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  1. So Ron Paul will never become President so why waste the postings. If you want him to run as Independant, Obama serves 2nd term. No brainer.
  2. I think you should stop reading surveys and talk to someone who's in the medical field. Then again, why bother. Supreme Court will shoot it down, as it should be. Too bad, guess ya'll have to actually go work for it. Come on! You're just a racist!
  3. I still sit here and try to figure out WHY anyone gets excited when the almight Okie speaks, or any of the other "guru's". From what I gather, Adam, Roger, and maybe a few others seem to be in the "know", and will advise when something is really going on. They aren't a potato chip, soda drinking, attention monger who wants to be liked or have material read. A guru is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher). Sorry Okie, but you and your gang of 7-11 Big Gulpers are NOT guru's.... Please, for the sanity of all who are really looking for valid information, clam up, and go find a hobby. Let the information be posted by those who have really been involved, and not just by those who hijack others "intel"/information and post in different words.
  4. I often thought about becoming a golf club
  5. I shall name my first daughter, Athena.
  6. Dear Rookie, if you haven't sold your Dinar, please let me know your Date and Rate.
  7. Take 2 Okie and call me in the morning
  8. He just had to go there. My father, brother and my favorite movie. I'll forever picture Okie as Marco Ramius from this day forward!
  9. I guess this means 10 day vacation? JK! Thank you again my friend....
  10. Do not pay attention to the Jackball behind the curtain.
  11. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot....
  12. You're both right, and look at how he's funding Media Matters to hire interns to find ways to go after Fox news. What a joke. Oh, but if anyone says a negative thing about this or the administrations relationship with him, we're the bad guy.... What a joke...
  13. Does this mean I get to pack my bags, again?!?!?!? WOoooooohooooo, go Okie!
  14. Link not working, at least not for me....
  15. What a shocker.... And who's tight with Soros? I'm sure you only need 1 guess.... Thanks for the post my friend!
  16. Dear Drox, thank you for the psychoanalysis. First off, I made it clear that I should have worded that differently, if you read prior to writing your book. 2nd, let's address my comment for a second. Is Obama not from Kenya? Did Michelle not call that his home land? So, because the man is 1/2 black, we're just going to jump on the bandwagon, and assume I'm a racist because I said go back to Kenya (home). I'm sure it's ok to tell Clinton to go back to Arkansas right? Oh, but god help us if I tell the chosen one to go home. Thank you again Dr Phil for your perspective....
  17. Welcome Dog! Cool pic! Pit? I'm a rookie myself and learn alot, and who the key folks are, like Adam and k98 to name a few. You'll see pretty quick who puts up the posts with substance, and those without... k98 know's a lot more than I, but he's right, nobody really knows, unless you're Shab's himself...
  18. In retrospect, I would have for sure worded my response differently. I'm not here to offend. In my humble opinion, he has zero experience, I feel he has a full blown agenda, and think there are many on both sides that are much more qualified. The history books, post 2012 will write as such... I'm an American, and will vote for who I feel is the best candidate. As far as the wealth goes, why should I penalize someone who took the initiative to better themselves? Everything I have, I earned, and I have a problem with someone telling me, thanks for being successful, now we're going to give your money to those that were lazy, took no accountability for their actions, or whatever excuse they want to use. One of my problems, of many, is that we're going to give free handouts for those who knowingly singed the line on a mortgage that was bound to fail. So tell me, anyone out there, who has been responsible; have you seen any reductions in taxes or a handout for doing the right thing? Nope.... So here again, Obama wants to hand out money from people like myself who have done the right thing, to those who have been responsible. Before you come down on me about the mortgage issue, do some fact finding and tell me who drove the whole initiative. And while W did not make all the right choices, his administration sure as heck told Barney Frank to watch Freddie and Fanny. He told them to take a hike, and look where we're at now. Just so you understand that I'm a person who is accountable for my actions, and do not feel that I should work harder, to pay off someone elses mistakes.... Accountability has been replaced in the dictionary with Entitlement, IMHO....
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