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  1. I have blocked several on here because when I see they have posted, I know it will be negative. Don't need that in my life. After all these years, we all get tired and frustrated. The key is to check your emotions and shift your focus. As the Bible says, all things may be lawful, but not all things are beneficial.
  2. Saw a Representative from Tennessee today on Neal Cavuto's show say he was concerned about our economy after BRICS has its meeting on August 22nd. So proud of him! People are waking up.
  3. Interesting. Most of the 'experts' of the Jewish calendar that I know (one example, Billye Brim) predict the rapture will occur in the fall season.
  4. You need to watch the video I posted yesterday.
  5. Where are you hearing this? Please name names.
  6. Just saw a prophet (Andrew Whalen) who said God is taking down operation mockingbird. It will begin with the EBS. He also tied it into what Elon Musk said about 'all birds' coming down.
  7. President Trump watched Sound of Freedom with Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard last night. Today on Fox, Jim Caviezel said Trump is the new Moses. Brian Kilmeade (not a Trump fan) was dumbfounded.
  8. I can't wait to read your evidence that unequivocally proves that Trump is " God's Anointed ". Like when God shut the door on the Ark and rain came? That kind of evidence? It's coming. Until then, like I said, it's by the Spirit. I have a dear friend who is a diehard Democrat. I told her when the dust settles, she shouldn't ask how I knew. She should ask how she didn't. Everyone talks about Kim Clement's prophecies on the dinar, but he also had very specific words about Trump. He met with Prophet Hank Kunneman, and they found God has told each the same thing. Others have confirmed that. You have rejected the Office of the Prophet. I am really not on a mission to change your mind. Some people are Doubting Thomases and will believe it when they see it.
  9. But you didn't answer my question. Do your friends think it is worth $10? You are a consumer. I bet you spend money at stores that makes millions. Are they con artists? They provide a product that you are willing to buy. Also, if he were to only get $100,000 a year from the RV, he needs to buy more dinar. That is nowhere near wealthy.
  10. I left Breitling after he didn't recognize the fragility of the dollar and his unwillingness to see the workings of the deep state. As a Christian, I am also repulsed by his professing to be a believer but taking God's name in vain repeatedly. I lost respect for Bob for not calling him out.
  11. Do your friends feel like they get $10/month worth of information? I have recently been listening to him on YouTube. He reads and analyzes articles, and he seems to be pretty well-educated on Iraq. Not sure how much more Patreon members are getting. Those of us who have been here forever remember the online chats we used to have. Questions would be flying, and Adam would be answering as fast as he could. I would pay to have those back again.
  12. We don't worship Trump. BY THE SPIRIT, we know he is God's anointed. Just like Noah, Moses, Joseph, David, etc.
  13. I love SGanon, and this is probably the best interview he has done in clarifying where we are in the process. Hopefully, many who want truth will watch it.
  14. No offense to you @hspotman. But that reminded me of something. Years ago, Dad was putting the kids to bed, and I heard him tell our son he still had much to learn. Our son said, "But Dad, I already know how to do long division." Most of us couldn't do it now if our life depended on it lol.
  15. Ummm . . . Can you go to whatever site that is and enter 1 ?
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