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  1. Yes it has and do you know what? It's going to continue to be a problem for us and fodder for the politicians as long as we continue to vote for either party. The only real solution is to vote them out and show them their tag team approach is done... I don't think people realize both parties work together against the public, it is self preservation for their way of life. It is not about us, it is about them. B/A
  2. I think your GREAT president should stop hiring immigrants legal or illegal at his companies and hire Americans. Wouldn't you agree. Or are you okay with him hiring foreigners and taking food out of the mouths of American families? You can't have it both ways. Hell even his own head of the Department of Labor hired illegals. Why don't you cry about that? B/A
  3. No, but I think the plan was to remove the dangerous people, not the ones who work hard and do the jobs that fat lazy American kids are too good to do... Come on, ask yourself is that young adult down the street really going to pick tomatoes, cut your grass, be a roofer, or any of the other hundreds of jobs that immigrants do? And ask yourself why, the government doesn't fine the companies that hire illegals and stop them from taking advantage. In Dalton, Georgia, Shaw Industries, the world's largest floor maker hires thousands of illegals and whenever they get raided there is no penalty. You know why? Because they are huge contributors to political campaigns. So all this crap is really just for good PR. If the president wants to protect American workers, you don't start with the immigrants, you start with the people who hire them. You hit them in the checkbook and you might actually see an affect. B/A
  4. I agree jg... But let's not forget, the central bank is the same as our Federal Reserve, they only do what is best for themselves.... Can you san Rothschild? B/A
  5. There have been many illegal immigrants arrested and deported, sadly you have been duped into believing most were criminals. That simply is not true. Don't get me wrong, I support President Trump's plan to remove the criminal element, but ICE has gone after the low hanging fruit, the non-criminals as a majority. I also think he should lead by example and not be hiring illegals at his personal businesses. Number Of Immigrants Without Criminal Records Arrested By ICE Triples In New England May 31, 2017 Shannon Dooling In this Feb. 7, 2017 photo released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an ICE operation is conducted in Los Angeles. (Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via AP) Under President Trump, officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are casting a broader net when it comes to who they're prioritizing for arrest. According to ICE data, the focus in New England appears to be more on immigrants with no criminal record. ICE arrests of non-criminal immigrants living in New England without authorization have more than tripled so far this year. Even before then-President-elect Trump took office, his message on immigration was clear — he planned to deport millions of immigrants living in the country without documentation. And, in an interview with "60 Minutes," Trump said he'd first focus on criminals: What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably 2 million — it could even be 3 million -- we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate but, we're getting them out of our country, they're here illegally. But looking at a breakdown of the arrests made by ICE since January, it's clear that non-criminals are being arrested at a higher clip. Nationwide, the number has more than doubled compared to the same time last year. In the "Boston Area of Responsibility" — which includes all of New England — ICE has arrested more than three times as many non-criminals as of the end of April, 335, up from 104 last year. (Courtesy Immigration and Customs Enforcement) "This administration is carrying out the mass deportation agenda that it promised on the campaign trail," says Sarah Sherman-Stokes, a clinical instructor at Boston University's Immigrants' Rights and Human Trafficking Program. Sherman-Stokes says an increase in ICE arrests this year is unsurprising given Trump's executive orders. The action broadened enforcement priorities for ICE to include not only serious criminals but also those whose only offense is entering the country without authorization. In 2014, then-President Obama sought to narrow enforcement priorities by focusing on "deporting felons not families." While deportations did rise to historic levels under Obama, numbers decreased toward the end of his second term. Still, Sherman-Stokes says some of the enforcement patterns we're seeing now began well before Trump's executive orders. "You know, I'm surprised that the numbers have gone up so dramatically," she says, "although, they are not surprising insofar as they are a continuation of the trajectory that we were already on under the Obama administration." Of particular concern now, Sherman-Stokes says, is the spike in arrests of non-criminals. "When the system of priorities collapses on itself, as it has done under this administration, how does law enforcement focus on serious threats if they're focusing on everyone? It's impossible," she says. The Trump administration has said it hopes to beef up the number of ICE agents in an effort to support the new enforcement priorities. This segment aired on May 31, 2017.
  6. Karsten, I would accept a position with the president if offered. I don't think I would have it too long when I told him the truth and it didn't stroke his HUGE ego....
