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  1. This is the first time I have been on this Forum where everyone was positive. Keep it up. Thanks for the encouragement BBALLS.
  2. You may have hit the nail. If the Kurds get the idea that they are getting the shaft from Maliki or that he is delaying the opening of the budget to stick it to them (rightfully or not), all he'll will break loose and we could rapidly deteriorate into civil war. The county wouldnbe there now if they weren't tired of war and oppression and our troops weren't there. Keep your eyes on SADR as he is lurking in the shadows looking for an opportunity to give the country to the Sheites(sic).
  3. Only a fool says there is no GOD. There is a very large chasm between having many degrees and what you claim is "Educated". Your stupid statement proves that you are uneducated and also Neanderthal. Over 85% of Americans believe in God and the majority of the remaining 15% believe in a "higher power". That put someone like you in the lunatic fringe. Your slap at us believers proves my point for you not only insult George Robinson, but you indict the rest of us Christians. It is interesting that you would call GR a "criminal". The more you write the more you prove that you have no idea what you are talking about. You obviously have no conception of due process guaranteed by the US Constitution. Since when is it a crime to be wrong? The court is still out on GR unless you have some proof that he deliberately intended to mislead and misinform us, and even then it is still not a crime in America to do so, unless you are a Christian. Then you are fair game for the Antichrist faction that is gaining momentum in America. If you don't apologize for calling GR a criminal you should be charged with slander and booted off this forum. You have crossed the line.
  4. If these people you are talking about have control of all the money all they would have to do is buy ALL the dinars when they first came out, manipulate the RV to $6.00 and they would own it all. But if they owned it all who would do all the work and make all the stuff and buy and sell it. I'm sure the Rothchilds contral quite a bit of the action in the world, but if they did you wouldn't know about it and still be alive. Rockefeller used to say,"Own nothing, Control everything". i don't think the Rothchilds have been around for "the past few centuries unless they are related to the Hapsbergs and a few other old European families. It's good to have a scapegoat to b laame our circumstances on, however bankers like the Bilderbergs need money moving in order to make money. It does them absolutely no good at all for it to be locked up in a bank somewhere. That's why the created the "Fractional Reserve Banking system" (FRB). That keeps the money moving fast with no risk to them and no ,money out of their pockets. Instead of worrying about these big bankers we should be concerned with how we will protect our assets. Lurking over your shoulder is Obama and his Obamacare bill which willl confiscate more money than ever seen anywhere before and we will sit here and debate whether he will be reelected instead of throwing him out of office and under a bus.
  5. What is amazing to the G-Man is the absolute stupidity of those who refuse to study history yet claim they are sophisticated in the political process. You may believe that the "government" is fulfilling their Constitutional responsibilities whereas I and millions of others see the "government" as a lurking monster ready to pounce on us citizens and confiscate, not only our money, but our lives bit by bit. Are you blind or just stupid? None of remember 1913 when the income tax was levied. Read about it and you will find commentary similar to the postings here such as, "The government won't tax wages, this is a tax on companies profits". Nobody who supported the Income tax believed that it would turn into a communist confiscation of people's wages and a redistribution of wealth. How can you be so blind to believe that the present administration is out to protect the people when in fact they are regulating us out of existence? How can being diligent be negative? If you don't want to call or think it will be useless to do so, then the rest of us, who are patriots, will wind up carrying the water for you as usual. I didn't ask you to call your congressman anyway. I suggested that we should check it out by calling your congressman. I know by reading some of your drivvel that you think you know everything and are fully aware of all the bills that are in the hopper, commiittee or are ready to be submitted for consideration. My guess is that you haven't a clue what you are talking about and are too damn lazy to do anything to protect your investment. Some of you have managed to throw the baby out with the bath water because Oakie pointed it out. Well, Scooter alerted us to it first So, never mind Oakie, listen to Scooter. I apologize if I have missunderstood any of you by "suggesting" that you carry some of the load to help protect this investment for the rest of us. After all some of you have just been sitting around taking up space and using air (usually hot air). If you don't want to call don't call but stop discouraging others from calling.
  6. With all good work there comes sweat or a form of sweat. This investment has been a chore for many including the G-Man. Along the way I have tried to "lighted-up" the load of waiting these months and years. But now we are almost there and we should not let down our guard or our prayers. Remember that Murphy is lurking in the backgroiund to steal our joy and our investment. If Oakie is finally right about something ergo that Congress is trying to take more of our blessing, then we have to become pro-active and do our best to stop Congress. Remember this, as some people who are lazy think otherwise, the Congress works for us and should do what we tell them. Call your congressman or congresswoman and find out if Oakie is right on this part of his posting. Don't let down your guard. We have to fight hard to supress the "principalities and powers of darkness" while there is still light and time to do so. I'm calling my congressman to check on it. If and when he returns my calll, I will let you know what he says, but in the meantime call yours and see what they have to say.
