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  1. It is okay and your phone are probably way better than me and my phone & computer!
  2. Thank you for the update....Sign me up...I am ready to go!
  3. All they need is about 5 minutes for Maliki to say his goodbye's and about 15' of rope, and problem resolved!
  4. I really believe this is the year! Looks like they have a few windows to make it happen, so hopefully they take advantage of them.
  5. I quit paying attention when our guru's start using three letter intel. The only three letter intel I pay attention to is CBI news. They are the ones that make a difference.
  6. Oooopps...seems like we got caught on a 6 Flags rollercoaster again! Thank Ron for keeping up with this!
  7. They actually want to get the dollar off the street, so hoping it will come out at $1 to $1, which I think they can handle.
  8. I haven't looked at that lately, but I don't think it is over $3. They should all be about the same, depending their oil production, and then figure in their other assets like the natural gas. Hopefully, this will be all over this year, and I personally won't be spending much time thinking about the middle east.
  9. Sadly it wasn't Maliki, just some low level offenders, that they can use to show they are doing something about corruption. If they really were going to do something about it, they should start at the top with Maliki!
  10. I wasn't watching Forex back in the so called Glory Days, but through the years, I have read from numerous people that the dinar was not traded at $3.22, that it was a rate that was fixed by Saadam at the time. I do understand Iraq should be at least equal to the rest of the middle east countries that have oil, but I really don't think they are going to come out at $3.22 or better. JMHO, but things are different now days, and I think Iraq will be doing things different now.
  11. Thanks for the post Yota! This looks like a really good sign for Iraq. Two years is not so long compared to how long a lot of us have been waiting. I personally don't think it will be two years. Everything seems pretty good right now, and once they get everyone seated, it will pick up some steam. Looking for 2022 to be the year!
  12. Whoohoo...Keep it going in this direction...Fingers crossed it keeps going lower until they stop it.
  13. I think Barzani and Baghdad should be good, and have been for some time. It is the procrastinators in parliament that are the real problem, but I think the pressure is on them to get this done. They should be at the end of the line in procrastination. We will see though.
  14. I don't think that Iraq can and will wait 3 to 5 years to increase their rate. I think they are very close. Get everyone seated, get the HCL in place, and bingo we are there. Iraq is pushing hard right now to get everything in order. Heck they paid off Kuwait early, although I think they could have done it sooner than that, but they did it and now can focus on other things. Hang in there...good things are coming ... soon!
  15. I know Iraq has a plan, but we won't know what it is until they hit the button! It will go down faster than free beer!
  16. Easy to understand .... Frankie says....Nanoseconds. Iraqi's say.... Soon. Same thing!
  17. I am of the theory of 1 to 1. Read lots of stories over the years, and it makes sense. They want to get the dollar off the street, and use their own money, so the only way to do that is to make it a touch more in value than the dollar. Now, they may start lower, and let it go up from there, but if so, it would be very short lived I think. Once they hit the market with the new rate, and let it float, it will go up like a rocket! Let's hope it happens soon.
  18. They are really right on the brink of making something happen. If they just came out at a comparable rate to their other neighbors, everyone will be happy!
  19. Rest in peace Shab's! He was definitely one of the really good guys in Iraq!! Loved his country & his fellow Iraqi's.
  20. The Forex is open and ready for Iraq to get off their rear ends, and put it on at whatever rate Iraq determines. After that it is up to the market, and I am betting that it will sky rocket! Sadly, Iraq is not completely ready for that move. There are some windows this year, and I certainly hope that Iraq makes the right decisions to go global with their currency.
  21. We are in one of the windows I believe right now. Next window I believe will be when the budget is approved. Forever, we have heard that the budget would have the new rate, but with everything going on, like Kuwait being finished up, banking upgraded, stability, security, and a pretty stable government (for Iraq), things look pretty good. This could be the year!
  22. The real Frankie is back! $3 or $4....would be very nice, but NO WAY! Aerosmith wrote a song for Frankie called "Dream On".....
  23. Any positive move is a good sign of great things to come. Once it get's rolling, it should move rapidly on the open market!
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