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  1. WRONG! Trump was President, NOT IN CHARGE. The Satanic elitist scum in Washington never let him run the show. If you think otherwise you are the problem. Just knowing what the problem is = the beginning of the solution.
  2. If you put lipstick 💄 on a pig 🐖 SHE'S still a pig 🐖
  3. F the IRS. I'm still waiting for my 2020 tax return. And according to my accountant so are a bunch of other people.
  4. Probably closer to $60 but no one knows when FOMO kicks in. This entire affair has become an emotional event only. Still Citadel and other Hedgies are believing that shorting is their best choice. Now that the LSM is talking positive on AMC I suspect it won't be long before everyone begins buying all the fake shares they are creating. Up until now those Hedgies have created fake shares that slam the price, then buy them back. But I think FOMO is going to create a Frenzy and people will buy those fake shares as they are created. Leaving the Hedgies nothing to buy. This event is turning into the biggest financial crisis in history. Aside from the DickTator in Chief making an executive order saying that Citadel doesn't have to cover the shorts, Citadel will go by by. Think of the Ramifications of that.
  5. Dont respond to me. I rebuke thee and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to protect all members here from the Satanic influence of islamists forces.
  6. What would you have done as POTUS in the same situation? Personally, I would have Declared Martial Law and used the Military to round up EVERY TRAITOR. Have them tried and publicly hanged for their crimes against humanity. If the military refused to follow my orders I would have called on those 3 million civilians in DC to take over. Arrest the Generals who refused to defend America and have them publicly hanged. But I MOST CERTAINLY would not have left quietly. AND NEITHER WOULD OUR FOUNDING FATHER'S.
  7. When you're a closet Islamist and you know how badly Americans are falling for you deceptive attack, yeah it's pretty darn funny. I understand your lack of reading comprehensive abilities, but this thread is about forced vacations.
  8. Because I'm WAY passed giving a Shite what stupid people think, I'm just gonna come out and say it. Donald "Joke" Trump is the biggest COWARD America has ever seen. As POTUS he had the authority to declare MARTIAL LAW. He chose not to. And don't tell me the military wouldn't have obeyed his declaration. He had the support of 80 million people which he could have called into service and they would have willingly joined him. Now we have the most EVIL people on earth since Hitler forcing everyone to get the LEATHAL VACCINE. And most cowards in this failed state will just lay down and submit. WHAT A PATHETIC NATION WE HAVE BECOME. Biden Using Executive Power To Enact Sweeping COVID Mandates
  9. Just to remind everyone how EVIL ALL our leaders are. If you really believe they won't use them, THINK AGAIN. Eric Swalwell, Democratic lawmaker, warns gun owners that ‘government has nukes.
  10. The mistake here is believing that anything happening on the world scene is random.
  11. We live in a world where EVERYONE believes what they want to believe, FACTS have very little to do with the perceived outcome. Which is exactly why the world is perfectly primed for the advent of the Antichrist.
  12. You're welcome my friend. It's nice to remember what love and compassion look like these days.
  13. I saw a video some time ago where a man was sucked into the turbine of a fighter jet. Happens so fast that the poor guy didn't know what hit him. So when I saw the above picture I immediately knew it was fake. Now when you post a real picture of 1109 along side the fake it's amazing the lengths they will go to lie to us. CLEARLY the first picture is a fake but more importantly it's an inflatable. Think of the cost alone. So this begs the question, why? And that proves our government is behind it. Because only our government is so out of touch with reality as to believe such a story line could create any response from the American people. The Afghan people deserve the government they have, just as the American people do. 20 years we tried to teach them how to fight evil and the VERY FIRST chance they get they ran. And the millions of civilians do NOTHING against the thousands of Satanic terrorists. Sorry but I'm not impressed and see no reason to be interested.
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