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  1. as my grandmother use to say if the good Lord willin and the creek don't rise Hope is eternal
  2. I believe it will happen when God sees fit only he knows what will happen. May the Lord continue to bless and keep us no matter how long this takes.
  3. I have read all of these articles concerning this . I am so confused . My question is if the print these notes and use them for banking and internal money transfers and bring note count down then take .00086 make it.86 collecting the 25 ,10,5,1 thosand notes in as people trade in turning them into electronic card money and introduce the lower notes . Am i way off or does this make sense
  4. I am up for renewal march 2 i belive i dont want to miss it
  5. Thank you for your thoughts and yes after it RV (hopefuly) just was thinking if i bought a million dinar worth of gold their is no gain it simply diffrent form of money and cash out only what i need when i need it pay taxes on that smaller amount and let my gold appreciate i got my dinar boots on the ground late 04 out side scania so i have no record of purches thanks again was juct currious if any one had thought of something similar
  6. Can any one point me in the right direction? I Know you have to pay taxes on Gains but can you transfer like dinar to gold with out a tax i pay into my 401 x percent and dont worry about taxes till i start drawing from it. sorry I am not real good at putting thoughts to paper
  7. Hey thug is their any bondylady post on HCL since its fuzzy she usualy has good break down long but insiteful
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