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  1. Delta, Great post. Lived through every bit of that and more. Brings back all those memories. Played outside till dark every day. If you were in the house you were sick. Mama, didn't have to call out but one time for you to come home and it wasn't on a cell phone. Your ears were tuned in to that voice. When you got home supper was on the table. You ate what was there and you didn't have a choice. You took your bath and went to bed. I don't know if we were smarter (street wise) than kids are today. We could take care of ourselves. If some pervert tried to talk to us, or call us over to a vehicle there was no way. We could sense danger. We handled our own problems, it had to be real bad to call in Mama or Daddy if we had problems with other kids. We were taught to work. Mow the yard, clean our rooms. The only time we watched TV was cartoons on Saturday morning when Mama and Daddy were sleeping late, before breakfast. Breakfast was a meal back then , not a poptart in the toaster. You were going to church on Sunday there was no discussion. We said the Pledge every morning at school along with a Prayer over the PA system. We respected our parents, elders and our teachers. I thinks kids today have too many choices. When they are young they are asked to choose what they want to eat what they want to wear, do they want to do this or would they rather do that. When we are real young and growing up I think choices should be made for us. When we get older we have plenty of decisions we have to make in life. I think young children growing up should be shown the right way, they are too young to choose what is best and safe for them. When you start to school, thats really when you start making your own choices, and decisions. We lived through all those old times and we are still alive. We sure knew how to hold on in the back of a a pick-up truck.
  2. We trust you Possum. You from Trinity, Weldon, Lovelady?
  3. I have VIP for after the RV, but most of all to support the site. Without VIP, someone would have to pay the bills or we would not have a place to come to. Taboo one thing about it if you do get banned it won't be your first time. No virgin there.
  4. My dinar is in the safe deposit box. Thanks for all you do and thanks for the badge also.
  5. Thank You so very much... Lower denoms mean RV. The Iraqi man said dollar for dollar, that means no LOP. They have to have the lower denoms to conduct day to day business if one dinar is equal to one USD. You could'nt buy a loaf a bread and some milk that cost $5 with a 25K dinar note now worth 25,000 USD. Thanks, Rockinbagdad.
  6. Joe, A picture paints a thousand words. "Nuff Said"
  7. Greg in Texas I agree with you. Look at all the families that will never be the same. Those Americans, mothers, fathers, and children had no rights that day, they did not do anything and they were killed by brain-washed, fanatics. When Osama told the world he was responsible for the murders that day, he signed his death warrant. If someone in your family was killed you my look at it differently. I agree Greg, let him burn in hell.
  8. TFK, I believe what you are saying. I do not think Breitling is a pumper. I agree with his way of thinking, pay more for the small denoms now only if you can afford it. The payoff will be worth it if the second RV goes 3 times higher than the first and there is a time frame to turn in the 000,s. The other point to having 500's is you could cash in a few at a time after the rate goes to 3 dollars. Less than $10,000 USD transaction is not reported by most banks. And use different banks, maybe cash in at airports a few at a time. You can,t do that with 25,000 dinar notes.
  9. I can tell you no-way. K98 is not Possum. I never told Possum but I live about 15 miles from where the ole Possum stays. When he talked about where he was going to throw the big RV party at that ranch, I know where it is. I don't think K98 is from East Texas. But Possum is.
  10. Great Job! You are a Poet and didn't Know it. Made me smile.. Plus 1. I'd give you more but it won't let me.
  11. I bet you make her walk to her stand right after daylight too. LMAO.
  12. Amen to that Q. Ur--in e or you're out. I like that, so true.
  13. Hey Copter, Sounds like a crash and burn to me. Sonny1 is one of the very few on a short list that really cares about the peeps on this site. He tries to keep us grounded and will not give information he does not truly believe. He is the only one on the net, that will come back and say I'm sorry if his intel does not come through. Barry, you need to know your facts about the person you bash. Sonny1, hates the dealers making the money, get your facts straight. minus 53.
  14. I have 25K's all the way down to 50's. Each denomination gets smaller. It is really cool.
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