  7. JG I wish you the best of luck... I would hope that President Trump would realize the importance of his service to the people, and give up on his lying ways, but I think his ego is too large. I'm sure he understands he can change the course of history with one "tweet" I just hope he remembers once a "tweet" goes out you cannot take it back. B/A
  8. An unnamed source? Not again!!!! I think we can agree both parties are dirty.., The problem is one has complete control... B/A
  9. Mexican president denies calling Trump to praise border work Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is calling into question President Trump's most recent claims that the leader called him to praise his administration's work on the U.S.-Mexico border. As Mr. Trump welcomed his new Chief of Staff John Kelly to the Cabinet table on Monday, Mr. Trump took time to applaud the work Kelly had done during his time leading the Department of Homeland Security. "At Homeland, what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous," Mr. Trump said of Kelly. He went on, saying, "As you know, the border was a tremendous problem and they're close to 80 percent stoppage. And even the president of Mexico called me -- they said their southern border, very few people are coming because they know they're not going to get through our border, which is the ultimate compliment." But Nieto denies that ever happened. In a statement released by the Mexican Foreign Ministry, Nieto "has not recently spoken to President Donald Trump over the telephone." The statement went on reference the only other time the two met and conversed on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit. "During the meeting the two heads of State held last July 7th in Hamburg, Germany, the topic of migration was a topic of conversation approached by both. President Peña Nieto shared that repatriations of Mexican nationals from the United States had fallen 31% between January and June 2017 in comparison to the same timeframe in 2016," the statement read. This comes as the most recent case of world leaders providing more detailed information to the U.S. press as the president continues to deliver a different depiction of events than his counterparts. © 2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This reminds me of when I first got involved with Dinar... I would read everything. I would get so excited by some who seemed to have information and knowledge that told us what was coming and when it would get here. They updated their stories with what seemed to be realistic facts. But soon I learned they were liars. They were deceivers. They had agendas. They are what we all call The Gurus... Now I see this in our president. He lives in a fantasy world. He lives by the lie. He constantly deceives Americans on purpose. He lies when the truth is obvious. Why doesn't he just tell the truth. There was no reason to say Mexico's president called him, when it didn't happen. There was no reason to deceive the public in an effort to gain support for his wall. There is support by his followers. He must be a very insecure man to have this need to lie at every turn.... B/A
  10. I've read this Judy crap... I think she is working on a political spy novel... No one could be this stupid to believe any of her fantasy. B/A
  11. I'm no Clinton fan and didn't support her... But you guys refuse to believe what is right in-front of your eyes. The continued deception is "Un-American". Calling out any public servant for deceit is not "Un-American" People defending this misrepresentation is "Un-American". Trump's lawyer bold-face lying to public is "Un-American". The president of the United States calling The White House a dump is "Un-American". Yes I agree Clinton and her cronies should be prosecuted is guilty. But let's not forget, Clinton is not The President of The United States, Donald Trump is, and he better start acting like it. B/A
  12. I have a new game we've been playing.... Every three hours we check the news to see what previous statement is proven to be the new lie. I thought about making it a drinking game, but I don't think I could afford that much Jack Daniels every week! B/A
  13. Keep believing... Or in other words, have fun going down with the ship.... B/A
  14. This guy is clueless.... He is a disgrace to the office on so many levels. B/A
  15. That is pretty funny...Most people use those gestures, but putting those clips together took a little time that's for sure. B/A
  16. Science Last Ever Total Solar Eclipse Will Take Place in 600 Million Years as the Moon Recedes from Earth Hannah Osborne,Newsweek 4 hours ago The total solar eclipse on 21 August will be the first to pass across the whole of the U.S., from the Pacific to the Atlantic, in 99 years. Total solar eclipses are a rarer occurrence than solar eclipses, which take place on average once every 18 months. While the demise of Earth is predicted to happen around seven billion years from now, when the expanding sun engulfs and destroys our planet, life forms will see the last total solar eclipse much sooner than then—around 600 million years from now. Trending: What Did Trump Know? Timeline of President’s Actions Before Misleading Statement This is because the moon is slowly moving away from Earth, disrupting the intricate balance that causes the sun’s light to be blocked out. "A total eclipse is a dance with three partners: the moon, the sun and Earth," Richard Vondrak, a lunar scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said in a statement. "It can only happen when there is an exquisite alignment of the moon and the sun in our sky." A solar eclipse is seen from the beach of Ternate island, Indonesia, in 2016. Beawiharta Beawiharta/Reuters During an eclipse, the moon passes in front of the sun, with the alignment and size matching—while the Sun is about 400 times larger than the moon, it is also about 400 times farther away, meaning they appear the same size during an eclipse. The moon is currently receding from Earth at a rate of between one and one-and-a-half inches per year. Eventually, when the moon moves far enough away, it will no longer be able to cover the sun in the way it does now. "Over time, the number and frequency of total solar eclipses will decrease," Vondrak said. "About 600 million years from now, Earth will experience the beauty and drama of a total solar eclipse for the last time. The Earth, moon and the sun must align perfectly for a total solar eclipse to happen. NASA's Goddard Space flight Center/SVS Bill Nye spoke about the forthcoming eclipse and how these events are hugely special as they help us consider fundamental questions about life, such as where we came from and if we are alone in the universe. “If you want to understand where we came from, you have to understand space. And the eclipse is an amazing event that helps anyone understand that we live on a sphere with a moon and a sun and other planets, and we are part of this extraordinary larger whole that you could call creation or the cosmos. It’s something that gets me every single day of my life. Every day I marvel at the insight that we are made of the same stuff, the same dust, as the stars. We are made of stardust. If you say: what’s the meaning of life? I’m not sure, but it has to do with being part of the cosmos. “The eclipse is a moment that reminds us all in just a few minutes of our extraordinary place in space on this sphere covered with liquid water, with a moon tidally locked, in orbit around the sun. We can predict these events within less than a second, because we understand the mathematics of the universe so well. And we’re just some humble species wandering around on the outskirts of a regular galaxy. We’re no big deal, yet we can understand it all, and that to me is wonderful and amazing, and the eclipse to me is part of that.”
