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  1. I need to unload 3 million IQD. Would like to get $1,000 per million but the price is negotiable. Original packaging and certificates from DinarTrade are included. Located in San Antonio, TX. Please PM me or reply on the thread if interested. Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone! I need to sell off some of my IQD and I have 3 million (uncirculated from Ali in original packaging) available at $1000 per million. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll get back to you. Located in San Antonio, TX. Thanks.
  3. I have 3 million IQD available in San Antonio. $1000 per million. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. Give us an update on Friday when you don't have your rent.
  5. It happens. A Wells Fargo branch here in San Antonio wouldn't do a wire transfer to Dinar Trade for my best friend in order to protect him (they stated the IQD was a scam).
  6. I highly doubt they're waiting until November 2011 to finalize their budget for the entire year. You may as well not have one at all if that were the case.
  7. Says the guy who claimed it wouldn't go past November. Yeah...
  8. Ohio State Alums- Maybe Terrelle Pryor and Daniel Herron can hook us up with some disposable income until the RV hits. I'm sure they have plenty.
  9. Where are you seeing that there's a "HUGE" party?
  10. +1 I don't understand why the GOI would fall apart if Maliki gets everyone seated...with or without an RV.
  11. I understand the arguments for a LOP and they make sense, but they don't add up when looking at the big picture. I still don't comprehend why or how a LOP would take place after the US Government spent $250 million (or more) per day to liberate Iraq. Say the US Government has indeed acquired trillions of IQD...that automatically becomes billions with a LOP and far less than what was actually invested to take control of Iraq. Unless our government has some sort of special deal in place that will still give them a monumental return on their IQD should a LOP occur, it makes dealing with Iraq poin
  12. Encouraging that they also mention the GOI is done.
  13. I don't envision the US Government spending $250 million dollars (or more) per day in Iraq only to come out with a couple of billion prior to an RV...because of a LOP. It also wouldn't follow "The Plan" that most talk so adamantly about. I guess anything is possible, but it doesn't seem logical.
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