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  1. Key here is do you cash in all at once. Or. Slowly. Euro took some time to climb after introduction on Forex. Book 6 month beach party. Keep one eye on Ocean. Other on Forex.
  2. Agreed. Hard to Decipher what is fact and what is concocted to curb further speculation. Push Me Pull You. Shabibi could be stand in for Dr. Doolittle. Please Do more. Cool. Spray me Down.
  3. Maybe waiting for CBI to pll the trigger with the rate. Heard HSBC was handling the IPO on one Telecom co. Maybe buy HSBC for now. Then diversify later.
  4. OK. Feb. Article. But 10 years. Nice. Humans can Relax. Feet Up. Frozen Drinks. Iraq's Next Challenge: A New Currency Publisher: Al-Hayat (Pan Arab) Original Title: The Currency Change in Iraqi and its Expected Effects Author: Thaka’ Mokhless al-Khalidi Published on: Monday, Feb 27, 2012 Translated On: Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 Translator: Ibrahim Jouhari A few weeks ago, a source at the Iraqi Central Bank announced the government’s plan to [re-denominate] the [iraqi] currency by cutting three zero from all notes, effectively dividing these notes by 1000. 1000 dinar notes would be changed to one dinar notes and 5000 [old dinars] would equal five new dinars. The new currency will be introduced in 2012. The process will take up to two years, at the end of which the old currency will ultimately be void. However, banks will continue to accept [the old notes] for another 10 years - for exchange against new notes,.
  5. Depends on comfort level & your exposure to risk. Still could be 100% losses. See Warka Bank. And some others. We were fortunate. We only lost Warka to date. Our other 11 still trading. But some dropped off & came back. And this still could happen. As per earlier comments. Most banks etc. are stagnant - wondering if intentional until rate change. Seeing some New ME Hedge Funds that include Iraq. If you must. Stick to 1-5k investment. Buy banks with Western/UK ties. HSBC affiliate for one. Do a day of research.
  6. Yes. Good Advice. We bought years ago. Maintained Holding pattern. Too volatile.
  7. Thanks. Stay safe. Scams are a Plenty. Humans learn the Hard way. To Serve and Protect.
  8. We are witnessing much speculation regarding share value after the IQD rate change. Reverse Splits. Penny values.Fils Values.2 zero removal.3 zero removal. Etc. Etc. Share value (like the currency) is not a matter of convenience. It is based on specific criteria. Current earnings, Assets, Debt. Just to name a few. The shares you now own will most likely be converted to percentages of ownership pre-rate change and handed back to you post rate change. Different amount of shares but same percentage of ownership. So you are even at the end of the day. Most ISX companies have sat stagnant, whereas currency reserves/oil reserves/debt reduction/infrastructure rebuilds have grown by leaps and bounds. This is where holding IQD cash is of benefit. While most (if not all) company share structure will only make a lateral move, cash IQD will see an increase in value. Just sharing Logic. You heard it here first. Humans know best.
  9. Excellent. Hope the Shares come back on line. ISX.
  10. Yes. I think it was full steam ahead. Until the Euro Zone mess.
  11. Yes. Could be discuusing GCC Currency. Similar to Euro. And. Or. Free Trade among Arab Nations. Tick Talk. Going on for years now.
  12. At one time Actually thought this was possiibly why the Arab Summit was held in Iraq. To launch GCC Currency. Talks have Been going on for years. The Euro collapse probably has them thinking twice.
  13. Suck It Up Buttercup. This One Motivates Me: Get to F%*@#& Work. Or. I Beat you to A Pulp.
  14. "Maybe I'm just a conspiracy nut ?" You're Half Right. Jokey. All the Best.
  15. Adam Montana. Sandman. Tooth Fairy. Easter Bunny. Common Denominator. Fictitious Characters that Evade Sightings by Any and All Humans. My Favorite. The One with Chocolate in the Wicker Basket. Second Favorite. The One with 10 cents or more in the Currency Basket.
