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  1. Just to give you a little feed back Adam. I logged into the site from my desk top, which I never do, but I had no issues. So apparently the issue lies with my phone.
  2. Just to add to it Adam, I just checked, I can get into the previous week chat with no problem at all. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Yes, that is correct. Straight from the site. And it would appear I can get into any other topics without any issues.
  4. So what happens is the chat comes up as you can see, I was able to screen shot it before the curtain comes down, which is about two seconds, then the white screen with the Dinar Vets heading come up. You can scroll it anywhere.
  5. I’m not able to read today’s chat log. The link comes up but then immediately a curtain comes a down and I can’t read it.😕
  6. So, I’ve not paid much attention to this sight for awhile. My question is: where’s YODA? Or dare I ask?
  7. Well, I ain’t gonna lie. With the highs and lows of this psychotic roller coaster ride over the past 16 plus years I’ve been invested in this “thing” I’m just gonna sit here and continue to watch. No excitement, just watch. Just sayin.
  8. This question is for Adam if your still reading this thread. I’ve been in this from the beginning, I know it didn’t start off this way , but do you think in this time space with being on the cusp of the global financial shift we’re about to witness, i. e. digital assets , do you think that is playing a part at all with Iraq’s timing ?
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