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  1. What I don't understand is why people have to post this BS from this pathological lying moron. Then they write, don't shoot the messenger, I just found this and passing it on... Are you kidding me??? Leave this moron and his GET alone!!! If you read it somewhere, leave it there and don't bring it here! Ignore these idoits and they will go away...
  2. Hey Shin - That's awesome!!!
  3. I get a -1 because I call these people pathological liars. Wow. They spew this crap over and over again and think it is such great stuff. These morons are still allowed to post. Double wow...
  4. Where are the Mods when you need them??? These people need to get on medication. They are just pathological liars!!! PING!!!!
  5. Dragon - Where is that??? If you don't mind, I will stay on the other side of the island... Thanks
  6. Roadrunner - You beat me to it! This article is old and has been repeated a few times. Newbies - Everyone will know when Shabbs talks because it will be "breaking news". Until then, just read the news and stay away from the guru geniuses. They used to be entertaining. Now, just annoying.
  7. Ok - that was cute. We all need a little humor here because everything is getting a little rough around here. You know what it is - no one likes to get played. When the BS from Okie, TerryK, and the other "people" are posted here, some think it is entertaining, others are irritated by it. Some say just don't click on it, others sat it shouldn't even be posted on this site. You are not going to find a easy middle ground for everyone. So.. in fairness to all, just ignore certain so called "people" on here and read what you want to read. We know the screen names of those who put out good news a
  8. Dear Eagle - Well thought and good post. Welcome to the site. I like the logic you use. It makes sense. We can argue the numbers, but it still makes sense. For the post, I give you a +1. In my personal opinion, for what that is worth, I do think the RV will come in higher because I do not think the will make Kuwait mistake. I think the Dinar can not afford to jump all over the place before settling down. I am not arguing with your logic, but I think the RV needs to be higher for several reasons. How much higher I will not dare to reason.
  9. Your post was thought out and put into common sense perspective. Other posts should be written this way. And no, you should not get "dinged" for what you wrote, because of the way you wrote it. With that said. You had a question in there. I believe, and I do not have a link, but Shabbs himslef said that the dinar will in fact revalue in the very near future. I believe he said it twice in the last 5-6 months. Now, I don't know how long his "in the very near future" is, but I hope it is short. As for your time invested, It really is not long. There a lot of people on this site that have been i
  10. Dear Kandi - I will come along and help. We'll do it the Texas way. Quick and easy.
  11. If I am not mistaken, they gave a two week advance, then came in with a low RV, which drove the price up over $7.00. Then it cam back down to around where it is now. They made a lot of mistakes doing their RV, hopefully Iraq is learning. If I am wrong, please correct me. Blue Horseshoe
  12. Dear Fox and Scooter - I just read the Letter of Intent on the CBI website as Fox suggested. The only mention was under the Definitions on page 18 - where it states the exchange rate will be set at 1170ID to 1 USD. That's it. It was a long 26 pages. I don't think it really said much about rates or RV. I may have to read that again. Thanks for your insight and knowledge. Thats why I asked for your help!!!
  13. Two of the topics I read today had good information in it. One was by BanG and Junitman regarding what needed to be done and what actually is done. The other topic was, I believe, the GET team and their chat. So I have a question: In the BanG/Junitman topic, it stated that Shabbs sent a letter to the IMF - "Letter of Intent" - stating that Iraq is going to RV the dinar. In the GET team chat, they mentioned that this letter of intent was written February 8th, 2010. So here it is - 1. - Do we have proof of this letter of intent that was sent last February? How do we get proof? 2. - Was the
  14. Hey BanG - in the top part of the article you brough over, it mentioned the IMF was to receive a letter from CBI about confirming the value of the RV. The article stated this was done. My question is - can we find out if this letter was sent to the IMF, when it was sent, and if the IMF replied to it? How can one find out about this?.. Great article. Blue horseshoe
  15. You know that your dinar will have to be authenticated and sent off to their foreign exchange office. Usually takes 5-7 days. Then they will put the USD in your account. Even if you bought the dinar there, they will still send it off. bank policy is all. So you may want to trust the bank you go to. Have all serial number for your dinar. It is a pain in the bobo, but weel worth your time. No one will exchange on the spot, not even the so called exchange kiosks that are going to be set upp all over the country. They will go by the same rules as the banks. Just watch...
  16. Dear Texas Fan - You need to go to a clearing bank. Most banks around here will use a clearing bank. Go to Frost Bank, although they do not sell dinars, they do know all about it. Frost Bank is the clearing bank for a lot of small banks here in Texas.
  17. You know, I mentioned this before in another topic. Warren Buffett once said money magnifies who you are. If you were a nice poor guy, you will be a great rich guy. If you were a jerk poor guy, you will be an ******* rich guy. Seems to make sense.
  18. My wife and I were talking last night about what we are going to do after the RV. I asked her what she meant by that. She stated that she wanted to know what we were going to do with the money. If this RV's at a dime, we will still have millions. I told her that if I tell her she better not laugh at me. At our church {FUMC in Uvalde} there is a pole by the alter that has a goal to meet the loan for the church renovations. It is currently at $168,000. I told her I am going to wipe the pole clean. I did an Emmaus walk last year and it was worth 10 times that amount. I then told her that when w
  19. Yes, what you stated is normal. Its good that they are wrapped and uncirculated with a money cuff. I would check for the security marks. even though 5/3 should back them up, I would check anyway. The lower denoms are even smaller.
  20. Thank you Kramer for putting this in the "kiss" method for cocklebur. Apparently, the thinking process comes to a screeching halt...
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