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  1. Thanks again Adam for all your work. 👍
  2. Thanks again Adam & all the team. On the ball as usual. Great to see. Have a good day.
  3. Thanks Adam. Still sitting patiently lol. Keep up the good work.
  4. Yep, thanks Adam and all concerned for all you do. Nice 1.
  5. Djorgie, I commend you on your knowledge of scriptures, however, I believe you are wrong on this point. The Lord is not returning to the earth prior to the tribulation period but to the air. This is where your thinking (believed by many) goes wrong. Jesus will gather his people to the air first to take them to the wedding, feast, distribution of crowns etc, etc. "We are not appointed to wrath" (of God). That is why Jesus died on the cross. He took the wrath of God on himself for us. The tribulation period is a period of "Jacobs Trouble" spoken of in Daniel etc etc. Gods period of wrath on the ungodly. As for a second chance, you are again right, that is never taught in scripture. Those left here after the Rapture has taken part and have previously heard the gospel and rejected it, will believe the "Lie". God is going to send a strong delusion that they will believe the lie. God is sending that delusion, not Satan! Those who reject the Gospel will not get a second chance! Those "a host that no man can number from every tribe tongue and nation" are from those that have never heard the Gospel. Not everyone in the world will have heard the Gospel before the Rapture, but they will all hear it before the Second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know this is a subject that has caused numerous debates over the years, and will continue to do so until the Rapture takes place, but The Lord Jesus taught it, The Disciples believed it and we are going to be part of it. Please accept this brief oversight as a well meant thought and not a platform for debate or argument. Soon, and very soon, we are going to see the Lord, whether at the Rapture (as I believe) or at his second coming. Yours in the Lord. David
  6. Being from this side of the pond I loved the "sausage, egg and muffins @ 68c" synopsis. Brill. GO RV.
  7. No need to answer really. "Nuff said".
  8. Hello Adam, I have tried 5 times to re-register but keeps saying (tried two) card declined? Any other way of re-registering? Thanks
  9. Just for information purposes. More so-called 'tax havens' have agreed to disclose the bank details of British taxpayers as part of the crackdown on evasion. The deal signed today commits Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands to automatically share information with the UK. The British Overseas Territories will pass on names, addresses, dates of birth, account numbers, account balances and payment details and the move also extends to some accounts held by trusts. They will also share information with other G5 nations - France, Germany, Italy and Spain - as part of an international pilot to clamp down on wealthy banking clients who escape paying taxes by hiding their money overseas. According to the Treasury, the Isle of Man, which was the first non-US jurisdiction to agree to greater exchange of information with the UK, will also extend information to the four other nations involved in the scheme. The move was announced ahead of the UK's presidency of the G8, which Prime Minister David Cameron vowed would see tax transparency as a top priority.
  10. Luigi. If you don't wait for the "correct" e-mail/text from our leader Adam, then you will continue to listen to, and post, these lies. I'm surprised you even listened to such rubbish as that.
  11. This guy takes the biscuit. He has really lost the plot this time. (not that he hadn't lost it before). A complete and utter "Nutter".
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