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  1. 5.5 million dinar for sale in 25k denominations. Must be able to meet in Houston metropolitan area. Will sell all at once or in 1 million dinar increments at $1,000.00 per million. Serious inquiries please. I am selling off a majority of what I have to help pay for flight school in July. Please private message me if you are interested or if you have any questions.
  2. I was thinking about this exact same fact earlier today. Thanks for clearing this up guys!
  3. So what's missing or added? I click and I see the short description which I saw there weeks ago: So what am I not seeing?
  4. So is this part of the money for the DFI that's missing since they keep talking about reconstruction? If so, this is a good sign isn't it? Means they already started transferring the funds back over from the US banks like they talked about doing a few days ago and found this missing money in the process possibly?
  5. Wow! Even Microsoft investing now! This is quite amazing watching all this unfold before our eyes!
  6. Link to Operational Exchange Rates Only shows changes to 2 countries, Iran and Myanmar.
  7. Hopefully someone can confirm whether it's good or bad that he is back and if he is or is not up to no good cause his circulated Dinar are only $980/mil which is a bargain and I have my eye on them!
  8. I have a few questions: 1) How much do banks normally sell Dinar for on average compared to the average $1200/mil rate that traders sell for? Or is it still the same from a bank? 2) Is there any major banks that still sell specifically in the Houston, TX area? Thanks!
  9. According to the wording in this article we have to wait for the House of Reps to return it sounds like to make any offical annoucement of the GOI forming. Is that correct? And according to this article the House of Reps start back up on Sunday.
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