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  1. ..." After Fox News put the hammer down on Sean Hannity after his pushing the discredited Seth Rich conspiracy theory, Hannity tweeted: “Spoke to many advertisers. They are being inundated with Emails to stop advertising on my show. This is Soros/Clinton/Brock liberal fascism.” " Ummm - says who? The liberal media in Hitlery Clinton's back pocket? George Soros? Media Matters - a criminal organization that just got caught evading taxes? The Seth Rich story is NOT a conspiracy theory - it's another Clinton Crime Family statistic that isn't being allowed to be investigated lest someone fingers the real killers - The DNC and the Clinton Team!!!
  2. Whether I have cards in the game or not is NO excuse for my not being allowed to have an opinion. So you are trying to limit a person's right to free speech too? What you fail to recognize through your Trump-hating viewpoint is that he is NOT a politician and stands against what the one/two party system stands for. BUT the corrupt politically connected criminals in Washington and throughout the country (and the world, for that matter) don't want to lose their grip on the good ole U S of A and their mind-control programs through the media and school systems which keep the sheeple in line. As for Canada, yes we have had terrible leaders and continue to be inundated with swamp creatures as well - but if the US falls thanks to sheeple like you pushing for the one person who is in a position to reverse the downward spiral to be impeached or thrown out of office - then every other free country in the world will also lose their freedom to the globalist cabal. Then, let the round up of the free thinkers begin!!!
  3. You mean the John McCain who's been meeting with his ISIS buddies in Syria behind Trump's back? I think Trump should be more worried about McCain and other government traitors than Putin.
  4. Thank you Sir - looking forward to your news!!
  5. Sadly, I wouldn't buy anything from you!!! You can't see two feet in front of your blame-Trump-for-everything eyes!!! What b.s. do you believe I have fallen for? Am I the one claiming the media is always right and Trump is always wrong? You need to put your big girl pants on and accept your side lost!!
  6. What's your point? I know that!!! Everybody knows that!! The article is pointing out all his extravagant trips!!!
  7. Yet sadly, the lame stream media is silent on these crimes ... Any good investigative reporter should be able to put the puzzle pieces together to put a story out like this - but when you're controlled by the very people that should be investigated I guess it's a matter of life or silence?
  8. Barack And Michelle’s Vacation Just Came To An Abrupt End After Receiving DEVASTATING News KARMA! By Prissy Holly Just because Obama is out of the White House, it doesn’t mean he’s finished parading around like he’s the freaking king of planet earth. Over the week, the former Narcissist-in-Chief and Michelle traveled for their lavish vacation in Italy, where they had to make sure that the world knew they were arriving. The “royal couple” conspicuously arrived in the central Italian region on Friday, where their private jet was escorted by an alarming six fighter jets, complete with a 13-car motorcade (that we are paying for) as they headed to a $15,000 a night private villa. But unfortunately for Obama and his American-hating wife, they just had their entire opulent vacation completely wrecked, after receiving devastating news that even their endless stacks of money will be helpless to shield them from. Throughout his two terms in office, Obama and Michelle lived high on the hog thanks to the American tax payers, as they jet set around on our dime with their luxurious excursions whenever their black little hearts had half an inkling. Obama exploited his presidential position by utilizing Air Force one as his personal taxi service to fly all over the world, while racking up a colossal amount of money to the tune of almost 1 BILLION DOLLARS that the American tax payers had to foot the bill for. But now that Obama and his snotty wife are out of office, their narcissism and contempt for the American people are now coming back to bite them in the ass in a massive way. The Judicial Watch group just announced their plans to sue the U.S. Division of Homeland Security, after the government agency flat-out refused to react to the FOIA requests they made on March 24, 2017, where the watch dog group asked for all Secret Service records relating to Barack Obama’s post-administration trips that he continues to take on our dime. From Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch announced that it obtained records from the Secret Service and the Air Force in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that show Obama family travel cost taxpayers a grand total of $99,714,527.82. The new Obama White House era travel records show: The March 2014 trip to Key Largo during Spring Break – where the First Family stayed at the exclusive Ocean Reef Club – cost the Secret Service $247,827.50: $182,120.33 for hotels and $65,707.17 in travel expenses. The total cost of that trip with previously released $885,683 in flight costs from the Air Force is $1,133,510.50. Other documents show that Michelle Obama’s February 2015 Aspen vacation cost the Secret Service a total of $64,807.41: $47,109.28 for hotels, $3,559.43 in rental cars and $14,138.70 in other travel expenses. The total cost of the trip with $57,068.80 in flight costs from previously released Air Force records is $121,876.21. Judicial Watch released documents from the Air Force concerning the 2016-2017 Obama family Christmas trip to Honolulu showing 17.9 hours flying at $142,380 per hour, bringing the total flight cost to $2,548,602. Yes you read that correctly. The Obamas leached a whopping $1 BILLION freaking dollars from Americans for all their lavish vacations! But Judicial Watch isn’t quite done socking it to Barack and Michelle. They also announced this week that they have filed a “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for Secret Service records associated with President Obama’s movements, schedule, and activities since his departure from the White House. