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  1. Sam I Am: So the predictions of a $3 - $8 RV? Enoch8: No way, unless economic doomsday is tomorrow. Unfortunately that is what "some" people want. The US must go down for The One World" to rise up. We shall see how this plays out.
  2. Didn't Shabibi say he wanted to raise the exchange rate after the new year? So which won do you pick?
  3. It's real. And people involved with this stuff should be concerned.
  4. So let me get this straight. Oil is sold in dollars.... So all of the Iraqi citizens are selling oil for dollars? So they can't pass a law because the citizens are selling oil for dollars? Who is selling the oil? I thought the GOI was selling the oil. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.
  5. The unfortunate aspect of a discussion like this is that no one, no party, is without fault. Democrats and Republics are just 2 sides of the same coin. The real power is operating behind the scenes and their plan is being carried out no matter who is in office. It is time that "We the People" get some people in Washington who are serious about change and won't submit to the power brokers. IMHO
  6. I want dinar and I know a lot of others that do too!
  7. If Ali can ship here FROM England, then she should be able to take some back. I have bought some small denoms on ebay from a business in the country of Jordan. I may be wrong but I am not aware of any law prohibiting her taking some home. The only issue is whether or not she needs to claim them. US law says that anything over $10,000 in value must be declared. Unless she is taking back a whole lot she won't even have to declare them unless the rv occurs before she goes back!! Hope that helps. But someone may be more authoritative than me on this.
  8. In regards to the above post, I am with you, hoping for a rate anywhere near $3, but can you please clarify the statement "No Central Bank, Iraq or any other may use Fractional Banking methology, as it is illegal per the IMO." If I am understanding it correctly, Central Banks don't need to use fractional banking because they have been given the authority to create money out of thin air. How else could our Federal Reserve have doled out 16 TRILLION (with a "T") dollars as a recent audit exposed?
  9. Here's a few thoughts. Find a proxy. Could be an individual you trust or a family member of the person you want to help. Could be a small non-profit. Could be your church. The church I go to will facilitate directed giving.
  10. I don't pretend to know everything that is going on but IMHO the entire banking system is a fraud. You ask where is the money coming from. IT IS coming from thin air. Did you notice what was discovered from the recent partial audit of our Federal Reserve? 16 TRILLION, yes with a T, that our Federal Reserve handed out to banks and foreign banks, governments, etc. Tell me where did that come from? THIN AIR! You can use all kinds of logical arguments about why Iraq can or can't do something, but when you are dealing with a rigged system, you must accept that anything is possible. Again JMHO Take it for what it's worth. and you know what they say about opinions.........
  11. That sounds vaguely familiar......Let's see, dollar loses value, confiscate your gold, raise the value of the gold, hmmm surely our government wouldn't do such a thing!
  12. Prophecy

    good news

    My wife and 2 children are going to visit family for a few days. I get a little peace and quiet!
  13. I agree with you. There is positive info coming out but you will never receive VERIFIABLE intel that gives you a rate or a date before it actually happens.
  14. I agree if you could play that just right you could do well. I know someone who thinks that the dong will go first but believes that the window of opportunity will be so small, if you aren't positioned AND attentive you will miss it. Of course this is all just speculation and there is no factual info on which to base this. And so we wait.
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