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  1. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is trying all they can to get retail to sell 🤔 These types of interviews are on the rise and THAT tells me June is going to blow the roof off of last year's experience. OH CRAP, NOW I'M A PUMP AND DUMP REPORTER
  2. Saw this whole interview and I found him a bit of a creature of market history. However, when he was taking about the collapse of a "BIG" financial institution it literally seemed as if he wasn't making a prediction as much as a warning. He got very specific with details while trying not to be. Looking at the macro picture we must also remember that Ray Dalio recently bought AMC and Game Stop. These Billionaires would have an inside perspective of the Markets. And I suspect that the reality of certain hedge funds precarious situation is coming to light.
  3. Because if it was made in America and the truth comes out about what it truly is, Pfizer would be bankrupt in a week. By having it made in China Pfizer has 'Plausible Deniability'. They can always say they didn't realize what China was actually making.
  4. You got to leave something if you want to be remembered
  5. KennyBoy gave a "timely" interview this week in which he not only claimed that we, the APES, are to blame for Melvin Capitols collapse but the general condition of today's market. And while I'm certain aholes like him would prefer average people only be allowed in the markets via a 401k, the feeling that I got from his comments was one of desperation. He kept referring to this movement as, "a moment in time". This indicates that he believes the APES will eventually sell and go away never to be seen again. Which is why I personally will NEVER sell until I get the price I want. The reason I believe this interview was timely is because of the June 2nd XO. Citadel has most likely extended their short position so deep that even a tiny nudge in either direction could cause them the worst possible outcome. Consider that just a few days ago AMC dropped below $10 dollars a share. But it immediately shot back up to $13.79. If Citadel wanted to tank AMC then why didn't they finish the job that day? Because they can't! New regulations require that if a stock is shorted below $10 dollars a LOT more capital is required to be paid. If that capital isn't paid then a margin call will be required. Yet if AMC goes to just $20 dollars I suspect that Citadel will be margin called because of liquidity issues. Therefore, Citadels algorithm is set to keep AMC between $11 and $13 dollars in the hopes that the APE community will just give up and go away. KennyBoys "moment in time". Which is why he gave a staged and scripted interview. In hopes that we will loose our resolve. Remember, and never forget, these market movers main weapon and method of attack is playing on people's emotions. And KennyBoys emotions are the 'Tale'. He's desperate and it's showing. That is why we must literally act as APES and maintain our resolve showing zero emotion. Our resolve and not reacting with emotion is how we the people have brought the elites to their knees. THEY WILL FAIL. And this will become much more than just a meme stock.
  6. CL beat me to it, so I'll leave the liberal comments out 😁 However, I've been saying what you posted about first for years. America wants Godley leaders but they don't want to live Godley lives. Better believe God has given us the leaders we deserve. And I'm saddened to say but it's time to pay the Pide Piper.
  7. Today is a key indicator of future market direction, look for these important levels in the NASDAQ and the S AND P.
  8. Just bought more this morning myself. 🌄
  9. In support of my comments above
  10. I don't think anyone has even a remote clue as to the complete and total destruction that is coming. With the Fake CPI out today claiming that inflation has leveled off and dropped by 2 tenths a percent they expected the markets to flourish. But instead we're seeing a continuation of the market crash. People are no longer believing the lies. This is going to destroy any faith left in the market when the margin calls begin. On a side note, a Walmart purchasing officer has come out and admitted that by October there won't be anything in the stores. The supply chain is gone with the continued closing of China ports.
  11. I understand that things seem really bad at the moment. The Markets are taking a serious beating and that's most likely NOT going to get any better in the short run. But I just noticed that Adam Aron tweeted about the situation with AMC and it certainly sounds as if he's about to attack. Feckless YouTube won't imbed this link but you can watch it by clicking the link. It's a short 40 second video that will brighten your day.
  12. YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO DRASTICALLY CHANGE. This is economic warfare. The 10-year Bond is over 3% and will begin to climb exponentially. This will collapse the credit markets. EVERYTHING that is in your life runs on credit. EVERYTHING.!!!!!!!! Pray that we can survive the catastrophe that is eminent.
  13. Exactly why anyone not wanting to be a slave of the New World Order should place 100% of their wealth into Silver and Gold. And by that I mean physical.
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