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  1. OH BROTHER...when has Adam's intel came threw, that would be NEVER. Adam Montana name is not even Adam. Why would you trust a man that has never revealed his real identity? Sorry,no offense just pointing out that he has never came threw... just saying.
  2. Another change made by Dinartrade today is they will buy back your dinars at $930 per million! Buy back rate up $50
  3. Threaten to take away her MOO MOO's if she does not sing! Good luck Gman!
  4. If we don't RV by April...I think I'll already feel like a fool!
  5. Thanks keepdreaming for the info. MERRY CHRISTMAS! GO RV!!!
  6. Its looking very realistic we will all have a very Merry Christmas!!
  7. I need the power of discernment badly! GO RV!
  8. Anyone that is there, is entitled to spell it however they like! Thanks DG!
  9. Yes RR... I heartily agree! Pay it forward after you are blessed!
  10. Thank you Shadow, for your timely and meaningful post... especially at this time of year. God bless.
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