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  1. Please let this be the start. No clue how accurate this website is, cautiously optimistic!
  2. Would you care to enlighten us? I would like to hear your thoughts on what is going on with Warka, thanks
  3. Does anybody have the link to where Dr J gives his reasoning for RV late 2012? I would love to hear that, thanks.
  4. I think th4e math comes out to 300 billion? Still a huge amount for 1 auction. Great news IMO.
  5. I do not recall the exact date but I read this article atleast 6-9 months ago, so it is pretty old.
  6. Is there a fee to transfer the little bit of USD intrest earned into IQD? Thanks in advance!
  7. That was not my intention, take it as you will. I just did not see justification for calling the ISX report a scam. I do appreciate you bringing this info forward, it is good to know that he is profiting from the sale of the report! +1 for you.
  8. "the purchase is a scam"??? seriously get a clue! Do you hate on everybody who makes a buck off the selling of their product or service?? Who cares if he is self pumping it?? Does the report have value to the end consumer? That is the question and does he deliver the report when purchased?? FYI every guru, blogger and webmaster has an agenda.
  9. So how does that make the ISX report a scam?? Pretty bold claim with no proof to validate the "scam" alert. Who really cares if he pumps the ISX report?? If you feel the report has value , buy it. If you feel it has no value , dont buy it.
  10. well let me know if your able to get $900 for 1,000 IQD! You may want to change that decimal point to a comma?
  11. Up North

    Guru Poppy2

    As Hans and Frans would say, "We are here to PUMP you up!"
  12. Do you really think any of these bloggers/site owners are providing these services out of the goodness of their hearts?? C'MON MAN!!! They are biz owners lookin to make a buck. If they are not pimpin dinar sales they are positioning themselves for post RV investing where they plan to monetize their databases. I have zero problem with a guy trying to make a buck, Roger has never fed us lies to make a sale(IMO) and I believe Roger is looking at post RV biz.
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