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  1. You must not be able to read the English language well, dinardj. I said the intel people were a scam and not the dinar itself. Once again, The intel rumors are a scam NOT THE DINAR. You honestly can make yourself believe that the people that call in easch day from week to week with a "i have a friend who has a friend" info is being honest? NO WAY, NO WAY NO HOW!!!! Take the last one from this past Friday, The lasy had a friend who read the not e gievn to her bank that the RV had happened and it would be released Sunday. She read it!!!! So how can that not be the truth? How can this lady even pick up the phone and give another intel report? She can because she does it evry week!!!! So does about 3 dozen other "goofrus's, i mean guru's, that know everything. be honest with yourself, you cant handle the truth and the truth is this thing will RV one day but the info everyone gets form these people are made up and are done so on purpose. Like i have said before and will say everytime. This is my intel: It will not RV today and several sources from what is considered "intel" will say it will RV Tuesday or Wednesday and then when we reach those days they will move to Friday and when we reach Friday, OMG they come out of the wood works with info so amzing that the RV will for certain happen on Sunday. Operator you may plug-in the machine we are all seated on the merr-go-round and ready to ride.
  2. You know I guess some of you dont read the post to its entirety. I said, the intel was a scam NOT THE DINARS!!!!!. Folks if you believe these people that get on here week after week with these "intel" remarks are really being true in what they say then please, p[lease, give me your address so I can send you a letter on that lottery you won and only need to pay the taxes to get the money in your account. That's all these people are: Worker's for the sell of Dinar's from inernet sites. They pump up the crowd and get you to tell a friend so he/she will rush online and buy dinar from a site over the cost of what it really is. Is the Dinar a scam, NO!!!! Are the intel people, "YES!!!! So all thoise responding to my post please read what is said. "intel" people it doesnt apply to you guys, you say whatever you want... WHO CARES ANYWAY!!!!
  3. Well guys and gals I got hammered by over 100 people for posting my last one about how I felt this whole intel deal was a scam. I explained how the intel from "I have a friend who has a friend" is false and that it would change over the weekend. Well, today is Monday and guess what...... The BS intel from most all the sites has them hiding out or some have even began to say, "we will see it Tuesday or Wednesday". Here we go again folks, please hit the start button on the merry-go-round once all are seated. Monday, Tuesday then Thursday,Friday and guess what it will for sure RV on Sunday,Monday when we get to Friday this week. There should be a ban on all of those that do this week in and week out. don't promote other sites is a joke!!!! The Think Tank is totally a mod full of idiots!!! This was what i meant in my first post by sayin it is a scam. Once again I will say I believe it will RV and we will one day be able to make some money off of this venture but no where near the amount they are sayin. I know, go ahead start typin how I'm wrong and just need to sell my dinars and get out. well, like i said and ask once again, "the first time you can prove I'm wrong I will admit it and stop posting. So far I am 100% correct. I did not RV over the weekend nor today and the "no tell intel has changed to Tuesday, Wednesday now, just like I said it would. So please dont waist time responding with opinions when everything I have said was a fact!!!!! Wait till Friday and you will see I will be 2 for 2 . Find me some intel that has done that and we can talk!!!! Go RV , go away notel, intel !!!!
  4. One again you people that are bashing me must not have read what I said. I believe the words in the post says I believe it will RV one day. But all the pumpers and on-line people/companies that sell these dinars do it in a way to make people believe things are true when they actually dont exist!!! and as far as i understand the meaning of scam, I beleive that fits perfectly!!!
  5. I do need to correct that. You will need an account to cash in if they accept them. Btw, I also purchased mine through the same bank in Atlanta and at least all these paid pumpers didnt make any money off of me like they would have if I'd purchased them online.
