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  1. Thanks! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all. Here's to an RV soon!
  2. Thanks for the post. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and we come out of this week FAT, RICH, and FULL OF THANKS!
  3. This "Secret" is too big to contain. More positive news in greater detail will continue to come out! This thing happening! Thanks CheifV!!!
  4. Thanks! I love the game. I currently work @ a Retail Golf Store doing custom fittings, sales, and repair! Looking forward to doing some travel to play some golf after the RV! I want to play: 1. St Andrews 2. Carnoustie 3. Pebble Beach 4. Torrey Pines 5. Bethpage Black . . . and I could go on for a long time. This RV will give me opportunities to do this in the next year or two!
  5. The headline of the article is: "Iraqi Finance: Delete the zeros from the currency will strengthen the position of the Iraq to the International Monetary Fund" 1. Historically, countries implement a LOP when they have hyper inflation. The Iraqi Dinar is one of the most stable currencies in the world at this point. 2. Iraq would be crazy to implement a LOP and lose credibility in the world market and risk a lot of contracts for oil, gas, rebuilding, etc that are already principally in place. 3. A Revalue of their currency has always been an integral part of the plan at least since 2006. 4
  6. Phoenix's opinion/elaboration/take on this has been stated several times in old posts. He always has been positive for an RV, not a LOP. Relax! This is great news!!! Thanks Phoenix!
  7. Eddinar, YOU are LOGICAL man! I've been thinking this for some time. Thanks for posting!!!
  8. Incredibly positive News from a mainstream source from the US!!! Can't wait for it to be made official tomorrow!!!
  9. You forgot the MOST IMPORTANT ITEM!!! Your IRAQI DINAR!!!
  10. "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." ---Winston Churchhill Thanks for the post!!
  11. Hope it is true! Read this earlier in rumor section and thought it belonged here in news. Thanks for the post!
  12. I'm with you on most of this, but I believe they will have a time frame in which to exchange the larger denoms. 90 days, or whatever. I agree however, they will come in at a "healthy rate" to deter wild speculation and get rid of the larger denoms ASAP! Thanks for the post!!!
  13. I personally fit 15 of "The Last Ten Days Of Our Lives" items, so this really hit home for me! I have a bad shoulder that needs fixin', I have good health insurance, but an MRI and a surgery cost a ton. In addition, my wife is expecting our fourth child (great news)! The RV is much needed in our little world. Thanks for sharing what many if not most of us are thinking!!! Great post!
  15. I doubt any bank owners know the rate at this point, let alone any of the lowly tellers, so speculation about a "friend of a brother-in-law's teller knows the rate" is futile. It is a tightly held secret, only known by a necessary few.
  16. Oh, boy. . . this is a discussion that pops up like a bad case of acne.They are not going to LOP, because if they did a whole lot of work goes down the drain. 1. Contracts with foreign governments, oil companies, rebuilding contractors, etc. become worthless. 2. Iraq would be in a worse position than they are now with hyper inflation, effectively putting them into the stone ages (their position is already bad enough)! 3. Why would there be all the hype and misinformation coming out. 4. The goal is to rebuild Iraq, and bring them back on par or better with the other rich middle east countr
  17. Thanks for the post. After the GOI is seated, maybe their first item of business ought to be: plan to hold the next elections a year in advance to when they will take office.
  18. All hanging on GOI formation. Once announced we will see a domino effect. Hurry RV!!!
  19. Phoenix: this thread is actually a lot more like a news post. thanks for the back up with the posts from New York Times and other sources that make this way more credible than just any old rumor!!! As always---logical, plausible, and believable. Thanks so much for your post!!!
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