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  1. Dude ain't clowning around The time is now, Abadi hand the matches to Shabbs B M G RI G RV
  2. After the B M It's time to catch some Tarpon &Tuna, See you in Belize Thanks for your Post
  3. I don' always post, but when I do it's to thank you for your relentless updates Now Shabibi push the BUTT N G RI G RV G Belize
  4. Can you move that machine gun so I can look at the closet? Can you move the dead body's my kid will have nightmares? Can you paint over the bloody walls, red is not my color? Can you take off your mask so I can match you driver licence to the rightful owner of this property. Who write this garbage ? Soooooo stupid
  5. Abadi 's got more game in he's little toe than Maliki's whole 8 year of term Thanks Easy like your take on this Bring on the B M Pray RI G RV
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