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  1. the fact that they made such a significant redo of the CBI website should indicate, at minimum, progress, at most, something significant in the near future
  2. that exchange rate calculator has to be screwed up....
  3. I don't remember them being listed there before. Is it new? Does it matter? Has to do with IMF funds.
  4. if you ever get down to the houston area, i can give you $980/mil for up to 2 mil...
  5. are wrong on the china currency...china is 6 to 1 against the dollar. iqd is 1170 to 1. when you make a statement as fact that is totally wrong, you loose all credibility.
  6. it means nothing has changed.. you guys need to learn how to read it...."-4" decimals....
  7. the senator did not say that...somebody that posted mentioned dinar
  8. Adam, I purchased your book. I'd really like to print it out for my personal reading. I can't stand to read large documents on a computer. I wont be making copies or sharing it with anyone else. I simple like to take books to the pool or the other places to sit and read. Can you send me a printable version? Thanks in advance for your efforts. Anthony
  9. New to the site. Name is Anthony. Live in Texas.
  10. Hello, name is Anthony. In Houston Texas. Just started accumulating Dianrs. Will have 3 million by end of year and hope to get to 5 million before RV. It's risky, but I'm hopeful. Thanks..Anthony
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