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  1. ??? zac almighty is the only thing i got out of
  2. thank you. i enjoyed your wed chat.. you are awsome!!
  3. it seems like every wednesday is predictable on what is going to be said.. i dont want to sound negative because i do appreciate you and your people. but its kind of like your our mentor and with everything moving in so many directions.. we or i need alittle more of your knowledge to clarify whats going on over there. thank you
  4. well me personally i hope it happens before Al Abadi comes to meet with Obama Because you know B.O will mess everything up for everybody..
  5. i think you all have had to much to drink...haha
  6. Thanks everyone. I feel better that I'm not the only'll just set back and enjoy everyone s company..hope you all are having a wonderful. Day..
  7. is anyone else.. so confussed and frustrated as me.. i guess i just dont have a good enough education to figure IRAQ out and and make since of all these articles... I think i am just going to stop visiting here and just wait for Adams email or text when it hits.. you all are awsome and i wish everyone the best in this journey.. god bless you all..
  8. very interesting... maybe it will give off some kind of force that will get things moving over RV
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