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  1. We know about the banking agreements but will it actually benefit iraq? Pimpy is not really telling us anything we don't already know. Not to worry he flip flops so frequently that by thos time tomorrow he will be saying the opposite. If they RI or Rv the rate their lives would be so much better. as would all of ours
  2. 11-24-2023 Newshound Guru Clare Article: "US approval to increase the dollar balances of 10 Iraqi banks" Quote: "The source explained that this agreement came in light of the recent meetings held by the Central Bank of Iraq with the American side, which resulted in an increase in the number of banks that can directly enhance their dollar balance to 10 banks, 5 of which are through Citibank, and the other five are through JP Morgan Bank." 11-24-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy I started thinking about something. Right now Iraq is mostly importing. This is a time when a country would want to increase their exchange rate. This gives them more purchasing power. But that's not what is happening over there in Iraq...I was wondering why don't they just increase the exchange rate? This would give them more purchasing power and would help them as far as dealing with the deficit because if your exchange rate if higher then you have more purchasing power...Increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar means the imports that they pay for would be cheaper because they would have purchasing power...
  3. What is cornbread like. .? How is it made? Not something we have in scotland.
  4. Thanks for that mental picture🤣🤣
  5. The report is dated 2021? When they passed the budget in June / July they stated the rate was set for theb3 years of then budget. But I am sure there is a clause where it can change... I might be wrong. However, considering the pace they are currently moving at there is clearly an urgency for some reason. I am not sure what that reason is but I am also not convinced they would last till 2025 without a rate change. @Luigi1 what is your take on this ? Thanks
  6. I hate to say ot but not dis similar to yesterday. I am sure the rates were lower on Wednesday
  7. In the past year .... how many has there been claims that the new package from the cbi or the government will control the parallel market? How many times have they also been silly enough to give a time frame? How many times has the measure actually done what was claimed....??? Never! Why should this be any different?
  8. @cjdavid I am having a very traditional Scottish meal tonight... haggis , turnip ( neeps) and mashed potatoes. I love Mexican food.
  9. This was from Tuesday's newsletter. She never posted anything yesterday due to thanks giving
  10. @Dretown39 and the same to you
  11. From Pimpy just now.... he does make a valid point. If they were to devalue they have an awful lot that would not benefit them or the country. 11-23-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy Every decision they make when it comes to Iraqi dinar absolutely positively affects the economy. Before they can make a decision to either devalue the currency or increase the value of the currency they have to sit back and figure out how it affects the economy...Iraq is mostly an import country. They rely way too much on other countries providing goods for them. An increase in Iraqi dinar would make those goods cheaper... They're still trying to rebuild so an increase in the value of the exchange rate would help them go a long way. It would give them more purchasing power and imports would be a lot cheaper.
  12. The curds won't like it but I think the federal government has them over a barrel , so to speak. Take what is on offer or we can shelve it again. If they don't take what is on offer they will be at the mercy of the federal government for ever
  13. @TripleA1960 many thanks. I have often wondered about this. Was curious if you have different special meal for Christmas seeing as thanks giving is traditionally turkey
  14. This will bring massive opportunities for trade , employment and new businesses in the region
  15. I have to agree with MM on this. If these countries are so keen the dinar or in fact the other currencies of the countries that the road will go through are going to grow. THE TRADEvia thos road will make the whole of the middle east rich beyond imagination
  16. 11-23-2023 Newshound Guru Militia Man Article quote: "Many countries in the region and the world have expressed a great desire to participate in this project [Iraq's Development Road Project] especially since it will be the most appropriate, shortest, least expensive way to transport goods between the continents of Asia and Europe" It's going to be a major hub of the globe and you're thinking that Iraq can't ever revalue their currency? I think that is just flat-out silly. To think that it's not going to ever happen...the news speaks
  17. Agreed. What I struggle to get my head round is this... why on earth can they not issue a visa or Mastercard which can be used internationally and then if they need to use it abroad then it would automatically convert the currency.. thus no need to sell dollars Why do they need to buy dollars to travel...? apart from the fact the exchange rate is rubbish
  18. As @6ly410 reported yesterday about the cbi site being down... nadir confirms it was.... 11-23-2023 Guru Nader From The Mid East The CBI website it's been 3 days on and off. I don't know if they've been hacked. I don't know if they doing updates. I don't know what they doing but it's been done. Yesterday I Have a lot of errors, today it's blank...
  19. @Dretown39 Hanging low is 1 of the best and biggest things to do. A lot of people will want to hang on to your coat tails. If I make enough that I can actually stop working When people ask why i dont work they will be told I got early retirement due to my health. I genuinely do have health issues so not a huge ommission to say that
  20. Well they either need to educate them quickly or slow down the plan
  21. There was also 3 posts from the goat but is stuff we saw on Tuesday so I didn't bring it over. Everything is crossed for this to pop sooner than later. Happy thanks giving to everyone who celebrates. Just curious... if you have turkey today what do Americans eat at Christmas and New year. In scotland we don't have thanks giving so turkey is at Christmas for us. New year is roast or steak pie or turkey. I my how we have both steak pie and turkey at new year.
  22. 11-23-2023 Intel Guru Frank26 [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: For the first time we're seeing a video. It's new. It's 10 minutes long. It's being shown to us every day now this week...They say they are dedicated to the Iraqi citizens to keep us updated on the changes by the banks on our new monetary system reform...It will be every day updating us on new financial news. FRANK: They told them now every day for 10 minutes during the financial report of Iraq Channel One we're going to start to talk to you more about the monetary reform...These are the things we told you they were going to do. Pretty cool.
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