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  1. dinarinterest

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    Been interesting here too!!!!!
  2. dinarinterest

    Adam Montana Weekly 19 April 2017

    I HERD DAT !!!!!!!!!
  3. dinarinterest


  4. dinarinterest

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 March 2017 (GETTING GIDDY!)

  5. dinarinterest

    Possum with Great Info, so your own DD

    Hope that wasn't your house that burnt or you got your dinars out ok possum!!!!
  6. Sorry to have put this here, I am having trouble getting into chat. I am signed in but live chat window is giving me the invalid sign or user id or in message. Is there a problem with the site. Thanks
  7. dinarinterest

    Questions for Adams chat 11-2-11 :)

    Adam, Could not help myself, I am just a lurker mostly, but read the email about you possibly being wrong on the rv rate. I totally agree with your prediction, but would also love it if your wrong. My husband and I have conversations about the rate and what each other think it might be an why. Good Luck to you!!!! lol
  8. dinarinterest

    Scooter 10-11-10 early am

    Scooter, Best article I have read on removing the zeros. Hope you will continue to post your chats.
  9. Will this be the magic post that lets you in to the chat room
  10. I would like to read or see Sonny1 chat in the chat room
  11. Am I going to have to do this ten times. Seems a little riducules.
  12. I would like to read Adam Montana chats in the chat room.
  13. I would like to get into the chat room

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