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  1. thinking of you and your family @Longtimelurker
  2. @screwball Really good video. Very interesting. Thanks.
  3. I like Paulettes thinking but, if the budget is to pass before June 9th and if the markets need to crash before the rv and the cbi needs to change the rate .... how can all this happen in such a short time span??
  4. Any new of when it will appear before Parliament for the vote? Is it going to be as frigging dramatic as last year?
  5. if they rv to over a dollar and then put it on a managed float , I think they can prevent the crash but I might be wrong
  6. they have several eid holidays throughout the year. The last one was eod Al firta or something to that affect
  7. By the time they get to phase 10 they might think about doing something with the currency
  8. This was when they moved the rate to 1310. It is still considered an RV
  9. Jeeezzzz they do as little work as possible bit can take a 9 day holiday!
  10. Watched them a couple off time on you tube. He seems fairly positive that it is happening sooner than later
  11. The USA & the coalition government will avoid answering that request for as long as possible. Unless Iraq moves to BRICS sooner than later
  12. So.... what day do we expect this in parliament. 10 weeks come Sunday... maybe??
  13. Well... the goose 🪿 reckons they paid the IMF loan back at a new rate and it will appear when the markets open...I don't think for a minute that will happen. Sudani is due to go abroad tomorrow and they will not release the rate when he is out of the country. However , I do feel he needs to give the people something more solid that verbal promises before the elections next year.
  14. Yeah I saw that as well. I have just seen a sky news report and it certainly looks to be foggy with trees. Now reporting 30 search groups and drones searching for the chopper
  15. Or it will happen and many of us won't believe it....
  16. Sadly I am beginning to think we are at least several month away from anything happening.....
  17. saw it on you tube earlier. Apparently there are 16 teams trying to locate the crash but they don't actually know where in a forrest it has gone down.
  18. @Luigi1.... it is not that I don't want to hear it.... just sick of their bloody foot dragging behaviours. If they would actually apply themselves to work they could be so much further forward
  19. The never ending saga of the Iraq banking sector... so tired of this
  20. Iraqi cabinet to discuss 2024 budget IraqBreakingIraqi 2024-05-19 12:13 Font Shafaq News/ The Iraqi cabinet convened for an extraordinary session on Sunday, led by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, to deliberate on a draft for the 2024 federal budget. In late April, Acting Speaker Mohsen al-Mandalawi and Prime Minister al-Sudani agreed on a swift finalization of the 2024 budget tables and their prompt submission to the parliament for debate and approval. Yesterday, Iraq's lawmakers failed to elect a speaker as neither of the two main candidates secured a majority during a tense session of parliament. It is the latest in a series of failed attempts to replace the former head of parliament who was dismissed in November, with political bickering and divisions between key Sunni parties derailing every effort so far. The parliament's media office announced that 137 lawmakers chose Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the oldest MP, while 158 picked Salem al-Issawi. However, candidates require at least 165 votes to win. The largely ceremonial role of president traditionally goes to a Kurd, that of prime minister to a Shiite, while the speaker of parliament is usually Sunni. But parliament is dominated by a coalition of pro-Iran Shiite parties, reflecting the country's largest religious group. The new speaker will replace Mohammad al-Halboosi, the influential politician dismissed by Iraq's top court in November after a lawmaker accused him of forging a resignation letter. Al-Halboosi had been the country's highest-ranking Sunni official since he first became a speaker in 2018. The new speaker's stint will not last long with the general election due in 2025.
  21. Home(currentoliticsSecurEconomLocaSportIternationalMore LanguagPM chairs an extraordinary session of the Cabinet around budget schedules politics +A -A INA- Baghdad The Cabinet held, on Sunday, an extraordinary session chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed S . Al-Sudani . “The Cabinet held, on Sunday, an extraordinary session chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani”, according to a statement by the PM Media Office, received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA. "The session aims to discuss the federal general budget schedules for the year 2024", the statement added Today, 14:05
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