  17. B/A
  18. ASHINGTON — President Trump has decided to remove Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director, three people close to the decision said Monday, relieving him just days after Mr. Scaramucci unloaded a crude verbal tirade against other senior members of the president’s senior staff. Mr. Scaramucci’s abrupt removal came just 10 days after the wealthy New York financier was brought on to the West Wing staff, a move that convulsed an already chaotic White House and led to the departures of Sean Spicer, the former press secretary, and Reince Priebus, the president’s first chief of staff. The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci, who had boasted about reporting directly to the president, not the chief of staff, John F. Kelly, came at Mr. Kelly’s request, the people said. Mr. Kelly made clear to members of the White House staff at a meeting Monday morning that he is in charge. It was not clear whether Mr. Scaramucci will remain employed at the White House in another position or will leave altogether. I'm beginning to think Iraq is more stable than The White House!!! B/A
  19. Okay, I just got my secret decoder ring from my cereal box... B/A
  20. Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director (Credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images) In a flurry of activity last week, Anthony Scaramucci became the White House communications director while President Trump accepted Sean Spicer's resignation. In doing so, President Trump gave one of the biggest microphones in the world to someone who believes the Earth is 5,500 years old. Scaramucci, one of many Wall Streeters who now influence the Trump Administration, is known for his business acumen as a salesman. Unfortunately, that does not translate into the realm of science, to which Scaramucci unfoundedly disagrees with basic conclusions of science. In an interview on CNN in 2016 Scaramucci compared the consensus on climate change to the once held belief that the world is flat. First, the ancient Greeks, 2,000 years ago, believed we lived on a sphere. Yes, there were scientists that believed the Earth was flat, yet when presented with solid evidence otherwise the science community eventually changed their stance. This is an example of where data led to a change in belief about our world. In the scenario of climate change, there is overwhelming data that points toward human's influence in rapidly changing the climate. We are in a similar era of accepting the Earth is in fact round, whereby data is presented to alter our mindset of how the Earth operates. A 2015 Pew Research Center survey found significant differences in what scientists and the public believe on several issues, one of which is climate change. The report found that 94% of scientists say climate change is "very serious" compared to 65% of the public. In addition, 87% of scientists blame human activity on modern climate change, compared to 50% of the public. In the same interview Scaramucci said he believes the Earth is 5,500 years old, saying the scientific community has gotten things wrong in the past; a similar argument used for his belief in climate change. "You're saying the scientific community knows, and I'm saying people have gotten things wrong throughout the 5,500-year history of our planet," said Scaramucci in the interview. Scaramucci goes on to say that human history is 5,500 years old. It's unclear whether he believes both or only the latter. However, written history dates back to over 5,500 years while human artifacts date back well over 10,000 years. Any scientist will openly admit the scientific community has gotten things wrong in the past. However, hard facts and data has eventually prevailed and changed that understanding. Discrediting the vast amount of data that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old because sometimes scientists have gotten it wrong in the past is illogical. That's like telling a doctor you no longer believe in modern cancer treatment because doctors used mercury to heal ailments in 1,500 BC. Scaramucci has the right to doubt the science of climate change or the age of the Earth. Skepticism is a key component of furthering our understanding of the world and something most scientists are used to. However, it becomes dangerous when elected officials frame their decisions around a disbelief of science. At the moment, Scaramucci is putting his personal beliefs before the best interests of his constituents. For instance, imagine a politician in Flint, Michigan saying they don't believe that high concentrations of iron in water is dangerous to human health. He discredits the science surrounding lead poisoning and claims there is no consensus. Then, that politician goes on to make dangerous policy decisions surrounding that disbelief. President Trump has surrounded himself with science deniers, whether intentionally or not. Thus, we find ourselves in a difficult situation whereby policy will be decided based on a disbelief of science and disregard for the fundamentals of data driven conclusions. Trevor Nace is a geologist, Forbes contributor, founder of Science Trends, and adventurer. Follow his journey Okay now this is just silly... B/A
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