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  1. i believe if you are a vip you don't get the posts. i am not having any trouble.
  2. just so you know xoa;s buy pric is 775.00 per million. that is only 25.00 less than you are asking. not really much for a quick sell. just saying
  3. no longer for sale. the iqd can now revalue since i no longer have any. this was a financial decision. i needed $. the dinar that i held were my only very liquid asset. i will get back in when i am able if it does not rv between now and then.
  4. the difference between uncirc and circ buy back is way to much.once they have your dinar they can tell you anything and boom. 375.00 less per mill. seem like you are setting yourself up for disappointment. imho
  5. i am selling 7.5 million dinar in western Oklahoma for 850.00 per million. doc are you out there? leave contact info on my profile. dogsutra
  6. just hand them the dinar and let them cash it in. if it is a recognized currency no questions asked. they could say they got it from santa! they are not going to ask us for proof of purchase. they will verify that they are real and make the electronic deposit less spread into named account.
  7. i am hoping to catch some fresh snapper for the new year!
  8. i was thinking more like peanut butter or pimento cheese !
  9. the web sight is the product is Oxygenate
  10. it is a take it per drop as the directions say to either detox or build up your system. like i said i think you can find it at rest and repair dot com.
  11. i have heard that while h202 does help it may also rid the body of good things also. this supposedly does not. i can only speak of my experience today.
  12. Nadita, no i did not make myself clear i guess. he gave me a product called Oxygenate it is supposed to help reintroduce the oxygen back into your body. at certain doses it will detox and get you feeling better. it was not hydrogen-peroxide. the label is blue. all the other print is to small for my old eyes to read without my cheaters. you might be able to find it online. maybe at rest and restore
  13. I have been sick over the Christmas holidays. i was helping my neighbor corral his great dane. i told him i was sick and he told me he had something to help me feel better within the next day. he brought it over and gave me the is called Oxegenate. i have read on dinarvets how the introduction of more oxygen into your body helps in many ways.i know that the medical grade hydrogen-peroxide is tricky at best. i gave it a try at his recommended rate and after about three hours i started feeling like actually moving.i don't know if it was a coincidence or not,but i will continue to use it. try it out. i would just google it up. the label is blue.
  14. no longer for sale. thank you for your interest.
  15. kristid, thank you, my angle on trying here was to help some of our own increase their bank without paying the dealer prices. a win win deal, no spread!
  16. i have increased the amount to 2.5 million dinar for 2000.00 that is 800.0 per million, let me know.
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