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  1. The mic was already picked up; you're late, just like you are on updating yourself on the news articles.
  2. Thanks for bringing the article smitty, and thanks BondLady for breakin it down so well as you always do. Go RV!!
  3. Thanks smitty for the article. I love reading BondLady's chats; we needed some great uplifting news today. BondLady rocks, Go RV!!!!!!
  4. Not complainin or moanin with all the recent upheavel, we don't need any reason to stop the free flow of information coming from BondLady.
  5. Thanks for bringing the chat over Zaborniake, but like smitty says we don't want BondLady getting into any trouble for being in red. Again, thanks for all you do here Z.
  6. Thanks BondLady for coming into chat and bringing the articles and breaking it down. Always good to hear from you. That's what we like just the facts jack!!!!! Thanks smitty, kaparoni, and georgiaboy for contritbuting also.
  7. Just going by the rules, profanity or not? Its pretty easy. And I'm not taking it personally.
  8. PleasantvalleySunday do you know what that caca means, it is spanish for sh*t, that is not a joke. It is inappropriate.
  9. I am also hearing that this could be a bad translation, and it could be the transaction cost of 13 dinars. We will have to wait and see. Go RV!!!!
  10. A.C. is always negative and wrong about his intel.
  11. Sunglass, what are you trying to say? I don't do rumors, just the facts. I responded to the borders, I live in Texas, it not happening. I wasn't talkin dinar, as this in off topics. But, we can have a intelligent conversation about the dinar, if you so want to. As a MOD, please try to keep your comments polite.
  12. Thank you for the post, BondLady. As a vet, and coming from a family where my father and brothers all served in the military; we knew going in the military that there was propaganda. We had a higher calling, we loved our country, and would do whatever it took to keep our great nation from harm. We knew we would have to help other nations with their fight. So, hame55 we and others were not tricked, there is a time for debate and a time for reflection. This is a time to remember our military past and present. Thank you BondLady, for your family's sacrifice.
  13. Brently, what are you trying to say, BondLady is a female. Can't understand what you are sayin.
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