  7. Yesterday Oakie said that Congress was meeting to put an additional levy on the exchange of our dinars in addition to the Capital Gains charge already in place. Since many people have written off Oakie they may think this is BS. We cannot afford to ignore this statement because we think Oakie is always wrong. We must contact our Congress and stop this if it is true. The G-Man has a response that should be posted everywhere. Folks: This is not a typical satire by the G-Man. As you read it you will find that it gets real serious. George R, is right except for the final RV amount. He forgot about the .30% kick. The Lord wants to give us a pleasant surpries. Since this is the Lord's blessing, He has told more than George about it. Not necessarily about the number but about the investment itself. Some of you should think back to the first time you heard of this investment. You probably figured, as I did, that it was an impossible dream. That no country, including the USA could ever increase the value of their money by 1000%($1.00 USD+1 Dinar), much less $3.89 = 1 Dinar. Then we found out about Fractional Reserve Banking and the view came into focus. But before that, something (The Holy Spirit) started working on our minds telling us it was real. Then all us Christians started becoming messengers for the Lord. The Holy Spirit told us to spread the news and we did and are still doing it. We were compelled to spread the good news that we were going to get out of debt ourselves and help others to do the same. Nothing has changed since those days except that we are closer and there is still time for others to get involved. So, maybe some of the "punmping" is from God, and maybe some of it is from the other guy. "What Satan does for evil, God changes for good". Either way, the more Christians get in this investment the more that will get out of debt. None of you who believe that this is God's blessing really believe that God is doing this so that you can go to Vegas or on a Caribbean cruise, do you? We know that we are supposed to get out of debt ourselves first, then "Pay it forward", and help others get out of debt. Hard times are coming and forclosures are looming in the not too distant future. In spite of all the TRILLIONS in stimulus money unemployment is still above 9% and some say the real figure is between 14 and 16%. Think of what happened in Germany after WWI and Hitler's rise to power. Millions of Jews (at least 6 million Jews) and 11 Million Christians, said it would never happen that they would lose everything including their lives if they didn't get out of Germany and the other countries in Hitler's path. I'm not suggesting that we get out of America, but we have to stop taking these national elections as if they were a "Super Bowl" contest. Some of you may have missed Oakie's statement that Congress was meeting, right now, to raise an additional tax on the blessing. Has anyone out there checked with their congressman to see if that is happening? Up here in Alaska our congressman (one guy is all we have in the House) is going to get a call from me as soon as I finish admonishing you all to get off your butts and start protecting your investment before it is too late. The G-Man knows these things because he is Born Again, blessed by the Holy Spirit living inside him, and he lived through the entire Holocast and the Hitler's rise to power. I was born in 1932 which was the year Hitler took over the Geerman government. My folks talked about it all the time because my dad worked with all kinds of Europeans who had escaped Germany. Some of these Germans visited our home on a regular basis. One of them had to give my dad his radio because it had a ""short wave" receiver on the dial. We gave it back after the war, but the German Americans were not allowed to have a short wave radio during what was called "The Duration" of the War. We Christians better wake up and get involved in the future of our country or history will repeat itself right here, right now! Freedom requires ETERNAL VIGILANCE. WAKE UP AMERICA the ship is sinking faster than you think. No joking on this post. Help the G-Man stop Congress if that is what they are doing. Even though this warning came from Oakie, supress your doubt and check it out. Oakie doesn't have a great track record as you all know, but if he is right about this, and we do nothing until it is too late, who can we blame. The G-Man just got a thought. Question: 1. Did the Executive Order (EO)13303 get extended again? 2. Didn't the EO have something to say about extra taxes or fees being assessed would be prohibited? Some of you lawyers out there help out here OK. Thanks for reading this and taking action. If we find out that Oakie is right about congress going after the blessing, we should flood our congressmen and women and tie up Washhington. If we have three million investors, we should be able to make a serious impact. I'm going to post this mesage on other forums. You should do the same. Edit it or do whatever you think is best, but please use what power we have as investors to get viewers on the phones to Washington. Thanks for reading, Now, ACT! --
  8. Outside of the original post by another site(read Roger), this is to date the biggest bunch of BS posted to date. It completely overshadows Oakie and the rest of the BS Gurus. Roger is up to his old tricks of trying to look like he knows what he is talking about. Since he doesn't know what he is talking about, he makes things up. All you newbies and those of you who are under the gun to have this blessing come now, don't pay any attention to Roger. This will RV before 11 June 2001 not 2012. Where the heck did Roger get those dates. Why not say 2020 or even later. Everything we have bee reading on his website says Iraq needs to raise their currency so they can do business. Does ANYONE (including all the naysayers) acyually believe that Iraq can wait until 2012. They need to RV yesterday, last week, last December, Remember??? So, all of a sudden Roger decides to drop a bomb shell on the investors just to get his kicks. Well he should get some kicks all right but they should come from the rest of us. Why doesn everyone treat him like royalty and slam Oakie? I feel like a fool now for listening to anything Roger ever said. He should be banned from his own websites. Go on vacation Roger and stay on it until you go too the exchange office in Salt Lake City next Tuesday.
