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  1. Selling 500k Iraqi Dinar for $500 buyer pays shipping . Email for more info or phone 661-703-9057
  2. Scammers beware I’m not falling for ur crap
  3. Selling 500,000 uncirculated 25,000 notes for $500 obo. MSG me at
  4. Timothy email me
  5. Selling 1 million dinar, (40) 25k uncirculated notes . 1 million for $1000. Email me @
  6. Looking to buy some more dinar online. I haven't purchased any since 2010. Any online dealers u guys can recommend that have good prices and are trusted
  7. Im a newbie and this is my first post. I just started investing in the iraqi dinar. I bought some dinar from dinarbanker and safedinar and was wondering why the safety security thread on the 25k note is sometimes not exactly in the same spot. Example: on some of the dinar its right down the middle of the man on the tractor others its right down the middle of the tractor tire.
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