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  1. My bank story - we live in a small rural town - No big 4 banks My husband graduated high school with the president of our local bank They had their high school reunion three weeks ago. My husband asked him if he knew anything about the Dinar - he said he did not know anything about it other than another customer had asked him about it a couple of weeks prior to the reunion. I personally can count on one had the number of people I know who own Dinar - they are all in our friend circle. I don't really mention it in my day to day life. I work in a small office and it's kind of a joke now. When i talk about it at work they say - oh any minute now your going to be rich HUH and I just say YEP any minute now and we laugh.... Still hopeful in Oklahoma Jacqueline.
  2. We invested a little more than a year and a half ago. We told by a good friend who basically was an Okie fan. So needless to say - yes - I thought it was a get rich quick "investment". We invested some "extra" money that we had put back. For over a year just kinda didn't worry much about it - kinda like - when it happens it happens. I started following the different sites in March of this year.... It has been a roller coaster ride for the last 6 months. At first I could not figure out why people were so frustrated at the people who were bringing all the "intel". Believe me - I know WHY now - that being said, I still believe it will RV someday.... I just hope it's sooner than later. Still hopeful in Okie land (Oklahoma) LOL Jacqueline
  3. Answer to all the date questions - Adam stated a couple a week ago that he does not feel it will go past thanksgiving.
  4. I believe that GOD speaks to all of us. Some either choose not to listen, and others just don't hear what GOD is telling them. You must have your heart right to listen and do GODS work. Those who believe, believe that this is a blessing from GOD. We also believe that everything that happens in our lives is what GOD has in his plans for us. The non believers will never accept that GOD has anything to do with this investment or anything in their lives. GOD gives us gifts - how we use them is our choice. Those of us that are asking the question (are we ready for this to happen) seem to be at a place where we are asking GOD for help to use the money to be able to share what we were blessed to have. I know that the non believers will also share their money with others, the difference will be will it be used to further GODS work?
  5. I will quit my job - pay off my bills - build my dream house.... Can't wait - please hurry RV Still very hopeful in Oklahoma Jacqueline
  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opion. That said if you don't believe this is a good investment, or if you feel this is a scam - you should sell your dinar take the 20% loss now and get on with your life..... It appears you still have some hope that this will actually turn out to be a money maker..... I get that you are discouraged, we all are from time to time...... I'm holding on to mine till the END - hopefully that will be soon.... JUST MY OPINION STILL HOPEFUL IN OKLAHOMA Jacqueline. ; ).
  7. Call 800-BUL-$hit Be one of the first 200 callers and we will double your order So you can share the bull $hite with a friend Just pay a seperate processing fee If lines are busy please call again Mention the code (Nuff said) and we will upgrade your Oder with express shipping So you can have your BS Guide before next weeks round of Bull $hite rolls around We'll even throw in a handy guide that defines all the 3 letter guys And the phrases such as (Nuff said) (done deal) ...... Comes complete with numbers so you can order More Dinars than you can afford so you too can become a millionaire overnight Operators are standing by so please hurry
  8. I too remain positive - I am hopeful this is nearing the end..... Love the positive thread... Still very hopeful in Oklahoma
  9. Last weekend I sent out a rant about negativity. In the process I also learned that my own post was negative as well.... Anyway, I also said that I would be cashing out the following week, which came from a Dallas WF Bank President..... UMBERTINO posted that he would see if I would have the guts to post again once the week ended and I did not cash in.... Well here I am, haven't talked to anyone from WF - nope didn't cash in either as I'm sure you already guessed.... I am still hopeful (I have no link - just hope) that this is comming to an end.... I guess I have been sampling the kool-aid - it taste good by the way.... LOL With the fox news story and some of the Banking stories - I am very hopeful that This will be a happy ending for all of us very soon.... (again no link - just hope) Hopeful in Oklahoma Go RV
  10. I'm with you Dingleberries - this week..... Love the positive post.
  11. Smee2 and Swampgater - thanks to both of you - I search 3 forum sites for and news as to when this ride will end..... I am ready for this ride to end and to start that will be far more fun than this ride has been..... Good luck to everyone who is invested and to all that will benefit from our generosity..... I have plans to help lots of family and friends when this RV's..... I hope it is sooner than later..... GO RV
  12. Teddy - like I said in the beginning I don't care if I get a -1 or 25 of them LOL It's my opinion that the -1 or +1 thing is silly.... UMBERTINO - you are right about about where the info came from - It can be wrong and misleading. That is why I still have my day job - LOL
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