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  1. LINK The Minister of Finance inaugurates the electronic comprehensive application project in Al-Rafidain Bank The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, inaugurated, on Wednesday, the comprehensive electronic banking application system project in the Rafidain Bank The bank said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that "the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, inaugurated today, the comprehensive electronic bank application system in the Rafidain Bank The statement added, "The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Finance, Director General of
  2. LINK Highlight the items of the second part of the white paper 17th February, 2021 The government warned of the "dangers" of not adhering to the reform plans contained in the "white paper", noting that the paper works to create the appropriate conditions for the country's economy to recover and grow The paper is divided into two parts, the first in "Governance of the reform program, including the structures and processes responsible for overseeing, follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of the plan, and linking the program with the state'
  3. LINK An economist calls for reducing the dollar due to the rise in oil: the decision acquired a quarter of what the citizen owned 02/17/2021 15:12:08 An economist, Bassem Jamil Antoine, said, on Wednesday, that the government took a quarter of what the citizen owned, while he pointed out that monetary inflation weakened the purchasing power. Antoine told {Al-Furat News}, "The decline in oil prices before Corona paralyzed the economic process in the country," noting that "after Corona treatments were found,
  4. LINK Voting after it has been resolved .. Negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil to make changes to Article 11 of the budget 17th February, 2021 The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced, on Wednesday, negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil to make changes to Article 11 of the budget. The committee's reporter, Ahmed Al-Saffar, suggested that "the budget vote in the House of Representatives will be witnessed at the end of this week after the Finance Committee has completed it and is awaiting the results of the region’s delegation m
  5. LINK The Biden administration is "angry" ... and the Pentagon is proposing options to respond to the bombing of Erbil 16th February, 2021 The White House spokeswoman, Jane Saki announced, on Tuesday, that the US authorities are communicating with officials in Iraq to determine who is responsible for the Erbil attack, which occurred on Monday evening. "The administration of President Joe Biden is still working to determine who is responsible for the missile attack that targeted the US-led forces in Erbil," Sacchi said in a press conference. She added, "We are
  6. LINK Parliamentary Finance sets the date for voting on the 2021 budget 17th February, 2021 The Parliamentary Finance Committee set, on Wednesday, the date for voting on the 2021 budget A member of the committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency, which was followed by Al-Eqtisad News, that "the remaining issue in the draft budget law relates to the region’s share," noting that "the Kurdish component, including the opposition, accept the government text that was agreed upon but not so far, an agreement has been made
  7. LINK The second part of the white reform paper 17th February, 2021 The second part of the White Reform Paper, which was approved by the Council of Ministers in its session held on 10/13/2020, and in accordance with its Resolution No. (148) for the year 2020, the second part of which includes a group of projects, which numbered 64 To view the second part of the paper click here:!Ap1aTnwoJ4CNpj5A-cZgLLKZDEbR ########## Page 2 Complementing the white paper on economic and financial reform approved by the Council o
  8. Mazhar Saleh: The high oil price of $ 75 could solve the budget deficit Wednesday 17th February 2021 Baghdad: Hazem Muhammad Habib and Shaima Rasheed The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed that the decisions of the curfew due to the Corona pandemic will not affect the continuation of meetings and dialogues to resolve the budget file. In conjunction with this, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, told Al-Sabah: “The break-even point or balance in the budget requires that the avera
  9. America to the Security Council: We must confront Iran's interference before the elections in Iraq - 4 Hours Elapsed The United States announced, Tuesday, February 16th, that creating an environment conducive to the holding of Iraqi elections later this year, includes confronting the Iranian-backed armed factions and their activities to destabilize the country, in addition to the remaining elements of ISIS. Richard Mills, the US Chargé d'Affairs to the United Nations, said at a Security Council meeting on Iraq
  10. wizard1 Members Frank Is ‘Sofa King’ Full Of Shiite - That Not Even A Wizard Can Find It ! 2019-04-22 12:30
  11. This Raghad Would Probably Make A Good Team With Maliki ! LINK Raghad Saddam Hussein is looking forward to a political role in Iraq 15th February, 2021 Raghad Saddam Hussein, the eldest daughter of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, said on Monday that she may play a political role in her country in the coming period, in a situation that will provoke angry reactions among the ruling political class in Baghdad. Raghad was speaking in a television interview, part of which was broadcast by the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya channel, wh
  12. Parliamentary movement to restore the exchange rate of 1200 dinars ... A deputy announces the latest developments Posted 2 hours ago Baghdad today - Diyala Today, Tuesday (February 16, 2021), a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Representative Hussein Al-Oqabi, revealed the presence of a parliamentary majority in support of the dollar’s exchange rate remaining at 1450 dinars. Al-Aqabi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), "We are still pressing for the return of the dollar's exchange rate to its previous position, or to
  13. Movements to restore the dollar to its "original price" in Iraq are escalating sharply ... legal and judicial "mobilization" based on a "severe" loss 2021-02-16 Yes Iraq: Baghdad The talk returned again about the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, and the need to review it, despite the final discount revealed by the Finance Committee throughout the previous period, not to tamper with the exchange rate or return it to its old price and fix it in the budget. Talking about political co
  14. LINK An economist warns of a decline in the citizen's purchasing power as the dollar’s exchange rate continues to rise 08:33 - 16/02/2021 Economic expert, Wissam Al-Tamimi, warned of the decline in the purchasing power of the Iraqi citizen in light of the continued high exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets, pointing out that the government is seeking to drain the money inside homes, which will increase the suffering of the citizen in the coming days. Al-Tamimi told "the information", "The talk about the pr
  15. LINK Al-Bajari: The rise in oil will reduce the budget deficit and revive the Iraqi economy 02/16/2021 14:29:18 A member of the Oil and Energy Committee, Zahra Al-Bajari, affirmed that the rise in oil prices to more than $ 63 a barrel," is a good indicator for the Iraqi economy. Al-Bajari said in an interview with the Euphrates News Agency that "the collapse of the economy in the world in general and in Iraq in particular is due to low oil prices
  16. Hmmm TigerGorzow ..... We May Have To Bring In Our Resident ‘ERA’ Expert Pitcher To Weigh In On Whether The ‘Previous Era’ That They’re Talking About Is The Most Recent Value Change Or The Original Pre Gulf War Era $3.22 Rate ? And Just Guessing At What Pitcher’s Actual ‘ERA’ Is - I’m Thinking That He Probably Leans Towards Those Higher Numbers...
  17. LINK Punishment: Dollar speculation with corrupt banks cost the state a trillion dinars a month 13:16 - 16/02/2021 Member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Hussein Al-Oqabi, revealed, on Tuesday, that Iraq lost a trillion dinars as a result of speculations adopted by corrupt private banks after the conflicting news about the dollar’s prices, indicating that the only solution is to return the dollar to its current price. "We call on the judiciary and the public prosecutor to open a file regarding Iraq's lo
  18. LINK Deposit Guarantee Company: We give the highest deposit compensation in the region for bankrupt banks 16th February, 2021 The Deposit Insurance Company announced, on Tuesday, its intention to join a global institution in early 2022 to enhance its banking potential The company's executive director, Walid Eidi, said in an interview with "Al-Eqtisad News" that the company started the work of joining a global deposit insurance institution to strengthen its banking position. He added that the compensation granted by the company is the highest and f
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