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (No. 1: 17-cv-00928)),” Conservative Fighters reported. Here’s the information that Judicial Watch is seeking from the FOIA request, that the Secret Service still refuses to hand over, as reported by Conservative Fighters. All records of former President Barack Obama’s movements, schedule, activities, and / or meeting for January 21, 2017 through March 21, 2017. Such records include, but are not limited to, U.S. Secret Service schedules and activity reports. Although Obama is no longer in office, he continues to receive Secret Service protection at taxpayer expense. In January, the Obama family traveled to Palm Springs, CA. The former president also spent a few weeks in French Polynesia. It looks like Obama’s dirty deeds are finally coming to light, thanks to the determination of this watch dog group who has made it their mission to find the truth no matter how many of Obama’s little minions stand in the way. Obama is such a massive disgrace to this nation. Not only did he commit treason throughout his time in office, but he continually showed how much contempt he held for Americans as he and his disgusting family jet set around on our dime, while at the same time lecturing Americans (who he views as mere peasants) about how they “need to make sacrifices in life.”
  9. Good God no!!! I would never push democratic liberal fascism on anyone ... I'm suggesting if they don't want to collect their degrees by sitting through a speech by 'The Vice President' of their country - they have learned no respect for their country or the office of their leaders!!
  10. They should take their degrees away - they obviously learned nothing during their years in college!!!
  11. So the journalist in question entered the candidate's office without permission and shoved a recorder in his face? Whatever happened to a person's right to privacy?
  12. OOH .. another unnamed anonymous source is putting words in Donald Trump's mouth to promote an unelected EU mafia so they can keep their nazi jackboots on the people of Europe's necks!!!
  13. Please - the more people you get off the government teat the better!! So he wants to make people start working again - that's an issue? Too many whiny liberal crybabies have been living off the fat of the land for far to o long and it's time for them to do something for themselves for a change!!!
  14. lol - what a load of crap!! These guys sure sound a lot like pro-democrat shills. Trump laundered money for Russia? Seriously ?? The Podestas and Clintons were already doing that. Comey was a Clinton employee in the past and helped cover up the HSBC Money-Laundering scandal ... and you're upset that Comey got fired because the new President finally decided to start draining the swamp? I think you've got to put the Clinton mafia network at the top, then the Bushes, Cheney, McCain, Pelosi, Watters, Obama and every other career politian who's made billions off their government position before Trump!!
  15. Oh they're covering it all right - just not the way one would expect - they're using it as a tool to promote their socialist democrat agendas and blaming every one but the true people behind the attacks - the Democrats who started the war in the middle east which started the mass migration of these jihadis; George Soros who's trying to bring down every country in the civilized world because he has some god-like complex and wants to profit from their demises; the socialists and lefty loons who want to open the borders to these jihadists because everyone should be treated as equals - even those hell-bent on killing every white infidel in America!!; lamestream media who refuse to report the real facts about these terror attacks - even going so far as to not name them radical islamists!!
  16. He resigned because someone illegally leaked classified information about a conversation that he had setting up a meeting with the soon-to-be President Trump to discuss those sanctions - and he was sick and tired of the political system !!! WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ??? There's isn't any or they would have released it months ago!
  17. I happen to know quite a few teenagers - having twenty nieces and nephews and a teenage son on my side of the family alone, plus another four cousins of my son on his mother's side. NOT one who ever expected handouts - they've almost all been entrepreneurial in nature and either built, or worked for what they have!
  18. Bullshyte - the DNC told them to pull it - just like they've become the spokespeople for the Rich family!!!
  19. Ha ha ha ... 'could be heard'? by whom? a made up entity? The Guardian wouldn't put words in people's mouths would they? Or misquote them? Or just make shyte up? So he's comparing the liberalized leftist communistic pope to Kim Jong Un, whom he'd also be honoured to meet? Perfect!!!
  20. But, you are still suggesting that were once truthful and justice-based - when in fact since CIA's Operation Mockingbird, all news outlets have been mouthpieces of the government and therefore, hardly bearers of truth and justice!!
  21. Are you on crack? Fox News is so far away from Truth and Justice that it's a joke itself!!! Perhaps I could suggest a book for you to read ...
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