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  1. Well, I ain’t gonna lie. With the highs and lows of this psychotic roller coaster ride over the past 16 plus years I’ve been invested in this “thing” I’m just gonna sit here and continue to watch. No excitement, just watch. Just sayin.
  2. This question is for Adam if your still reading this thread. I’ve been in this from the beginning, I know it didn’t start off this way , but do you think in this time space with being on the cusp of the global financial shift we’re about to witness, i. e. digital assets , do you think that is playing a part at all with Iraq’s timing ?
  3. Hi Marta, Sorry i missed you last week end. My vacation got canceled, I ended up getting very sick very fast and ended up in the ER. I am better finally, if you still have the dinar , I am still interested. Call me please, Dwight 619-990-1718
  4. I will be in orange county this weekend, is the dinar still for sale? If you do still have it call me. 619-990-1718
  5. I'm with ya DEB45, it is amazing how being in politics, gives you a get away with anything card. It disgusts me to no end.
  6. Blame my cynical side, but I gotta wonder where Abadi and his allies were the past ten years while dipstick malarkey was dictating Iraqs stalemate Government? Or, are we watching a very well planned out and played game of chess?
  7. Looking at mid 70's today here in socal. Lets hope they will surprise us and finalize this thing once and for all.
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