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  1. Sold! That budget passing generated some traffic! I'm out - good luck everyone. As for me, I loaded up my vw bus and am head on a surfari. Rasta!
  2. Would prefer to work locally, cash only. Asking just $2,700 for $3M Dinar. Please PM me if interested. Please don't PM me. I just tried to access the PM area and do not have access because I'm not VIP. Please reply here or send me an email at Thx!
  3. "breitling bh groop" but spell "group" correctly...and view the results. Many of these folks are connected in a scary way...
  4. I'm curious how many more dinar "celebrities", "guru's", etc. will be subjected to similar indictments? I have a feeling this is just the beginning of things to come...
  5. Some of these names are familiar. I hope none of y'all bought into the another site's Kool-Aid. $24M fraud. That's $24,000,000.00 more than I'll ever have in my lifetime!
  6. Motox565 - great to hear you're still strong with your Dong. I am now Dong-less. I got married in Feb and my bride took my Dong away.
  7. Will you add a carne asada burrito and 3 rolled tacos with guac? Damn, I miss SoCal and all the 'bertos!
  8. Dude, the RV is near? Should I stop using my real name and delete my profile picture? - Jeff Spicolly
  9. phredd - awesome, you're using my picture for your avatar!
  10. That sucks! I know exactly how you feel. I lost my Dong once. I had some friends over one night and my Dong became the topic of discussion and they wanted to see my Dong, so the next thing you know I brought out my Dong to show off. After everyone left, I panicked because my Dong was missing! Fortunately, I found it in the morning. Hang in there, it'll show up when you least expect it.
  11. "The Mayan star calendar predicted Mother Earth would produce a groundhog which we humans would call "Phil". Each year, Phil will summons his Mayan ancestors and predict the solar summer/winter for the next six weeks. This is a fluid situation, stay grounded."
  12. Okie and Bulldog spilled their bong water on the server that hosts
  13. Hi Adam , I too am contemplating VIP membership. I've been on DV for almost a year now, and just noticed a Disclaimer in your auto signature. "Disclaimer: The information and content provided above is the opinion of Adam Montana, and is being provided for entertainment purposes only... What does this mean exactly and why do you need a disclaimer? Aren't "opinions" just that...they're opinions! I don't get it. I mean no disrespect, just trying to learn as much as I can to better position a potential windfall. Thank you!
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