  6. Let me start by sayin first off, I purchased dinars back in 2010 because I truly believed this was a great investment. Months went by and I researched this it seemed more and more each day. Will it RV one day? Most likely. Will it be a million dollar oppurtunity for us? Most likely not. And here is what I believe is really happening: Think back upon when you purchaed your dinars, if you were like most people, you bought them through some website at $300=$400 more than what most banks were selling them for at the time. Now only one or two banks even offer them for sale and you have to have an account even to purchase any from them. So, we are all left with websites that sell them over cost. Now figure how many people have purchased dinars at their price. Billions of dinars purchased over the last year for these companies makes HUGE profits. So what do they do to make us purchase more? Get certain people to make FALSE intel reports to hype everyone up. I bet the dinar sells go up every Friday, Monday because that is the merry-go-round of false reports. Its going to RV Sunday, Its going to RV Friday. Its going to RV Monday etc...... WHEN THE TRUTH IS IT ISNT GOING TO RV ANYTIME SOON!!!!!!!! Okay I said I would never do this but I am making a prediction, IT WILL NOT RV SUNDAY/MONDAY AS ALL THE INTEL GIVERS SAY AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE WILL CHANGE TO TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY AND THEN TO FRIDAY AND THEN BACK TO MONDAY AGAIN!!!! Dont believe me just watch!!!! Remember what I said.. they will change their minds. Now I know what you are sayin, but intel changes. Okay lets sat it does.. Explain to me how someone can say, I have a friend at the World Bank that has just read the form that said the RV has happened and will be announced Sunday/Monday and that not be the truth? Guess what they will do, hide out for a few weeks and then come back with another false rumor. Why? TO GET ALL OF US TO BUY THIS DINAR SO OTHERS CAN PROFIT!!! People this is no more than a phone scam where you are told you have won money and need to send money to pay for the taxes on your winnings. you send the money and no prize. you get another phone call asking for more money and this continues until you have sent all your life savings trying to get what never really was real to start with. Oh, this isn't the same? well, buy some more dinars then, keep buying. the phone calls wont stop and neither will the weekly false predictions by those that are making the money!!! I know i am probably gonna get beaten down by others on this site but all is ask is wait till Sunday/Monday. If im right on my prediction and intel. IT WILL BE THE FIRST CORRECT PREDICTION EVER MADE ON ANY SITE !!!!!
  7. Can someone please answer the question about what it would mean if they decided to remove the "000's " from our dinar bills. Does this mean if you have a 25,000 dinar it would now only be worth 25 dinars upon trade-in? If so, we all would be hurting even if it revauled in between $3-$5. Does this mean if you had a million dinar now all you have is 1,000? Please tell me this isn't true because most sites are rumoring that they have shown the new money in iraq and it is missing the "000's". Also what does it mean when they refer to a "lop"? yes, i'm new at this but just tryin understand all the ideas and post that are out there. Regardless, happy rv, when it happens!!!
  8. posted already????? just look at my join date and you wil see it has never been posted and it is the truth. Whats the matter, did i scare away some of your needed customers, mr. pumper? Im telling you what happened and you can even call the bank in Atlanta and ask to speak to Janet. Bettter yet, take yourself down to your own bank and ask. Oh, you'd rather make people believe you know the date, time and RV rate, right? yeah, im a believer baby you really have me convinced. Tell me another story about a friend of a friend of a friend;s second cousins' sister's brother.
  9. okay this is my first ever post but it is a post that did happen and happened today!!! I had read numerous post from others about a friend of a friend of a second cousin that went to a bank and spoke to a teller about dinars and was told "oh, yeah we can take them next week and you will be glad". well, i decided to go ON MY OWN to Wells Fargo and ask MYSELF about the dinars and what they expect to happen. So here is my experience: A friend of a friend, see what i mean omg i hate that!!! I went to Wells Fargo in Atlanta GA, located downtown on Piedmont Street. I went in and asked to speak to a teller about foreign currency. The female at the counter went and got another lady named Janet and she came out from behind the counter to talk to me. I asked her about the iraqi dinar and she looked at me and smiled. She told me their bank has no knowledge of anything related to an exchange of their currency and she would no because she is the rep for all Well Fargo banks in the south region for foreign currency trade. I asked her when she believed they would begin training for this currency and she told me she wouldn't think anytime soon. I asked her about the machine used to count the money and she told me shed had heard of that type of machine but no Wells Fargo bank in the US has such a machine nor are they training to take any iraqi currency. She asked if I had bought them inline and I told her "yes" . She told me it was just like a penny stock and maybe one day it would be worth 2 pennies or maybe it would be worth 20 cents but that she wouldn't count on retiring anytime soon. I told her all about the rumors of a RV and she stated she wished me the best but that apparently other people had false hopes that arent true at this time. I was there for over 30 minutes talking to her and she seemed very honest and actually gave me her card and information if i needed to contact her again. Now, with all this said, I dont understand why people have to get on here and post such false reports of something that isnt true. I have invested in thesee dinars just like you (pumpers) and I want the best for everyone but why would you put people thru the agony of lie after lie? i relaize why now, just to sell more dinars!!!! well dont do it people, invest what you can afford to lose and no more. this may never come and 20 years from now you will wonder why you waisted your life looking for an RV that never really existed. Sorry for being so hard just honest!!!
  10. okay, one thing i can say for certain about this huge announcement involving Joe Biden, he is not and will not be in iraq at all this week. If you look at his meeting schedule he has a huge meeting tomorrow morning with Secretary of Transportation concerning the new rail transportation, This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning in Philladelphia. It should last for three days as they plan the new budget and proposed sites. Just click on Joe Biden and you will see for yourself. I guess they will say they were right because there was some guy in iraq named Joe and maybe his last name is Biden. Just another "pumper" rumor as the hundreds that have come before!!! COme on guys, put rumors on here that aren't so easy to disspell!!! anyways, i hope we rv soon so we can all enjoy or new found welath.
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