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  1. Look Around. Have Fun.
  2. With all due respect to Humans near and far. Insider? I presume he fell in Cider. Alcohol version. Before interview. From email recieved: Here's a couple of quick highlights: 1. Shabibi appears to be on his way out. I didn't believe it at first, but all signs are pointing that way... we will stand by and see what happens. Maybe they will replace him with someone who's more "trigger-happy" and willing to get this thing done quicker! 2. Maliki appears to be signing up for a third term after some talk of not continuing in his current position. A lot of people talk bad about him, but I think this is a good thing. As per Iraq's Constitution only 2 - 4 year terms are permitted. This will be Maliki's second term.
  3. A Guardian has been appointed. CBI asked for 1 month to get Warka Straw house in order. 2-3 weeks to go.
  4. S .................................... T ................................... R ......................... E ............................ T ............................. C ........................ H
  5. Precisely. We have written it off. Getting anything back will now be treated as a bonus. As Humans. You can choose otherwise.
  6. Why in the name of all Good Humans would you send additional money to a Bank under Guardianship with the CBI. Humans wil be lucky if they get existing money on deposit back.
  7. % OF RISK = % OF RETURN Checking/Savings Account = .1 - 2% (depending on deposit) IQD = 0 - 1000% - (anywhere above or in between) - no min. purchase and we can take back what we don't want when ever we want. Nothing to lose really. Except. It sits. Humans Can't buy a Snickers At Kwikee Mini Mart here. Well. Unless run by Ali Abu. Fair trade and all.
  8. Be a long wait even if first in line. CBI sets the rate daily. Closed until Sunday. Bring Hibachi. And good Book.
  9. Can somtimes be confused with "re-tireing in a week". New Michelins on back order. Or not.
  10. Life Savings. Yikes. Financial Advisor. Drunk Easter Bunny. Most Eggs in Wrong Basket. Some Yes. All No.
  11. When writing your lawyer. Mention Reputable. All the Best. Is your refrigerator running ....
  12. June 1-30 / 2012. At the latest. Re-Election platform.
  13. ALL Banks and the ISX closed until April 1 or 2 - 2012. Including CBI.
  14. Wow. I am one function away from becoming absolete. Hope Humans don't invent device to change channels from couch. If So. You find me in a Box with 23 other Mountain Dew cans.
  15. US Military DOD has a banking Division. It is/was assisting CBI in monitioring / building the banking indusrty in Iraq. Money laundering etc. may have been a key element in the demise of Warka. Or not. Most if not all previous articles related to Warka's poor book keeping. Hiding things. Or just bad at Mathematics. Either way we have Big Brother coming in to set it straight. Good news.
  16. Researching now. Join in. Value is .00018 USD. Inflation 6% ? - verifying. They have not done it yet. Could be on Iraq path. Curb speculation. Need a few Hours. 1 Zambia kwacha = 0.000188 U.S. dollars Rates provided for information only - see disclaimer. More about currency conversion. Economy based on copper mining. The December 2011 Zambian inflation closed at 7.2 percent. This was a reduction from 8.1 percent recorded in November 2011, but the country still failed to meet the projected year–end target of 7 percent.
  17. Need to find similarities / differences here - i.e inflation rate, infrastructure, revenue sources etc. etc. Zambia revalues kwacha by removing three zeros March 21 2012 According to an article in The Post Online dated 23 January 2012, the government of Zambia has agreed to Bank of Zambia plans to revalue the currency by removing three zeros from all denominations of the kwacha. Currently the largest denomination banknote is 50,000 kwacha (US$9.75), which will become 50 kwacha under the revaluation plan. No details yet on when new notes will be issued, or if old notes will be overprinted as a provisional measure. However, according to two documents (Tender For Procurement of New Rebased Zambian Currency - Paper Banknotes and Tender For Procurement of Paper Banknotes - K2 and K100), the Bank of Zambia is seeking bids from the following shortlist of security printers: •De La Rue Currency, United Kingdom • Giesecke & Devrient, Germany • Orell Fussli Security Printing Limited, Switzerland • Francois Charles Aberthur [sic] Fuduciaire, France • South African Bank Note Company (Pty) Limited, South Africa • Goznak, Russia Two of the terms of the contact that are interesting to collectors are that "the printer’s name [imprint] shall appear on the banknotes" and that "the supplier shall provide 500 specimen notes, free of charge, of each denomination." The contract also breaks down the number of notes required for each denomination (2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 kwacha) over a three-year period. It's unclear if the notes will be issued 2012-2014, or simply dated as such. Also of interest are the technical specifications which detail the overall designs and security features of the notes, and which specify that the notes are to be printed on "cotton based substrate" of the printer's chosing, not polymer. Courtesy of Thomas Krause.
  18. Dang. An Inverted Beaver. Knawed Off Own Wood.
  19. Excellent. Stay Safe. Sharks are circling. 9 out of 10 Humans Mean no Harm. 1 is Mean and will Harm. Trick is. You have to guess witch one. Yikes. Curious. How many Banks take Dinar Trade Certificate Seriously. Bus Transfer may be worth more to a teller. He/She can actually use it. All due respect.
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