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  1. You are joking, right? Peace is not in the cards, never will be. Any Peace that Israel signs is destined to DOOM anyway. With the avowed goal of ANNIHILATION of Israel, NO PEACE CAN BE OFFERED. Jokers, anyone who thinks peace can be attained. Read your bible. Let Palestine RETURN to the countries she emanated from - Syria, Jordan, etal!
  2. Ditto for that, with Biden's apparent support, and Maliki allowing transport of weapons across Iraq from Iran, he is entrenched.
  3. Hey Goldie Girl, Nice Tennis Shoes! Hey, I missed my floating green packages. Are they Ben Franklins?
  4. I thought it was Phoenix27! How do you get fast Eddy? My tennis partner is fast Eddie, and I am glad he is fast, and has a great Kick serve! Go FAST EDDIE! Go FAST EDDIE! Oh, God, I am tired of me seeing those that others do not see. Is the VND the real thing????? I thought the IQD was the real thing! I know I am NOT rich yet. NOBODY wants my IQD (at the bank, at least), Here is hope to holding out until the light in the tunnel is not an approaching TRAIN! I only want the screen to tell the teller to give me MILLIONS!
  5. I feel your pain. Living your life with 6 kids, been in construction my whole life! Lol, otherwise I would leave a trail of tears!
  6. How UNINFORMED you are. Your "GRAND OLD WHITE MAN's Party" is THE PARTY that proclaimed the emancipation proclamation, AGAINST EVERY DEMOCRATS BLOOD-CURDLING cries of PROTEST, that proclaimed (the DEMOCRATS proclaimed) that GOD made the ***** less than the white man. DEMOCRATS!!! DEMOCRATS!!! They were against the black man's liberty, and HATED the thought HE might VOTE, as much as they hated the idea that WOMEN would vote! Your party is so idealogically non-sensical and BASE, VAPID with no regard for the DIGNITY of the HUMAN being. If you are not a black person, then I misread your presentation. However, whatever your skin color, you are IGNORANT of the history of this nation and Specifically of THE DEMOCRATS - Against freedom for the black man/woman, AGAINST the civil rights of the black man, AGAINST voting rights for WOMEN, Against voting rights for blacks, the ORIGINATOR of the KKK,and least you forget ROBERT BYRD, a member of the KKK (AS A DEMOCRAT) in the US SENATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How I wish they were to grow some brass ones and simply stand on the principles we thought the "Conservatives" vauled, like: 1) SMALL government. 2) It is MY MONEY, and YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS TO THINK YOU OWN IT! 3) RESPONSIBILITY, SELF GOVERNANCE, MORAL PRINCIPLE. 4) GOVERNMENT is a TAKER, offering NO value for the threat (at the point of a gun) of imprisonment for the "benefit" of HANDING OVER MY HARD EARNED MONEY to an ENTITY that has NO inherint compunction to use thrift in the disbursement of the funds that were STOLEN from me, that has NO COMPETITION (i.e., the "Marketplace") and THEREFORE the government ends up being "STUPID" ALWAYS (Note, I did not say the people in the government are stupid, though no doubt some are, but the INSTITUTION, not having competition IS STUPID! CANNOT go out of business because it offers a BAD PRODUCT! 5) PRIVATE PROPERTY IS SACRED! 6) LIBERTY was so SACRED to our Forefathers, that the shed their lives, their honor, their wealth and their BLOOD FOR THE THOUGHT OF LIBERTY! I could go on, but my eyeballs just exploded from the frustration of OBUMMER in a second term and the further erosion of everything I hold dear.
  8. My guess is that would depend on whether or not you can make hunger "your friend"... It is a dangerous situation to plan on something you have no control over. Better to control what you can and leave the results of what you can't to God. I have to laugh at myself, last January (2011), I was stressed to get an IRA converted into a ROTH IRA and to hold Dinars. I spent MANY sleepless nights (because I was planning something, not resting on faith) worrying that this (THE RV)would happen BEFORE I could get the conversion done. Maybe 10 days -LOL - that was OVER A YEAR AGO - I paid an additional $200 to set it up in a rush manner, and drove 500 miles to make it happen. What I was panicked by belief that I would miss, has now faded into a distant memory. There was lots of noise "it's happening now" back then too... Hope you find a way to make it through...
  9. What is freedom? The Native Americans had very little possessions, but they lived off the land, and the land gave them food and shelter to live on..and they were VERY happy and my book, that is truly Freedom. Tiff - Really? Happy and Grateful?? Which ones, the chief or his little indian wife? Women had O "rights", children were sacrificed, and MANY (No, not all) of the tribes THROUGHOUT the "Indigeneous" country (from sea to shining sea) were vicious WARRIORS. They valued HONOR, so they got extra points for touching their enemy with the "coup" stick BEFORE KILLING THEM! I grew up in Arizona, and the Apaches - well, they could run 70 miles in a day without the proverbial "water bag", sneak up like they were ghosts, and killed every white they could, and other native "americans". Most did not even know what happened, and those that did heard an unearthly fierce screaming from the intensity of the war party (the "rebel yell" which was fearsome, attempted to mimic this war cry) which was worse than dying silently! They worshipped demonic spirits (they still have snake dances in AZ., albeit without venomous rattlers (which is what the Indians actually did). THIS WHOLE "Co-exist" mentality is something that works in the textbooks, but not with EVIL in the world. If you do not subscribe to the reality of GOOD and EVIL, then it all looks good, and we will all sing Kumbaya while holding hands. However, you better keep your eye on the dude with the funny look in his eye - He is looking at your daughter with "an unearthly" look! And his reality is different from yours! He is a taker, and who are you to decide your rules are better than his! The "natives" lived in a Social Order, like all of us do. Some good things, many bad things. It depended on who you were in the pecking order. I would not classify the women and children as valued in themselves, only what they could bring to the order! Freedom is defined by each individual, and unless there is some sense of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, we all think we decide our own reality. One day, that reality will be challenged and we will face the ONE TRUE GOD to make an account. None of us is capable of defining the reality of our existence BY OURSELVES (except foolishly), for when we do, we put ourselves in the place of God and risk the self-denial that our existence does NOT GO BEYOND the realm of what you can touch and see, the physical realm, and that we will make an account of our lives to our creator! I assure you it does, and we will all discover this. We Westerners don't like the idea of ultimate accountability nor do we like Absolute Truth!
  10. God help us! The Democrats are in an all out press to dis-arm us, and have been for years. If you listen to the double-speak from Obama and Clinton on this (from the link above), you know why those of us who are informed about guns and gun laws KNOW this is a continuous, and persistent PERNICIOUS attack on Liberty and it is INTENTIONAL! I have never heard a Democrat spout any knowledge about the research from John Lott on crime prevention from ARMED, CARRYING CITIZENS. It is also the reason that a record number of handguns and rifles have been purchased in the last 3 years! An ARMED CITIZENRY is a safe citizenry!
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