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  1. Been on this bus since 2004. Hang in there and learn to ignore it. Believe it when you see the CBI change their rate.
  2. 10 years of insanely waiting and watching! Bought in 2004.
  3. Already doing this in Afghanistan too.
  4. Well that picture is interesting jonjon. Believe that bombs went off. I believe people died and were injured. However, I also believe there is more to this story than we are being provided by the MSM. Some facts are not matching up. For example, the FBI asked everyone for assistance as they did not know who these two were, but when Russia Today (I think) released that the russians reported them two the FBI over 2 years ago....well, yes, we did speak to them then. Why not admit it in the first place? Also, has anyone seen any definitive evidence they were actually involved? I hear rumors of the younger one in pics running away with his backpack on (I have not seen those yet). Government conspiracy? I'm not sure, but believe they will never let a good catastrophe go to waste. They are already looking for how thay can use these events to push agendas. Why do people distrust the government? I don't know....Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, OK City bombing, Waco, and the list goes on of questionable and proven government lies and cover-ups.
  5. He was also the Mayor of a city in CA for a while. BE CAREFUL - Even Chuck Norris doesn't mess with Clint Eastwood!
  6. I know I'm not ScrumD but I will attempt to answer your question if you don't mind. Based on my understanding: 1. In 2008 the RNC Lead Cousel stated openly that the RNC did not support the binding of delegates by States and that they were free to vote their choice. Now in 2012 the RNC is singing a different tune. 2. If the allegations prove true, there are numerous counts of voter fraud. Machines rigged to make Paul votes count for Romney, delegates being threatened if they don't vote for Romney both legally and physically, etc. If, and I state, IF, the allegations prove true and/or the Court upholds the RNC statement from the 2008 election Romney may be disgraced out, stripped of all delegates, or possibly and most likely the delegates will be unbound and allowed to vote their choice. I personally agree that they will most likely attempt to drag this out past the elections. Now I ask you if you found out these were true would you want Romney as POTUS?
  7. TPS, if you seriously believe and back the words that you write then I suggest you start seriously fighting for the removal of the electoral college. It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is, it doesn't matter who you voted for, it doesn't matter who won the popular vote. Whoever the electoral college casts their votes for is elected President irregardless of who the popular vote winner is. So what system is seriously disenfranchising voters? If you're against this process in the GOP, then you certainly must be againt it on the presidential election level. The question is what are you doing about it?
  8. I believe the term is "don't hate the player, hate the game". Ron Paul didn't write the rules. Other candidates have used similar stategies and won in the past. In fact, I believe a few Presidents won by delegate votes that lost the popular vote. The opposition only does not like the rules when they don't work in their favor. If he wins by the established rules then so be it. If you dislike the rules, take action and get them changed.
  9. Thanks Easy I'll look into it. One thing to note, legislation has already passed that protects the manufacturers from prosecution or responsibility if they ever proved that the vaccines caused this issue. They slipped it in as an earmark to a bill all but garaunteed to pass. Pretty sneaky, huh? Regardless, we could care less about prosecution or civil liability at this point, we would just like the causes discovered and action taken to stop it. I believe that this does not get mre media attention or government attention because it is not fatal. Until some of these politicians children or grandchildren become affected or more famous people's children become affected it will likely not take center stage. My one big question is this: Many of these children will not be able to be self supportive in life, when their parents pass on who will foot the bill for their care? YOU WILL! Then and only then will they really care. Only when it hits them in the wallet. Think about it, their is a good chance that 1 in 8-10 children of that generation will unlikely be able to work and pay taxes, and require lifelong adult care and disability. Thanks for all who are concerned. I love my daughter(s) and am thankful that it is only Autism and nothing fatal or massively debilitating.
  10. cris, I think it works sort of like this: Each State has different rules as to how the delegates must or may vote in the first ballot. Nevada being on of the States that requires them to vote for the popular vote winner. Other States allow the delegates to vote by who won their district on the first ballot. These states could potentially split the delegate count enough that Romney would not get the required minimum for the nomination. This in turn would lead to a second ballot in which the gelegates from all the States can vote for whom they want. If the are predominantly Paul supporters he could then possibly gain the nomination. I'm not entirely certain on this but I'm fairly sure that is how it works and what Paul is aiming at.
  11. I have twin daughters, one with severe autism and one not. They got their vaccines and everything at the exact same time, day, office, etc. So I'm at a loss for a complete explanation. After nearly nine years of living with this one thing I have noticed is that most professionals have no proven idea as to its cause. They have some hypothesis and speculations but nothing rock solid. Another interesting factor is that different types of treatment methods provide different results, so no one treatment works for all. Completely unexplainable. At this point myself and most parents like me do not care about how it happened or want punishment for anyone, we just want to know what causes it and to stop it from continuing.
  12. Thank you and thank you for your services in ministry as well. The "sheeple" remark was for an earlier post not yours, my apologies for any misunderstanding. I'm not trying to set anyone straight or chastise anyone. I was merely trying to further explain the code and beliefs of the military mindset. For people who may be unfamiliar to the life it can be difficult to understand in some ways. Some would consider following orders and being like sheep, and in some ways yes it is. This however is an essential element to unit and force cohesion. Thanks again.
  13. As a veteran I wouid say go ahead and try it... See how it turns out for you. You will rarely win bucking the system in the military, and even if you do it will likely cost you in the end. If you are not a veteran or serving these ideals and behaviors may be difficult to understand or digest, but they signed up for it. They all still have the right to their opinions and to vote how they feel. However, as it was said earlier, in public they are neutral and should display as such. They don't have to like the Commander-in-Chief personally or their politics, but they must respect the office. Also, by the sheeple remark I would feel its a fair guess you never served. Order, efficiency, and effectiveness comes from following orders and discipline. If everyone just did and said what they wanted I guarantee you our military would not be as effective as they are (when the politicians stay out of it). Instead they would all be like the Air Force. Just kidding flyboys! Go Navy!
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