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  1. Again please don't take this wrong but that is exactly what I figured. Your pictures show a woman so beautiful any man having a problem with that has to be g a y. And you would be right my friend. However, when someone become so enamored with one member of the opposite sex, for me my wife, that they are the only person you ever desire to be with then sex has an entirely new meaning. Indeed at such a point one can rise above the animalistic desire of sex, above the passionate forces that sometimes control us to a level of ecstasy which has little to do with physical pleasure. A place where two really do become one. A spirituality few seldom know. That is what love is.
  2. Okay, please don't take this wrong but I've seen the pics you posted if your ex couldn't get it up the problem most certainly wasn't you.
  3. This entire world has become totally obsessed with sex. Wake up people there are far far more things much more important than sex.
  4. Told you this story wouldn't last one week. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has stolen the Limelight once again. She even has three separate threads on Dinar Vets.
  5. As a Trucker I can guarantee you there's never enough Coffee
  6. I stop negging you quite some time ago. I'm sorry you feel like I'm a hater. I actually think you're a good person and hold you in high esteem. I will be taking the time Of Lent off from the internet to consider how many people think I'm a hater, troll, an evil person, and some even call me Satan. Maybe after 40 days I can change my ways to more meat your all satisfaction.
  7. You know what I find to be the most interesting thing about liberals is? They're complete and total lack of understanding anything that was meant to be humor.
  8. And don't forget president Trump, got to have Trump in the same cell. Anyone who actually thinks any Democrat is going to serve jail time is probably living in a fantasy world. Forget, welcome to the revolution, probably most likely welcome to the tribulation.
  9. We miss and love you too. Don't take it too harshly, We're just trying to figure out this whole Q thing.
  10. EXACTLY, whereas the Rumors section is for dinar rumors
  11. There is no need to move this thread. Q is not a rumor, It's out there and we're all trying to understand who or what it is. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it rumor. If you have that big an issue with this thread then PLEASE don't click on it again. Thank you
  12. Watch till Till The End Stunning Confidence
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