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    Interested in paying off all my debt, the debt of my children. Fixing up my house and paying off the mortgage. Moving to Virginia to buy a house with land for horses and nearby water to buy a yacht. Investing the rest.
  1. Kuwait is also the reason I got into this investment. You see... I figure These people are a proud race and to have a country right next door that has a Dinar values so high in the world, logic dictates that Iraq will have to match them or at least get close just to save face. It was and has always been my gut feeling this will happen.
  2. You know what? I love Adam and all he has done, but I'm really tired of all the resent false hope. I mean budgets have been passed many time before, and never was the HCL, or RV considered during those hopeful days, so why should it be any different now? I sat here and read about everything being said. How everyone tries to decipher what is meant by the screwy English translation. Do they REALLY talk this way? I am of the mind that you can't believe everything in print. Do you believe everything in a newspaper is true? It's all written by someone who has an opinion, or however they g
  3. I see nothing that says they voted to raise the value of their Dinar..... did anyone see that part? That's all I want to hear.
  4. I joined DV back in 2007. Back then if you wanted information on how the Dinar was progressing, Adam seemed to be the guy with the most information that made any sense. Since joining I have worked about 4 different jobs. One stretch of unemployment lasted over a year! This Dinar Speculation & this site has helped me to keep the HOPE alive that someday I COULD MAYBE, be free of debt and live the rest of my life on a horse farm. Up until recently, you never heard a thing on the news regarding Iraq which was disheartening, but ISIS gave the media something to talk about concerning Iraq. S
  5. I just looked at it. Sunday evening 7pm EST. It's at 1184.XX Doesn't look like the value is going up to me!
  6. How many times do they have to read things before it becomes law? Also, in the future when people include links to their finds... I would like to see a link pop up that isn't Dinar Vets.
  7. Happy Holidays to you Adam & Everyone else. My question is simply this: If they have an HCA, Why is it taking them so long to make it a LAW??
  8. I would like to know why it's taking the HCA so long to become the HCL. Seems to me a no brainer....just sign the paper already!
  9. The A-10 Warthog was one of my favorites in the last war! It's just what the good guys need to win over ISIS. I hope they show some of the effects on video.
  10. I wish you all would stop bashing the President for everything. I'm tired of the Republicans saying "American People have spoken" every time they want to make a point. The votes they got to win this past midterm election does NOT represent ALL the people. I for one don't want to see our children going over there and getting killed for Iraq or any other country in the Middle East. Those people need to fight and die for their own country. We have already lost 4000+ of our sons & daughters, and thousands came home maimed and scarred for life. It's easy to sit in your nice comfortable ea
  11. I say we secretly plant high explosives in all the equipment we supply to The Iraqi military and the free Syria rebels. Then if they turn tail and run leaving ISIS with our tanks and troop carriers, we wait until ISSIS is back at home base and remotely set off the charges blowing all of them to hell where they can meet their GOD.
  12. Adam, I know you've always said that the HCL had to be settled before the RV...and that made sense. Don't you think it also makes sense that in order to RV, we have to first take care of ISSIS and secure the country? The media is saying this conflict could take years. What say you on this matter?
  13. I would like to find a piece of land between 100 & 200 acres that butts up to a state park, where the climate never gets below freezing and rarely reaches over 95 degrees. A place when earthquakes, tornados, mudslides, floods, and crazy wild fires (like in California) never happen. Anyone know of such a place? Seriously.
  14. Hi Adam, With Ramadan almost over... have you heard anything encouraging from any of your contacts about what we can expect on the 8th or 9th of the month?
  15. Always like it when someone posts something that makes sense. This guy makes sense!
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