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  1. Reform of monetary system … IMF should build multiple reserve currencies including SDR and supervise their issuance and cross-border capital flows … Today, the most urgent task for the G20 is reform of the international monetary system. With sharply fluctuating exchange rates, it is difficult to monitor international capital flows, identify financial risks in advance, and save the global system once a crisis happens. If the current international monetary system cannot be successfully reformed, a new great financial crisis will soon be upon us. So, the G20 should focus on its historical mission
  2. PNA-The USA Energy office on Friday 6/2/2012 announced that the same time of publish news of the comparative production in China and dept crisis of Euro Area , the price of crude oil has been dropped below $100 in growth fears in last 16 months ago. According to the Routers News from New York, the price of light Oil in USA has reached in $85.46 a barrel. The Price of Oil already in USA has fallen during 5 last week nearly 17%. The dept crisis of Euro Area and worry about of demanding of Oil ,the reason of serious decrease of Oil’s price and for the first time , the price of oil drop below $
  3. In few days, Iraq will be implementing taxes and tariffs law amidst traders and observers’ discontent after they called not to rush the law implementation before its finalization. Finance Ministry more specifically the General Commission for Customs insists upon implementing the law by end of June by virtue of the ministry’s executive authorities that do not permit to stop the law execution. “Finance Minister announced, two months ago, that it will start implementing taxes and tariffs law,” Fouad Hassan Suheil from the General Commission for customs said explaining that the commission already
  4. Iraqi Vice President Tarek Al Hashemi who left Kurdistan heading to Qatar argued that the request of Iraqi Government from the State of Qatar to hand him to Iraq’s Judiciary is unconstitutional. Hashemi affirmed however that he will be back in Kurdistan at the end of his tour to a number of capitals. The departure of Iraqi Vice-President Tarek Al Hashemi to Qatar has spurred many reactions. Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Al Shahristani had called Qatar to hand Hashemi over for Iraqi Judiciary. Qatar is receiving a person wanted by law, which is not acceptable, Shahristani said in a pr
  5. Dubai: In the latest sign of worsening ties between the Iraqi central government and Kurdistan and its Arab neighbours, Baghdad yesterday lambasted the autonomous region's move to allow Sunni Vice-President Tarek Al Hashemi, who faced terror charges, to travel to Qatar and to stop oil exports. Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussain Shahristani asked Doha to send Al Hashemi back in what many experts described as part of ongoing tensions between the two sides amid sectarian strains and different approaches to the Syrian crisis. "Qatar should review its position and send Al Hashemi back to Iraq to
  6. Baghdad Summit might not mark history by its exceptional resolutions or extraordinary agenda, however, observers believe it will definitely be a landmark in the history of summits preparations since it took more than eight months and it cost hundreds of millions of dollars to be ready for the Arab Summit. According to a governmental source speaking on condition of anonymity, Arab delegations will be driven from the airport to the highly secure Green Zone which will host Arab Kings, leaders and heads of Arab delegations in 22 presidential villas. Delegation members will reside in 450 apartment
  7. BAGHDAD — Less than two months after American troops left, the State Department is preparing to slash by as much as half the enormous diplomatic presence it had planned for Iraq, a sharp sign of declining American influence in the country. Officials in Baghdad and Washington said that Ambassador James F. Jeffrey and other senior State Department officials were reconsidering the size and scope of the embassy, where the staff has swelled to nearly 16,000 people, mostly contractors. The expansive diplomatic operation and the $750 million embassy building, the largest of its kind in the world,
  8. Baghdad: Disagreement on Syria is one underlying cause of the current diplomatic row between Iraq and Turkey, analysts say, but crucial economic ties are likely to prevent a serious escalation. Despite improving relations and rising trade between their two countries in recent years, the rhetoric between Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan has become heated in recent weeks as Baghdad grappled with a political crisis that has stoked sectarian tensions. Turkey and Iraq have summoned each other's ambassadors to protest unfair criticism on both si
  9. Baghdad: Halima Dakhil lost her husband in the sectarian slaughter that engulfed Iraq after the US invasion in 2003 and now spends her days tearful and scared, knowing her $250 (Dh917.50) monthly wage won't pay the rent and feed five children. One of an estimated 2 million women who are primary breadwinners in Iraq, Halima is but one face of the humanitarian crisis left behind as US forces withdraw from Iraq nearly nine years after toppling dictator Saddam Hussain. Rent takes $210 of her monthly earning as a cleaner in a medical clinic. She depends mainly on the kindness of neighbours and ot
  10. Ron Paul has been speaking about this since the late 70's early 80's. RE: switching to the gold standard "After that day, all money would be political money rather than money of real value. I was astounded" - Ron Paul. Everybody has been blowing him off as some senile old kook maybe he will get the attention he deserves now.
  11. Baghdad: Leaders of Iraq's Sunni-backed Iraqiya political bloc were to meet yesterday to decide whether to continue its boycott of parliament or escalate its protest by leaving the government. Disputes within Iraqiya are threatening to tear the cross-sectarian alliance apart. The fracture of Iraqiya or its exit from the government could strengthen the hand of Shiite Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki. His move against two top Sunni politicians sparked Iraq's worst political crisis in a year and raised fears of renewed sectarian conflict. The inclusion of Iraqiya — which won the most seats in 201
  12. Dubai: Iraq remains the most democratic country in the Middle East and fears that the country will turn into a federation of autonomous regions are misplaced, believes James Jeffrey, the US ambassador to Iraq. In an exclusive interview with Gulf News, Jeffrey also said that Iraq needs to have a liberal oil and gas law which clarifies many questions which international investors and companies are having so that they can come into Iraq and develop Iraq's oil sector. Gulf News: Is the US still sponsoring the political process in Iraq, or has it been left to the different political blocs to deal
  13. Ankara, Turkey: A top Iraqi Shiite politician yesterday urged the Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc to end its boycott of parliament amid deepening sectarian divide in Iraq. The political battle in Iraq erupted last month after the Shiite-led government issued an arrest warrant against the Sunni vice president, Tarek Al Hashemi, on terrorism charges, sending him into virtual exile to the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq. In protest, Al Hashemi's Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc has been boycotting parliament and Cabinet sessions, bringing government work to a standstill. "I want to invite Iraqiya
  14. Dubai: Many Iraqi politicians yesterday reacted with absolute shock to reports of a deal under which a US Marine squad leader facing trial over the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians in 2005 will get a few months in prison at the most. American military prosecutors offered Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, 31, a deal according to which the proceedings against him will come to an end. Wuterich was the leader of a squad that killed Iraqi civilians in Haditha during raids after a Marine was killed and two were injured in a roadside bomb attack. Wuterich, who was originally accused of unpremeditated
  15. The Arab League summit, scheduled in Baghdad in March, looked increasingly in doubt for the second consecutive year amid reports that an Arab League delegation visit was put off and that some Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are calling for its postponement By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief Published: 16:15 January 24, 2012 Manama: The Arab League summit, scheduled for Baghdad in March, looked increasingly in doubt for the second consecutive year amid reports that an Arab League delegation visit was put off and that some Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are calling for its postponement
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