post a link below to an inquit page that explains long term capital gain tax rates vs short term. I know its been debated how currency is taxed. I knew I recalled reading an IRS guidelines in terms of how its taxed but could never find it agian. Just found the link. Looks like it depends on if its for travel or "investment" which I suppose they can't prove either way what your logic or purpose in buying currency was for however any currency gain in excess of $200 is treated as a capital gain so I guess having receipts is important. It's not necessary to sell or cashin, however if you want to pay a lower tax rate you may have to show you held the DInar for a year before selling...
  20. I was kind of intrigued by that teaser clip although at the same time very confused as to the context and what the point of the video was. I was eagerly awaiting the full 26 minute video being released and then saw on youtube the other day it was posted that out of respect for Frank at Sterling the tape was not being posted, bummer. Not sure why, assuming the tape was legit simply reporting the facts or letting a tape play and speak for itself isn't disrespectful in any way but looks as if we won't get to see or I guess better yet hear the tape. Obviously we have no idea what the tape says or was about though apparently something relating to TNT Tony. Only thing I can think is maybe they were paid not to release it who knows. That TNT Tony BS guy has some interesting youtube vids though so still worth a watch. Looks like origional teaser video posted above has since been removed as well. What gives?
  21. I had a question. Before anyone tells me options are garbage and don't buy them believe me I've never been a fan of them, I personally would much rather hold physical currency, plus personally I doubt that many if any dealers actually have the physical Dinar to back options. That said I've recently heard some people saying that if the RV happens and they have an option tehy will be able to use their profits from the option/reserve to buy the DInar. For example if the Dinar comes out at 1:1 and they have 10 million on reserve. My thinking is you need to have the $15,000 or whatever it is to buy the Dinar you have on option. It seems some people say you can use your profits from the RV to pay that amount. Just curiuos from anyone who has used layaways if you know how that works. I have a coworker who seems to think he doesn't need a penny in his account he'll just use his profits to buy it. I told him I don't think thats how they work.
  22. There is no difference between doing a currency exchange and purchasing foregin currency, its all the same thing. When my friend from teh UK comes here with his pounds he walks into a currency exchange and says I wanna buy dollars. It always strikes me as wierd to say that he's purchasing dollars as opposed to I need to convert my money or I need to do an exchange but it's really nothing but semantics. Foreign people seem to refer to it as purchasing the local currency where as it seems most Americans more talk about I need to convert my dollars into pespo or into Euros or whatever. As for records, nobody cares about receipts and nobody will. Cash is cash. The only plausible reason to possibly need receipts would be to show a longterm or shorterm gain ie showing how long you held them for as over a year is typically considered a long term where as under a year is short term and its taxed differntly however for all I know Dinar or currency exchange isn't even taxed that way and is taxed as ordinary income or something. I know IRS acutally has a page telling what the deal is with foreign currency gains over $200, don't recall what they say though.
  23. agreed making posts that add nothing to the converstion is a waste of your tiem and everyone elses. if your not interested in the topic move along
  24. There's some guy on twitter and youtube with a channel called TNT Tony BS or something like that. Over the weekend he was tweeting and posted an audio tape of like 30 seconds in which apparently somoen who supposedly works for sterling is saying they paid TNT Tony a flat fee. there wasn't a lot of context but the person said something like I joined the company in such and such year and inherited this relationship. Like I said there wasn't much context to the call aside from the breif clip and one persons voice was distorted mechanically or whatever. Was just curuios if anyone else has seen this clip and if so what this is all about? Here is the video...
  25. Why not just post denominations and where you got it as opposed to us having to email and you having to respond to the same question 20 times
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