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  1. Interesting to see the new focus is on how badly they need newer notes.. Things are lining up nicely!
  2. Yup, that's the drunken effects of drinking the kool-aid of Okie, TonyTNT, TerryK, Poppy3, Jester, etc.... This guy must of had his kool-aid drunkenness going to stagger in here and make such a post. Wrong forum BUB, spew your bs elsewhere before you judge the kind of forum that's ran here.
  3. Ya know... I am seeing something here... maybe a "perspective" hah Who thinks that Iraq is purchasing Russian weapons so the US can have the opportunity to learn their arms, etc...? It makes sense, the US is a staple in Iraq and this would give us the opportunity to reverse engineer whatever they purchase from any country.
  4. Could be a few things but DV is not the issue. You could try updating your Java to the latest version by going to: You might even want to check for spyware by using a free/paid tool called Malwarebytes. You can use the free scan
  5. Looks like he is referring to their penny stock Falcon Oil and Gas Kurdistan's Largest Companies | List of Top Companies in Iraq's Kurdistan
  6. You know the US is not going to get by with "free" anything. There was a financial and strategic gain behind the war itself. They will get what's owed and then some.
  7. Always a downer in a croud, come on now.... Chapter 7 is LIFTED!
  8. Yea, I have been in hiding, busy planning what to do after an RV Shots you say? I can handle it
  9. Let's hope so, keeping positive and hope we have reached out destination!
  10. Let's make one of our first group invetments a Lens Crafters in Iraq, we could make a fortune if that's how they have been reading. No wonder parliment takes so many breaks after "reading" the laws, they need that much time off to relieve their eye strain!
  11. We could create a Dinar board game and call it "Who's Intel is it anyways???" Cards with random intel quotes and players have to answer the correct goo-roo. It would be a great drinking game while down in B!
  12. Yea, what guru said he was eating a hot dog while waiting outside the bank?? lol (Steve?)
  13. Great chat, thanks Adam and TexasGranny!
  14. Thanks everyone, I was able to sell them as a set as hoped.
  15. Replied to PM's. As of now the Dinar is still available but waiting to hear back from a couple PM's.
  16. Thanks, yea I thought the response would be higher. Time will tell
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