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  1. Sorry i f I sound a little frustrated in my Topic Description, but I am placed behind an 8 ball through no fault of my own and I really need this solved so that I may print some Gift Letters and get them notarized. On February 1, 2013 I paid for my Name Reserve and received an email receipt for a different amount as payment for a VIP lifetime membership. I sent in a reply that I had paid for a Name Reserve. To that, the person who contacted me apologized and said they must have been half asleep, but would put me back to regular. Is "regular" back to my original "Platinum" status that I paid for a long time ago, because I felt it was only right that we who benefitted from the site should help pay for the site? Please help me to get this resolved. I just want to print out the Gift Letters, fill them out and get them notarized. Please help me to gain access to VIP/OSI. Thanks, Usually trying to be the Cheerful1
  2. My son showed this to me the other day on his iPad. Could this possibly be true? Isn't there some vetting that goes on by our government agencies of our candidates for the highest public offices in the nation?
  3. I may not always agree with you, but I have always loved your sense of humor. Thanks for the smiles. A fellow Texan
  4. Ditto, Bamagirl BTW, I have relatives up in Mentone, just above Ft. Payne. Ever been up in that area? We love to visit them, up on top of the mountain, so peaceful.
  5. If she knew the Lord, then I believe that she is with Him. He is merciful and His Grace is truly sufficient. I know that there will be some here that may disagree with me. That is fine. While in Bible College and Seminary, there were actually debates on the salvation of Judas, and if God would for all eternity separate Himself from Judas. You would probably be surprised to find that there was an abundance of Scriptures in the original Greek that leaned toward Mercy and not forever-on the separation from God. We have to ask ourselves some basic questions... Do we think that her actions surprised God? Did he know her future before He created her? Did he know what action she would take before He saved her? The bottom line is that there truly is a spirit of suicide. I know. It hit me fully head-on while sitting in church one Sunday. All I wanted to do is go home and get it done. I knew that it was wrong, that I was taking away any opportunity for God to use me to be a blessing to anyone, ever again. That is extremely poor stewardship for one of the greatest possessions he has given us, LIFE. Before I got saved, I was a hard case who would, upon hearing someone talk about how bad their life was, and how they wanted to just end it all, would tell them, if they were serious, we could go to my house, I would give them a pistol and lock the door to the bedroom and stand watch outside to make sure they had no interference. When that spirit hit me in the church building, I had to repent of the callous way I had treated people who I thought were simply weak. "Weak" is not a word that anybody would associate with me, then or now. I do also know that certain medications can alter the chemicals in the brain and cause a helpless and hopeless mindset. That is all the enemy needs to do, steal your hope for a better time, a better day. He uses medications all the time to destroy people. Above all things, I truly believe that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. If we belong to Him, we belong to him. Nothing can take us out of his Hand...NOTHING. I will pray for the family, that the enemy of their souls will not be able to use this as a wedge, to get between them and God, or between the family members. They cannot blame any one person. Their adversary that is responsible for this is not human. This is what he does. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I will pray that God will intervene and take what the enemy has meant for evil and destruction, and turn it into something that He can use in each life to bring them close to Him so that He can make them the greatest blessing they can possibly be. I will also pray that He will bless you with Godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, so that you may help others to lean heavily upon His Grace in times like these. Bless you Bamagirl, Lloyd (Cheerful1)
  6. JMHO: The documents/reports put forth by the Government, Economists, Media of Iraq have been sometimes consistent, sometimes conflicting. This may be in part because of the language/cultural nuance differences. As some have said, it may also be propaganda or misdirection to avoid chaos in the procedure of the REAL plan. Whether or not the spin of the day is positive or negative, from Kap to Keep, until the Government of Iraq actually makes a change in the currency value, the theories/hypothesis put forth by those on both sides of the RV/LOP aisle, are merely conjecture. Both seem to make logical arguments for their side, based on their understanding of the value/legitimacy of the articles/information/history at hand. For me, at the end of the day, the bottom line is...this is just a speculative investment, money spent that I should be able to comfortably walk away from. I simply must not invest myself emotionally in something which is far beyond my capacity to control the outcome. We can only HOPE AND PRAY FOR THE BEST OUTCOME FOR ALL INVOLVED. Again, JMHO
  7. Thanks, Danan. Prayers are always appreciated as we are heavily dependent on His grace.
  8. My wife and I just purchased a program from Saen Higgins, called Wealth Without Risk. We received some dvd's, a 432 page book, another much smaller book on how to create a million-dollar retirement fund, some telephone info freebies, including rush postage, for $29.45 (19.95 + 9.50 shipping) Just opened it today. We saw it on an informercial and decided to take a shot at it based on the low entry cost. We will let you know how it goes. Not gonna be too soon, however as she is not able to work on it (liver/kidney transplant list patient) and I am working as much overtime as they will let me to keep up with medical costs/copays.
  9. Hello Olga, This is Dimitri again. I've reconsidered and have decided to give you yet another chance. You can thank me when you see me. I'll grant you the opportunity of picking me up at my mother's house and taking me to eat at a really fancy restaurant, your treat of course. If you play your cards right, you may even be given a once-in-a-lifetime of massaging my feet. If you are driving anything less than an 80,000.00 vehicle to pick me up, I'm no longer interested. If you are wearing an evening dress that costs less than 1200.00 to take me out, I'm no longer interested. Finally, if you have not memorized all of my great features from our first encounter, listed them alphabetically in your mind and are able to recite them to me throughout our evening together, I'm no longer interested. Be at my mother's house at 8:01 sharp, or I am no longer interested. I'm not going to tell you where she lives. You will have to work to get back this almost-lost opportunity. CYL FYI : There are exactly 19 features that you must have memorized, categorized and ready to praise me with. If you remember only 18 or less, then I'm no longer interested. :lol:
  10. I have an account with them already, as it made it cheaper to buy my dinar from them on a periodic basis until they quit selling it recently. Where did you get this information about the 10.00 transaction fee? I believe that there was a 10.00 fee for a foreign currency transaction if you did not have an account with them. There was also a 10.00 handling fee that was charged if the transaction was less than 300.00 USD. I bought millions of foreign currency (not USD millions) through them, I hope what you are saying is true.
  11. Wish there was a way to know if this is just digital transfers, if physical currency is changing hands, or both, and what percentages if both. If physical, then another 331,285,500,000 dinar was removed from circulation in country. (almost a third of a trillion) That would be a good thing for us, meaning less exchange liability for the CBI, hopefully meaning they are working towards an RV.
  12. Awsome! Thanks for sharing. In my favorites now. Merry CHRISTmas Great end to the day for me... Thanks again
  13. janderson, you might want to revisit the math. If an Iraqi went to bed with 525,000.675 dinar and woke up to 525.000675 dinar, the difference would be worth more than five hundredths of a cent(524,475.000 dinar). I know in our excitement, sometimes we get our numbers a little skewed, but I think Dinarbot raises a valid point. That being said, if the government is effective in their communication to their citizens and makes them understand that the smaller amount still has the same purchasing power, it's all good, at least for them. Absolutely not what we want to see. We want to see that person with 525,000 dinar have the purchasing power of about 525,000.00 US dollars. Just sayin...
  14. I believe that the lady in the picture is none other than his late wife of 21 years who went home to be with the Lord on July 29th. Truth be told, Tandy probably did call her "Doll" once or twice. DinarBot may need to update his database.
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