  16. Hold on to your IQD TIGHT. Ali Baba Be all Over it. Like a Monkey on A Cupcake. Or. A Pitbull on a Poodle.
  17. Timing is Everything. Bush Knew. From Day One. Who Needs A Country's Oil. When you can Control A Country's Currency. Hafidh invites to take advantage of the cash reserve in development March 24 2012 Baghdad Yasser ascendant The cash reserve is a real indicator of the economic situation of the country as it was great it demonstrates its ability to meet the challenges and problems that plague the world and vice versa any inability if we learned that Iraq's cash reserve estimated at 60 billion dollars, how measured ability to meet these challenges? To answer this question answer economic thinker Dr. Hafidh study tagged what tale of the cash reserve and published in his magazine known (dialogue) that Iraq's possession of the reserve yadalama certainly characteristic of the economic situation but the problem lies in the fact that the economic situation now burdened with contradictions too stand serious impediment to any real transformation in the general structure and forms of production, investment and overall development in General. He said Iraq was Hafiz largest cash reserves at the end of the 1970s, as then b (40) billion dollars then used this amount of money to cover military expansion and the requirements of war and former political system needs without taking into account the most economic controls and argued that waste then reserve was the basic aspects of the corruption of the previous regime destroyed considerations such as corruption and looting and manipulation. He reinstated the cash reserve and achieved the 60 billion dollars came from the large development which included the volume of oil exports and increased revenue at the resulting mounting all increases in oil prices and growing demand and the need for more oil exports in the world Al-haafiz finds that protect the Central Bank of any intervention to combat inflation and ensuring a balanced monetary policy alternatives to destructive practices of the former regime had led to the isolation of monetary policy on overall economic performance and reduce inflation but this the way partially did not contribute to support economic development plans and activities envisaged by the Iraqi State in this difficult phase. It is noted that the persistence of this phenomenon contradicts the provisions of the Permanent Constitution necessitating complete linkage alsobusa cash and development performance, and without which cannot benefit from the results of the performance cash interest overall development but nonetheless led economic development and resume oil production and increased revenue to increase in the Central Bank's cash reserve to 60 billion dollars and saw the new origin Hafedh reserve come primarily from the need of the Iraqi dinar, which produced the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry requested and bought US dollar Which is natural in the context of the relationship between sound and economic and monetary institutions in different countries and the consequent increased reserve directly and it became necessary to preserve it from any external interventions and claims that reserve is saved in a bank account in America and then on to the four banks in Europe (Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland) by a decision of the Central Bank to ensure the safety of this amount, especially after the expiration of Bush's Executive order and specified next month Maes. Al-haafiz cautioned that increasing cash reserves in Iraq took place in the context of new and striking in terms of the continued need for some foreign loans from international institutions, according to the draft budget for this year Iraq plans to benefit from the loan he is (5, 4) billion IMF approved and (2) million dollars from the World Bank external financial obligations are still a heavy burden on the country's financial capacity and economic thinker Dr. wonder Hafidh feasibility if cash reserve could not Serve the overall economic development priorities in Iraq? And concludes that this is a very important topic and calls for discussion clearly in the light of the experiences of other countries in terms of the development goals and the commitments of foreign hand.
  18. Central Bank is Typically open Sunday. ISX is closed Until April. Arab Summit.
  19. "The Attorney-Khalil: The new currency will consist of the categories (1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50, 100, 200) dinars, as well as small metal groups (50 and 250) fils." Our Man Khalil is pulling the Camel Fur over your Human Light Receptors. 50 IQD Notes Exist. So... some 50 Notes are worth 50 USD. Others are worth .050 USD. Right. Mass Confusion. Insane in the Membrane. Four companies could mean Four sources. Same company. Same As Initial Drop. IQD was flown in from several countries. Same Company. A logical Guess Only. A Half truth is still some truth. If I could Tickle out the other 50% I would. Humans never believe all they read. See it to believe it. Believe it to see it.
  20. "The average US wage in 1909 was 22 cents per hour." Some things never change. Poor Humans. Today. Asian Minimum Wages American minimum wage rates are at least twice as much as Asian countries, especially those in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Indians earn 80 rupees per day or $0.23/hour USD; Chinese earn 800 Yuan Renminbi per month, or $0.75/hour USD. Japan is the only Asian country with a roughly equivalent rate: 618 yen per hour, or $7.59/hour USD. Read more: How to Compare U.S. Minimum Wage With the World |
  21. Yes. Last time Bought Condoms. Lady Said 6.99 Plus Tacks. I said.TACKS. But I thought they stayed on by themselves. Oh. TAX. Yes. Must Pay Tax. PS. Water Ballons Only. Not so Lucky.
  22. If further proof were needed of the two-speed recovery–the rich and the rest–now comes news that America has a record number of millionaires. According to the annual World Wealth Report from Merill Lynch and Capgemini, the U.S. had 3.1 million millionaires in 2010, up from 2.86 million in 2009. The latest figure tops the pre-crisis peak of three million.. Cheers to More Rich Humans - Male.Female
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