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  1. I am in the same boat. I have been waiting over two months and still have not received payment. They keep telling me that they are working on it and have stated “that the checks is in the mail many times". Early on they did send payment but it bounced and my bank said it was returned because of nsf. They informed me as of yesterday that they have a new bank and will be sending payment shortly. We shall see but it has been two months so I am skeptical on anything they say. Their site is still up and they are still buying. Not sure why they would do that if they are having banking issues. At
  2. Thank you rulesforrebels. Very interesting links you attached. More to the story than I shared. I did receive a check from their organization but it did not clear. It was returned by their bank. They sent a second check from another account but the bank would not cash it. I have been dealing with this for over a month and trying to be patient as I can. I am giving them another week to get things straightened out because they came through once before. Lucky enough my cousin works in District Attorney’s office in Clark County. They operate their business out of Henderson NV. She is recom
  3. I have been waiting 45 days and still don't have payment. I really don't know when or If I will be paid. I am being told that there is a banking issue. I will let you know how this turns out but it's looking grim.
  4. Are you really tlars brother? If so, you have been around awhile and should know why people are jaded.
  5. Very interesting. Thanks Trinity. When you say that we are almost there. What are you thoughts? Do you think that we will see a change in value whether a float or something else in 2015? Just curious what you think? Thank so much for keeping us well informed. You are awesome.
  6. Thanks Adam. I appreciate the site and all who help us understand what's going on.
  7. Kristi I can also vouch for them. I got paid the quoted amount and it was a smooth transaction. I would definitely use them again. You just need to provide the documentation that it requested and you will be fine.
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