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  1. Well, you are the "Administrator" - do what you will. Hell, go ahead and do a Joseph Goebells. He was pretty good at fixing propaganda to suit the party line too. Thanks for pointing out how important you are. Well done! T
  2. Yeah, right, you chill - your response is what a 17 year old in high school would offer. (like - "hey man, get over yourself") - cracks me up. Offer up something worthwhile please. No... Thank you... It took guts, and few people know their own mind. Well done.
  3. Well I do appreciate a person that does some research. Good job. To answer you question, taking the emotion out of it, research - which I also posted on this site. And when it's all said and done, I'm still gonna think Adam is the coolest dude walking; not because he is right, but because he has a since of right and wrong - he believes in letting people have their say. For that, I think he is the coolest guy on the web. Now other than that - I read. It's easy to find. What was true two years ago isn't true today. They (the USA and FED) have change all the rules. In July of 2007 the uptick rule and Glass/Steagal went the way of stagecoaches. No banker has been prosecuted like was done in the 80"s with the savings and loan fiasco. All the rules for currency have changed since Adam wrote his ebook. It's not his fault. All the current real intel points to (what Ali with Dinar Trade already knew) that we've been had - for a huge multi-national profit. Free Trade in 1992 (Kuwait - currencies) isn't the same as it is today. There's more profit in a "Turkey" like lop for corporations and multi-nationals than there is in an honest currency come/exposure. Take a look. It's easy to see. But, I want to make sure that I express my appreciation for someone that actually ask "why". As you've seen, I have been a huge supporter in the the past. Now it's importatnt that I pass on a small portion of what I've learned. I wish you well. And once again, Thanks for asking.
  4. Oh yea! Let's hang in there - let's all buy that ticket on the Titanic and swim together - fine... LOL! Great investment strategy.... and you took your seriers 26 or 24 where? How bout that seriest 7? I should take advice from you why? Oh yeah, because you are an adminstrator? Someone I should trust? Yeah... Thanks... God Bless...
  5. Fine - You're not the person I was addressing this to. You're already wandering in the wilderness - and you seem to like it. More power to you.
  6. That took courage. Thanks. You will be okay. And most important - that new person, that can't afford to loose thousands $$$ - will be better off. I appreciate your input. Well done!
  7. I respect that. Well said. Thank you. LOL - pure belly laugh - thanks for sharing.
  8. I love it!!! Well done!! (Okie for president???) Not!!! Great point! Seems to be the investment philosophy prevelant on this site - go with it. Thanks for proving my point.
  9. What??? Liberal??? What does that have to do with money??? Great response - *****!!! Are you a Trader??? For which site??? You make me tired.... A liberal....? Jesus help us... Here's a legitimate question - How many brain cells do you have left after your last seizure from too much cocaine???
  10. Also, you prove my point - CULT!!! And if a man's livelyhood is wrapped up in his opinion, seldom will he change it.
  11. I'm sorry, My first response was edited by the administrators or this web site - but to put it in your language - Kiss my Arse
  12. Great point - (standing at the roulette wheel) - "Come on #36 and 00"!!! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!
  13. Hmmmmm..... Would be a good point if you can tell me where Ali is right now.... Go Dinar Trade - LOL
  14. Yeah, right... and enrich the same ba****d that stole and lied to me to begin with - sure... I don't think so... I will wait on Chase or Bank of America or my own Forex account - I appreciate your advise (not).
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