  9. How do I get my picture to appear on the forum when I post? The picture is in my profile but not on the Posts.
  10. The G-Man has tried to keep silent and positive at the same time about the Oakie issue. However his Internationally Famous and Highly Trained investigative team, made up of Chief Inspector Jaques Clouseau, Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus, Special Agent Maxwell Smart, Inspector Gadget(for virtual duties beyond the pale), and three women, Donna, Debbie and Kathryn, can no longer sit by doing nothing. This team has been functioning 24/7 for a very long time on various investigations. The G-Man has now ordered the full team to discover the identity and location of The Oakie Oilman(known just as OAKIE). The G-Man(who is the boss of this team) assigned Clouseau to the State of Oklahoma. Maxwell Smart was assigned to New York City and Atlantic City to contact Donald Trump. Trump is a specialist consultant who from time to time is helpful in locating fake birth certificates of notorious frauds and miscreants and for as important similar officials as the President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama. He has agreed to assist us in locating Oakie's birth certificate. Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus, who I must keep away from Clouseau or he could suffer a mental breakdown, has been dispatched to Louisiana. Why Louisiana? Because Oakie has disguised his voice to sound like someone from bayou country. The three female agents are checkong out another site's Rumors Forum because Oakie has been showing up over there on a regular basis. It appears that Oakie may be changing forums because of Rogers crack-down on Dinar Tidbits. Gadget, in the meantime, has been searching cyberspace since it has been rumored that Oakie really doesn't exist but is merely a Joe "Bite Me" Biden impersonater placed on various forums as an agent for Ali in order to "pump" dinars. You all thought that Ali had retired from the business, however it has been rumored that Ali and Oakie are one and the same. Gadget has reported that a person fitting the description of Biden has been seen lurking abound the CBI in Baghdad. BULLETIN!!!! Clouseau has just reported that he has discovered that there is no person in the State of Oklahoma by the name of Oakie. The G-Man suspected that would be the case. Tracking down Oakie will be harder than originally expected. Special Agent (temporary title) Donald "The Donald" Trump just called in and stated that he needed to have a State of birth for Oakie or even with his money and influence he could not search all 57 States (sorry, 50 states-Obama really needs to get the number of American States down) in a reasonable timeframe. So, until we can determine Oakie's State of birth we will have to suspend this posting to a future date. It is the duty of all Dinar holders to cooperate in this investigation. Anyone who helps out here will be entitled to a The G-Man virtual Decoder Keyring(not the actual Decoder, just the ring) and a virtual badge. And we thank you for your support.
  11. The G-Man has it all figured out. One day Oakie will be right, but all you others who never have any intel or are not Gurus will never be right. Oakie is a cool guy and fun to read. He does get us excited though "so far" he has never been right. He's never nasty. He's never impolite, He is always cheerful and he keeps us laughing. Only your minds create harm. Any newbie who comes to any of these sites knows not to pay too much attention to Oakie. He's like the friend down at the barber shop. Besides, what's bad about buying more dinars. Aren't they good anymore. I wish I could afford more. If you are so concerned for eberyone else and afraid Oakie is pumping, then say so immediately on his getting a post. Any newbie who reads him will immediately see a disclaimer. Personally I like to read Oakie's posts and really like to hear his voice. Besides, what do you expect. He's from Oklahoma isn't he. Are you expecting 150 IQ from OK?
  12. Darin: How does the fact that no country can exchange their dinar for 6 months figure in all this?
  13. Finally someone who knows what he is talking about. Go DARIN. That's what I was trying to say. Thanks for the help.
  14. I read your several posts and in fact read everyone else's posts as well. There are lots of assumptions that are pure speculation as I see it, all of which has little to do with the current situation. I gave you a simple solution to the Iraqi Dinar for oil conundrum. Do you really think it makes any difference to us if we send dinars to Iraq for their oil? It will all get adjusted into USD one way or the other. To me you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Besides we really don't know if we are holding any dinars except that rumors say we have trillions. This whole discussion could be meaningless academic nonesense which is why I classified it as MM. Also, others have posted that the US will broker oil at the going rate while buying it for $33 a barrel. Why is that not possible according to you? That is a perfect option for a guy like OBama and his Chicago Mafia connections. He will just make a Czar of Oil, probably Emanuel.
  15. Conversations Off Subject are sometimes good for the soul. It's when you get a constant stream of stuff like Maliki going to Kuwait, or Allawi not happy with Maliki that drags down the interest. Motorcycles are a good subject and these testimonies that bikes are dangerous may change someone's mind from buying one after RV. It could save their life. And, It's usually not the cycler who causes the accident but some haalf asleep auto driver. I live in Alaska. If you want excitement ride a bike up here. 90% of the roads are 2 12 foot and some 10 foot lanes. lots of curves and falling rock and stones on the roads not to mention sand and gravel from sanding the roads. We see more trikes these days. Perhaps not as much fun but lots safer. There are plenty of strings about mostly BS. Getting a break for side stuff is cool. Now, over on another site, Scooby, who is the administrator keeps posting irrelevent junk which knocks off any conversations about the RV. That sucks. I've put Inspoector Clouseau on that case but he can't break the chain, YET! LOL
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