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  1. May 17, 2014. This video has a portion of that teaching (begins at minute 16), but doesn't mention Kim saying to exchange ASAP. You might be able to get the whole teaching at the House of Destiny website.
  2. Will have to research it. It was where he was holding a Dinar (someone had sent him), and he said as soon as the suddenly occurs, get out.
  3. I will always remember Kim Clement saying to get out quickly. That settled it for me.
  4. I use and love Vantage. Look up Vantage Iras. It was all facilitated through Dinar Trade, which no longer exists. I have recently had issue with my vaulting service (First State Depository), but Vantage has one they recommend.
  5. I think Nadita was banned several years ago. Quite the drama.
  6. Ha, that's OK. Thanks for responding. I have been blessed in the last couple of years with an increase in assets (after a very serious lack). I was able to increase my dinar holdings and also make some 'non-traditional' investments. Having wise financial counselors who look at all avenues is priceless.
  7. Finally made contact with them and got it paid. Still interested at looking at other options.
  8. I have had my Roth dinar stored with First State Depository in Delaware for about 10 years. I get an invoice annually for the storage fee. Called to pay it yesterday, and every phone number went to voice-mail. Looked up website, and it is being updated. Finally got ahold of a live person through an 800 number. She said they were having trouble with the phones, but I should hear back from them today. This obviously sends up a red flag. When this thing pops, I don't need them to be unreachable. Does anyone else have dinar stored there? If so, have you had issues? Those with Roths, can you tell me your storage facility and your experience with them? I may need to switch. I got my Roth through Dinar Trade and used their recommended facility. For those who will respond to trusting someone else holding my dinar, save your time. The majority of my dinar is in my care, and the benefits of no taxes at RV makes the Roth worth the risk.
  9. The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade because we now have Constitutional, God-fearing justices in the majority.
  10. Such a great statement. Have a wonderful day, @pokerplayer.
  11. I didn't have you in mind, but if the shoe fits lol. P.S. your response is what I would expect from a 12 year old.
  12. Hey, @Adam Montana, could you please add a 'debbie downer' button to our list of responses. Maybe if certain members saw how many they got, it would create an attitude adjustment. Just a thought.
  13. Ekklesia is the Church. Tim Sheets (Dutch Sheets' brother) spoke this yesterday. Look with your spiritual eyes, not your natural eyes.
  14. @Longtimelurker, I appreciate and agree with what you post. I have based my belief on the words of the prophets I follow. They say current events are a shadow of the endtimes but not the endtime. They say God is going to bring correction, and we will move into a shadow of the millennial reign. Debt will be wiped out, and prosperity will break out. There will be a great awakening with many coming to know Christ. This has all been a test run.
  15. For those who don't know, one of our DV moderators, @EagleEye, wrote a book about the Shroud of Turin. Haven't seen him on the site in a while.
  16. I stay eternally optimistic!! Thanks, Adam.
  17. You know God has known about all of this all along and has told His prophets what is coming. It's sort of comical to see when it starts coming out because those who listen to the prophets know of so much more that is coming. Zuckerberg will be dealt with.
  18. So, I listened to Breitling's latest video. He lost me on that one. I believe he is clueless about what is going on. Reminds me of the verse "Who's report will you believe?" I will believe the report of the Lord. God is exposing and will continue to do so. I will post an interview that will give you hope. Let him who has ears listen.
  19. @ladyGrace'sDaddy, thank you for all you have brought to DV. I look forward to your return (hopefully soon in VIP post-RV). Be at peace and rest. Above all, put on the full armor of God . . .
  20. Just saw this. Praying for better times ahead for you.
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